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China Post EMS Tracking

China Post also known as China Post Group Corporation is the official service of china. It was founded in 1949 by Government of China. China Post Tracking is actually a courier company which provides useful services. The services include EMS, Delivery, Letter Post, deposit account & Freight forwarding. It also has some peripheries like airlines, post mart, bank & philatelic corporation.

People can easily track EMS, China Post and e-packet shipments from Ali Express, Ali Baba, eBay, Wish, Amazon DHgate etc at anytime online by using china post tracking application, Intmail 184 Tracking, China Post Tracking 18 Track by simple entering the tracking number.

If the China Post Tracking number is not found then people contact the company either by phone or by mail. People install Chinese Post Tracking via installing the application from play store (for android users), App Store (For I-phone users).

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China Post Amazon Tracking

You can see easily track your shipment on our website, you just have to enter the tracking number on the search bar after that you can see that where your parcel had reached.  There are also some FAQs were given in the website. They had uploaded just because of our customers help.

You can search out any problem issue from our website. Rarely, our tracking number was not updated because of some technical issues in our website but we try our best to give authentic information about the parcel and satisfy our customer. The website gets down when much of the people are using it but you can see you’re tracking number on “Latest Tracking”. Some examples of tracking number is as given below:

  • RR4********8PL
  • UU3********5CN
  • AS1********5CN
  • LP1********0CN
  • ZY0********1CN
  • LP0********184

China Post Global Tracking

There are two types of parcel the first one is Small Parcel and the other one Large Parcel. In small parcel, we have items that are less in weight like they are lightweight items. In, China Post Tracking the service of small parcels contains the weight of less than 2Kg.

You may deliver the small parcel from one country to another country as well. It is basically economic delivery.  The length of the parcel will be 90 cm in the service of small parcel. On the other hand, the large parcel service contain the weight from 2Kg to 30Kg.

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China Post Official Tracking

The large parcel service is much better for those that who are not in hurry to take delivery. Large parcels are much cheaper than the small parcels. There are also three different modes or types of transportation such as Air Parcel in which the delivery will be sent by air, secondly, Surface Air Lift in which the delivery will be sent through sea.

And third one which is the last one “Surface Parcel” in which you deliver the parcel through ship or automobile etc. First two type such as Air parcel and Surface Air Lift need less time as compared to the third one type it needs almost one month whereas the first two need 10-40 shipping.

China Post Package Tracking

Basically these are the three zones in which many countries lie and there delivery rates are different as the zone is different. As we all know that the origin of the parcel and the destination of parcel vary from starting point to ending point so as the location would be far the more they will charge you the more you have to pay them.

You can also choose the language on our website. Our website is have multi languages. As it’s a worldwide use that’s we make it easier for our customers. You can easily check out our rating which was given by our customer.

China Post Tracking Italia

If we talk about our rates then we have three zones and each zone have different rates such as if the charge unit is up to 100gm then the price of Zone 1 will be 2500, The price of second zone is 30.00 and the  price of the third zone is 35.00 etc. In zone 1, we have 21 counties such as UAE, Nepal Oman, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bahrain, Maldives etc. whereas in the Zone 2, 52 countries are included such as Iraq, Romania, Turkey, South Korea etc. and in the third zone we have other countries.

If you have some issue related to shipment you can easily contact us through email or you may text us on our number if still your issues is not get resolved you can than even submit us a question on our website. We will answer you speedily. We want to give response to our customer very fast.

China Post Tracking Canada

The rates will be changed according to the weight and the destination of the parcel. You can easily check out the offices of our company online from our website. You can check out the international shipping as well. China Post tracking deliver the small and the large parcel both nationally and internationally or we can say globally and locally.

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China Post Air Mail Tracking

You can contact us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. You can easily sigh up to our website you just have to register yourself by giving few information about yourself and you have to choose the password after that you can turn on the notifications and get the latest news and information about the website. So, through you came to know the new offers that we are giving to our customers.  

China Post Customer Care Service Contact Number

Address: No.3 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing Zip Code: 100808

call China Post hot line 11183 or 11185 inside China

outside China, you can try to call +861011185 or +861011183

 email at [email protected]


How do I track my China Post?

You can easily track China post shipments by entering the tracking number in the search field. Click tracking button & then check the results.

Who delivers China Post in the US?

USPS delivers & tracks parcels which have shipped from China to the US but small packets and Xpress mail parcels are not delivered by USPS.

What Kind of Carrier is China Post?

China Post is a courier company which delivers mails and parcels across China & Internationally.

Does China Post Tracking Work?

China Post tracking works but it does not work if china post tracking does not provide tracking service for this package, if the tracking number is fake or the package has not been shipped yet.

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