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Movex is an express and logistic company which gives different services to their customers such as express cargo, E-commerce solution, transportation services, warehousing solution and retail services. Moreover, Movex’s motive is to help their customers as well as to guide their customers.

Apart from this, Movex logistics deliver 3000+ parcels in a single day. There are also many prohibited item had been written in our website which Movex don’t deliver such as jewelry, antiques, currency, animals, plants, stones etc.

Movex also gives the packet pick-up service to the customer for that purpose customer have to come in the office only in between the working days and working hours of the Movex company moreover the good news for customer is that the pickup service is free of cost.

Movex tracking offices are located in different cities of Pakistan such as in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Multan. Moreover the working hours of each office of Movex are 8:00am to 18:00pm whereas the working days of Movex Courier Company is Monday to Saturday.

Sunday is consider as the closed or off day for the all e.g., for customers as well as for the employs. Sunday is a rest day but when the office will be closed customers can contact us through our number which is available in our website.

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movex courier tracking

Apart from this, if we talk about the weight of the packages then delivering the parcel within city Movex Company will charge 130rs on delivering 3Kg whereas city to city Movex will charge 240rs of 3kg. So, the price varies from delivering the parcel within the city, city to city and city to another country etc.

Movex tracking gives the access to the customers to give the cash on delivery (COD) like once the Package was in the hand of the customer then they will be able to pay the money. Customer can also track their packet in a very easy way such as entering the single C/N.

Once the customer entered the C/N he might be able to see the live status of their packet like where the packed has reached now and how much further time will it takes in delivering the packet to their destination. Movex logistic company deliver the parcel within the city in the same day or the next day but the price packet delivered into 3/5 days from one city to another city.

We make things easy for our customers such as you can send us your complaint on our website as well as customer can also give us suggestion regarding to any department such as exchanging, changing, returning etc.

We at MOVEX believe that Tech is the key to any Order’s Journey placed online. We provide all kind of Plugin’s and tech integrations whether these are in form of Direct Integration or Integration with aggregators.

movex tracking number

So if you are working with any kind of platform, Rest assured, We are already integrated with it. Our Tech Platform is among the best in the industry. Payment reimbursement is through cash management modules of top banks in Pakistan with payment option of your choice.Employee engagement always plays a vital role in workplace environment. We at MOVEX are committed to making MOVEX a fun place to work and grow. An orange party for employees is arranged by our HR & Learning department. Employees took part in fun activities and enjoyed it a lot. Time well spent with an amazing team..

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movex cargo tracking

In ecommerce solution movex is quite successful and it will be very convenient for the customer as well as there is too much accuracy in delivering the parcel through our courier company moreover complete visibility can be provided by our Courier company like your parcel status is quite visible to our customers they can easily track their shipment status at any time so it is quite visible like where the parcel has been reached now moreover we also gave a speedy returns of parcels as well as of cash like if there was any issue regarding to the shipment e.g., if the parcel was broken by our riders or through our employees while packing then we are responsible and we speedily return the cash to the customers.

MOVEX provides all necessary Plugins and API Integration with all platforms. We are already integrated with all aggregators used by eCommerce stores and famous brands. All that you need to focus on order generation and we will take care of the rest.MOVEX provides a direct tracking option without being Login on the portal to get quick findings about shipments. Whether you are a MOVEX Corporate Client or the Last Mile Customer, just type the Consignment number in the track consignment option and get a recent update about your shipment.

movex cod parcel tracking

MOVEX is providing a comprehensive Sub-Account Module for SMEs to further handle their clients and segregate their shipments and billing as per their convenience. If you are an SME or logistics setup, Signup with us on the Sub-Account module.

Moreover, in ecommerce solution we are reliable with the partnership like we have different partnerships with different companies. So, what the policies were made or what will be the policies with our partners we fulfill all these partnership policies we are not unauthentic or unreliable company even we are quite reliable and our reliability can be seen when making the policies with our partners moreover the company wants to expand their business like by adding more and more things in the company and giving more and more services and through that the more revenue will be generated and the more employees we can hired and the more we pay to employers and the more better way they will work.

movex parcel tracking

MOVEX brings hassle-free digital requests to eliminate manual request issues. Request your inventory through your own MOVEX portal and it will be delivered to your address directly.MOVEX provides all relevant information and important material on your own MOVEX Portal. Just login and go to Resources Tab.. You have all what you are looking for.

Apart from this we also have bulk overland service basically movex logistic deliver bulk of delivery in the same day carefully as well as our Courier company have the technology option which enhances, and which gives the supply chain visibility to our customer. You want pickup daily, twice a week or weekly, Just go to the portal and mark your pickup. You can follow it from portal as well. Complete cycle is Pickup Registered, Assigned and Picked.

As well as we give efficient delivery in 24/7 and our made effortful task and our employees fulfills all those tasks. In the bulk overland the parcel will be delivered in the working days and working hours of the company as you know the working hours of the company are 8:00am to 18:00pm whereas if we talk about the working days then it is open in the whole week whereas Sunday is considered as the off day of movex tracking. So, basically the parcel is delivered within these working days and working hours.

movex tracking pakistan

Moreover in transportation and solution service it is the most challenging service and the silent features of this service are: Customer can check out the real time satellite tracking, satellite tracking basically gives the exact location of the parcel moreover it also gives end to end connectivity as well as load composition can also be seen in transportation solution and optimizing productivity like you can optimize the product of your own choice and you can choose the package of your own choice it’s up to the customer what they want from our side moreover in transportation and solution we also have data analysis in which the best routes are shown to our customers.

Movex tracking is a Pakistani tracking company and it gives a different sort of services but let’s talk about cash on delivery service so if customer wants to deliver the package within the city then there is a limitation like a customer can deliver the shipment up to 3 KG which will contain 130 rupees whereas if customers want to deliver from one city to another city then it will take 240 rupees but it don’t have any restriction like if a customer is delivering the parcel from Lahore to Karachi then it will be 240 and if a customer is delivering a parcel from Karachi to Faisalabad then it will be remain same like these are the fixed price So, from city to city it takes 240rs and the weight will be up to 3kglimitation whereas a customer is delivering the parcel within the city like within Gujrat then it will be 130 rupees these are the fixed prices and as well as discounted prices.

Apart from this the parcel was being taken from the warehouse, which is packed, and which is sealed and then our riders take their parcel and then deliver that parcel to the customer doorstep and once the customer takes the parcel then they will pay the delivery charges so basically it is an cash on delivery service which is very common and useful now a days. Basically, nowadays people don’t trust on anyone and especially in Pakistan there is too much scam. So, that’s COD is considered as the best service and demandable service by the customers.

movex tracking

Moreover if we look at the warehousing solution then it also have 7PL which basically stands for different purposes like in warehousing solution the employees check the project management like what had been done for the new project as well as the barcode which is given to the customer when he or she finalized the package as well as the labeling of the parcel is also done in warehouse moreover the packing of the parcel as well as the repacking of the parcel is also being done in warehousing solution furthermore if any parcel is in risk like if the parcel is of  mirror material then the packing will be different rather the parcel which is of document or any other thing so these things vary from packing to packing moreover brand management can also be seen in warehousing solution and reverse logistically the parcels that are delivered back to the company can also be look by the warehousing solutions.

Ecommerce is growing at a very fast pace in Pakistan and is expected to reach 9 Billion Us dollars by 2025, making it one of the fastest growing emerging markets.MOVEX has its own Line Haul movements countrywide which operates daily. These vehicles cover the whole network and make sure that each and every shipment should reach its destination on time and get delivered quickly to the Last Mile Customer.At MOVEX, We are humbled to serve all segments of the e-commerce and logistics industry. We provide the best technology integrations with real-time updates. Onboard with us and get the best services at economical rates.

movex tracking id

MOVEX provides NCI modules to all its customers. You can advise on undelivered shipments as per your need and discussion with your customers. Another step towards making our customers’ life simple, easy, and convenient.If you are looking for Warehousing space, MOVEX is the right place for you. We are offering 10,000 Sq Ft space in our main warehouse located in Korangi Industrial Area with all prerequisites.

MOVEX provides multiple payment options which include Daily, Twice a Week, thrice a week, and weekly. We pay directly into your account through IBFT.MOVEX provides countrywide deliveries for ecommerce customers and covers 95% drop-density locations.MOVEX provides industry best solution for women entrepreneurs. This starts from Provision of digital portal, Picking the shipments from your Home/Vendor location & delivering it to last mile address. Payment through IBFT direct in your account with multiple payment options. This solution enables entrepreneurs to focus on order generation and leave rest to MOVEX.

We are excited to offer our SME owners an end to end solution that will help them save time and money. Our platform provides a complete suite of tools and resources that will streamline their operations and help them grow their businesses. Contact us today to learn more!MOVEX Rider App is a state of the art tool for our Riders in the Field as well as customers using portal. Our Riders can use it in multiple ways and it makes their life easy. On the other hand, MOVEX App enables our customers to see their shipment status in real time. Technology plays a key role in modern day logistics & MOVEX is utilising the best of it for its employees and customers.

pk movex tracking

MOVEX is providing verified returns with the help of its state-of-the-art portal and technological advancements. We provide multiple attempts on a single shipment with complete calling history and Auto call confirmation through IVR.MOVEX provides end-to-end solutions to Businesses so that they can focus solely on generating orders and the rest will be taken care of by MOVEX. The whole process includes Packaging, Pickup from Home, Last Mile Delivery, and Payment Processing through IBFT with Multiple Payment Options.

In just a year as 3PL, Here is a glimpse of our clientele. Remember, this is just a glimpse. We are serving more than 3,000 customers which include, Brands, SMEs, Home Based Sellers, and Women Entrepreneurs. We are providing deliveries in 300 plus locations countrywide coupled with Multiple payment reimbursement options and the Industry’s Best Tech Platform.

Send your heavy parcels anywhere in Pakistan through MOVEX Express Cargo Service in Only 70 Rs. Per Kg. The best economical service with quickest delivery time.MOVEX is offering the best COD rates for Countrywide Deliveries.MOVEX portal is directly integrated with all Ecommerce based Tech Platforms. So you need to just select MOVEX from the list and start working with us. It is so Simple, Easy, and Convenient.

movex tracking helpline number

An amazing offer for all Shoe Box online sellers. Send your Shoe Box in Flat charges countrywide. One Shoe box will be considered as one shipment

Register yourself with us and get this amazing offer.

Terms & Conditions
*Rates are for 2KG Shoes Box. Additional weight will be charged on 80 Rs per Kg basis
*GST and Fuel Adjustment will be charged separately.

MOVEX provides one of the best Omni Channel/Omni Pickup modules in the industry. Whether you are a Well known Brand operating on Omni Channel and utilizing your Retail Branches as Omni Fulfillment centers or you are a home-based seller generating orders and fulfilling through your vendors placed in different cities… Omni Channel is the solution for your all needs.

Working as a close ally with all e-commerce business owners, MOVEX understands that providing excellent customer service is key to success. But MOVEX takes its customer service to the next level.

MOVEX customer support has an in-depth structure that helps connects with its customers in a whole new way. Responding to queries quickly, providing support, tracking the entire customer journey via Tech that helps connect with customers on all channels helping boost sales & grow your business.

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Even more the next category is the human Capital Management it is one of the most modern resource managements basically it helps the customer to achieve advantages like it increases the productivity as well as it also reduces the costs, and it increases the profit basically it is used in a large-scale corporation it also increases the dependability and it assures the knowledge, and it gives comprehensive techniques and trainings for the customers. Movex is also working on these things very deeply and they want to adapt this service as soon as possible.

Besides keeping a focus on offering Speed, Accuracy, Security, and express Services, MOVEX has a strong technology presence to cater to customers and provide online customer support at each growing stage, helping scale eCommerce, Technology, and Fintech businesses.

MOVEX provides comprehensive and detailed shipment booking options through its portal. There is a single booking option available for individual shipments while on the other hand, if you have multiple shipments, a Bulk booking option through CSV/Excel uploading is also available. You get one of the best user experiences once you register with us.

movax tracking

MOVEX has a state of the art App for Riders to Pick and Deliver shipments on the go and update statuses in real-time. This information is passed to our portal on Real Time basis and customers can check statuses anytime.Here is the offer you were waiting for.. Overnight deliveries for all your urgent needs in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad. MOVEX has introduced a smart solution for SMEs, Pharmaceuticals and Corporates with an OVERNIGHT Delivery option to reduce the delivery time and optimize the business.

Pakistan is currently under heavy Monsoon Rain Season. Deliveries and pickups can get affected countrywide. Rest assured that we are taking all necessary measures related to the safety of our Riders and Shipments.

Learning and Development of the employees always plays an important part in an organization’s growth. HR at MOVEX is committed to providing regular training and learning opportunities to employees from all departments. The purpose is to build an environment, where everyone can learn, develop and grow. Here is a glimpse of some learning activities that happened recently.

Movex Logistics Rates

WeightWithin CityCity to City
3 KGRs.130Rs.240

All Females entrepreneurs and home-based e-commerce stores looking for COD services, look no further, MOVEX provides end-to-end solutions including pickup from your premises and delivery at the Last Mile address without charging anything extra. Payments through IBFT right in your account.

MOVEX portal has all the options needed to take your business to next level. Some key features are Omni Channel, Sub Account, Complaint Management System, Financial Management, API integrations, and Plugins.We call it Express Cargo directly linked to our USP “Logistics Made Simple”. Smartest solution for your heavy shipments at an unmatchable price. Delivery timelines are 24 to 72 hours. It’s fast and it’s reliable.

Dukan and Movex have recently joined hands together to enable last-mile logistics for home-based sellers and MSMEs. This collaboration integrates MOVEX with Dukan’s state of the art technology stack. Sellers using the Dukan App will be able to have parcels picked up from their doorstep at over thirty (30) locations countrywide and delivered to buyer’s doorstep in three hundred (300) plus locations countrywide.

Now you can get Multiple Payment options against all your delivered orders. MOVEX provides Weekly, Twice a Week, and Daily Payment to its customers. Choose as per your choice and convenience.

move express tracking

MOVEX is offering the industry’s best Omni Channel Fulfillment. Omni Channel is the future of Ecommerce Fulfillment and will play a significant role in the coming years for Brands, Ecommerce Stores, and SME’s with multiple Pickup points in Multiple Cities.

Another addition in our list of COD Reimbursement Module.. Now you can get Daily Payment against all your delivered orders. MOVEX provides Weekly, Twice a Week, Thrice a Week and Daily Payment to its customers.. Choose as per your choice and convenience..

MOVEX’s Dashboard is your daily go-to place for important updates. It includes your Sales Person Contact details, Service Updates, Account Booking Summery, Forward Journey of Shipments, and Reverse Journey (Return) details along with Payment details. Get yourself onboard with us and get an amazing experience of Dashboard through your own dedicated portal.

For all Multi-Brand Stores, SMEs, and Aggregators out there, MOVEX brings the latest and best Sub-Account Functionality for your business. Now you can open Sub Accounts under your principal account and manage them easily. It’s completely hassle-free and smooth.

MOVEX is expanding its physical reach and footprint across Pakistan.

With improved standards of service and maintaining customer trust we have completed another milestone of Phase-5 with opening 7 more physical offices. We have 30 physical offices now from where we are providing services in 300 plus locations countrywide.. Our newly added office are 

– Fateh Jang
– Sheikhupura
– Pasrur
– Hafizabad
– Kasur
– Karachi – Central
– Karachi – East

Movex Customer Care Service Contact Number

MOVE Express & Logistics
Headquarter: Karachi, Pakistan
Plot #280, Sector 6-F Mehran Town, Karachi
Tel: 03 111 999 993
EMAIL : [email protected]

For Further Details, Please contact
UAN:- 03111999993 (For All Locations)

Khalid Sheikh, +92-346-2755754, +92-318-1128900
Ashfaq Ahmed, +92-344-3039580

Shan Haider, +92-301-7958636
Arsalan , +92-318-1128569

Ikram, +92-318-1128761
Waqas, +92-333-5513837
Khurram Altaf, +92- 318-1128625


IJP Road, Near Leopards Office, Islamabad


141-M, Gate # 03 Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore


Shop # 1, House # 351, Block – B Peoples Colony # 1, Faisalabad


Building no. 1072/9B Mohallah Qadeera Abad Tareen road Near Gul Tax Office


Shop # 32 Mumtaz Market, Grand Truck Road, near Capri Cinema, Gujranwala


Gul Plaza Khyber Super Market, Bara Road Peshawar Cantt


Shop # 1417, Ghallah Mandi, G.T Road, beside Askari bank, Sahiwal


Office # 2, Ground Floor, Hameed Plaza, Opp. Gourmet Bakery Shahbpura, Sialkot


Plot # 41, Shop # 29, Street # 1 Main Street, Near Small Industrial area Multan Road, Bahawalpur


Shop # 04, Duplex City Plaza Near Waduwah Gate Super Highway, Qasimabad, Hyderabad


Raja wasif plaza, Gol Masjid near TCS office, Housing Scheme Kotli Azad Kashmir


Plot no. 98 National highway, babarloi bypass near good luck motors Sukkur, Sindh

Rahim Yar Khan

Shop # 12 , Faisal Road Near M&P franchise


6&7, Amin Shopping Plaza, K-Block, Attock City


office C1 first floor city trade center tehsil chowk chakwal


N-35 Darvesh, Near Jahaz Chowk, Haripur


Zokiram Road, Backside of Millennium Mall, Quetta


Jabbar Centre, Office No 6, Opposite Faisal Hotel, GT Road, Gujrat.


Near DHL Office, GT Road, Jada, Jehlum

WAH Cantt

Choudhary Mukhtar Market, Opposite Barrier 3, Wah Cantt.


What are the business days of Movex Company?

Movex company business days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. In these days customer can easily visit the offices and get the information about their packet.

How can I contact Movex Company?

There are many options through which you can contact Movex Company such as through contact number, Facebook, Instagram, email id etc.

What is the procedure for Pickup?

Movex pickup service is available Monday to Saturday as a regular movex service. movex courier services schedule your pick-up according to your home or office address. You can request for pickup by simply calling us at. 03 111 999 993.

What are the pickup charges?

There are no additional pick-up charges. We offer the pick-up service free of cost.

What duration of notice is required for pickup?

Pickup can be ordered any time before 4 pm.

How can I track my shipment? How can I track my C.O.D shipment?

You can track your shipment as follows:

Web Tracking ( or contact us at our helpline : 03 111 999 993

How to acquire shipper’s address when it is a COD shipment?

To find out more details about the shipper please email us at [email protected] and mention your name, city, address, and tracking number. Please remember that movex is not responsible for the quality of delivered material as we are only responsible for the delivery of the products. We do not own or sell any items unless otherwise mentioned. Further, movex courier is not liable for the time duration it may take the shipper to contact the shipment recipient, so complaints related to delays in returns or exchanges will not be entertained by movex courier once the shipper’s info has been provided.

How can I find out how long it will take for my shipment to be delivered?

You can either visit our express center or call us at our helpline, 03 111 999 993

What happens if a shipment I send cannot be delivered?

We will make up to 3 attempts to deliver a shipment. Our courier rider will leave a message indicating a delivery was attempted, and information as to where you should call for further information (such as the address of the location from where you can pick it up). Most of the time the shipment can then be picked up from the nearest movex office. If a shipment is not delivered due to a change in address, business closure, etc., the shipment will be returned to the sender/ consignor.

What happens if the recipient/consignee is not available at home/delivery address?

Don’t worry if you are not available. We can hand over your parcel to your family members, colleagues, or a neighbor and collect proof of delivery. If no one is available, our courier will leave a message and will make another attempt at your convenience.

How can I change shippers address?

The address can only be changed at the request of the shipper. Please notify us on [email protected] within 24 hours of booking your parcel.

After I book a shipment what details do you offer me?

Your detailed tracking response will list the following information:

Tracking number
Delivery status
The date on which the shipment was shipped or billed
Type of service used to ship the Shipment
Shipment’s weight & pieces

What does the shipment status “Returned to Shipper” mean?

The title “Returned to Shipper” in the status means that the shipment was returned back to the shipper who booked the shipment. It could happen due to various reasons, e.g. refused to accept by the consignee, address not traceable or etc.

Can I contact you after the office is closed?

Yes! Our customer service agents are there to assist you between 9 am to 9 pm. Ring us at

 03 111 999 993.

How do I know if the item I need to send is prohibited?

The following items cannot be couriered via us: currency, jewelry, Bullion, antiques, liquor, stamps, precious metals & stones, works of art, fire arms, plants, drugs, explosives, animals, industrial carbons and diamonds, hazardous and combustible materials and all other materials restricted by International Air Transport Association, ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization, and any item whose distribution is regulated by law.

What details will I get about my Shipment’s transit ?

Shipment movement information is captured each time a tracking sticker is scanned. Common scans include the following information:

Date of Booking
Shipment Number
Shipment Weight & Pieces

What is your policy when anything goes wrong during delivery?

It is our policy to make prompt alternative arrangements for any type of delays i.e. flight off-loads, technical issues, due to accidents, breakdowns, etc.

What can I do if our monthly bill is incorrect?

If your monthly bill is incorrect you may contact us within 10 to 15 days for your queries after submission of the bill which is submitted by the 5th of every month

What are your hours for delivery?

Our delivery hours are 09:00 am to 06:00 pm Monday to Saturday.

Can I send fragile goods via courier?

Fragile goods send by our courier should be packed properly with proper labeling as we do not take any responsibility, claim, or insurance of such fragile goods but we will ensure safe delivery.

What are the services available for pick-up?

Pick-up facility is available for all type of shipments.

What happens if I give you the wrong address?

If we are given a wrong address we will contact the concerned station for re-direction or recollection of shipment according to request.

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