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Yun Express was founded in 2014. Yun express is one of the largest leading company. Yun Express is located in China. Yun Express is a logistics company. The headquarters of Yun Express Tracking is located in Shenzhen.

The maximum number of daily parcels delivered through our company contains 100 million pieces. In addition, Yun Express Company includes cross-border shipping. Yun Express Tracking has four main types of business or the parts of the business:

  • Cross-border B2C business lines.
  • Postal Parcel.
  • FBA transfer.
  • International express.

Yun Express Review

Yun Express tracking has almost 25+ branches available in China. And 20+ Hubs are present in Yun Express Tracking. We have 20000+ clients in our company. And 2000+ clients are professional. The tracking number of our company starts with “YT.”

In 2024, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

You can track up to 502 parcels on our website by tracking once, but you have to enter the comma and space or distinguish between the tracking and package tracking number. You can also check out the price of the parcel by mentioning the shipment starting point and the final point or the destination point.

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Yun Express Tracking Italia

Yun Express delivers the parcels internationally. We have the fast service as we want to take more orders from our customers, so we deliver fast. We give door-to-door delivery. You can track it easily. You have to enter the tracking number or shipment number.

After that, you have to say the weight of your shipment, not only the weight rather than the size of the parcel, which you have to mention the length, Width, and height of the package. After that, you can easily see the price of the parcel.

Who Delivers Yun Express Packages In The US

After that, you can see the online status of your parcel anytime, anywhere. We will tell you where your order has been reached now. The exact day and time are mentioned when you see the location of your parcel. We provide our customer “Cross Border” service in which it takes time in delivering the package. Internationally we have two leading product services that have collaborated. The first one is DHL and the second one is UPSS.

We give our customers very much favorable and lower price. We offer our customers valuable things or goods such as car parts, electronics, the clothing. They have to choose the package through our website. In postal services, Yun Express collaborated with 233 countries worldwide.

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Yun Express Tracking English

Our partner is Amazon, wish, eBay, Shopify, DHL, vova, etc. You can contact us at our contact number or also through email. Both these were given on our website. You can easily see them on our website. If you feel any issue or problem regarding your parcel or our website you can recommend us or suggest us we love to hear your voice. For us, our customers are in priority after that anything else. So, we want you to speak louder for anything related to us.

FBA is the acronym for “Fulfilment by Amazon.” It is very much valid for our customer here the customer has to send the goods or product to the person of Amazon who is living outside the country or overseas centers in which they can further complete the service of selecting the parcel which customer has chosen and pack them, and they deliver that parcel.

Yun Express Tracking Greece

We fulfill the requirements of our customers. If a customer wants to exchange their order, claim their order, replace them, return them, then we will answer them guide them. Amazon itself is a huge company.
On the other hand, Yun Express gives the service of cross-border B2C lines. It is timeliness and relatively fast, and also stable.

If you face any issue, we resend it and replace it free we don’t charge our customer anything for that. Yun Express is highly recommended the hardware system of our company is quite strong. Your documents, your essential information, everything is secure under our company. We give our customers excellent responses. We are here for our customers anytime.

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Yun Express Online Tracking

Yun Express has much more experience in the eCommerce field. So, we make new things, new versions, innovative things on our website and also physically in our services. We also have very much rich and expensive warehouses.

You can also check out the location of our offices by viewing the whole map on our website. All offices location has been given on that map. You also have to read all the rules and regulations or even our company’s policies after selecting the product, choosing the package, and asking us for delivery.

Yun Express Customer Care

Address:17th Floor, Chuang Hui International Center, BantianResidential District, Banxuegang Avenue andYongxiang Road Intersection, Longgang District,Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, P.R.China

Email[email protected]

Email[email protected]
Telephone: (732) 722-8110
Address: 1100 Cranbury South River Road, Monroe Township, NJ 08831


How do I track my Yun Express?
You can track your shipment/courier/parcel easily from our website. First, you have to know the correct tracking number present in the receipt. The receipt and tracking number both were being to you from our company. Then, you have to enter that tracking number on our couriertrackingfinder website. After that, you can see the online status of your shipment quickly. Once you have uploaded the tracking number and entered it, you will see a new page opens in which each and everything timing and location is mentioned in your parcel.

Who delivers Yun Express in USA?
FedEx delivers in the USA. So it may take almost 6 to 14 days to return the international parcels. But they tried their best to provide the package as faster as possible.

What carrier is YT?
If you had chosen the package from Amazon, the tracking number or shipment number starts with “YT” then, you can track your shipment quickly through our couriertrackingfinder website.

How long does it take Yun Express to deliver?
Yun Express takes almost 13 to 29 days to deliver the parcel as we know that Yun Express delivery is about cross-border shipping. So, it usually takes nearly 13 to 29 days, but sometimes it depends upon the situation, and it takes much more time than one whole month or one and half months.

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