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CJ packet tracking was established in China. CJ packet tracking gives different services such as postal service and delivering the parcel at a same time.  CJ packet gives delivery from china to USA. We take 9-14 working days in delivering the parcel apart from this the delivery rate of the parcel in CJ packet tracking is 0.40%.

Moreover you can treacle 50 tracking numbers at a same time in our website. You can track your parcel easily you just have to enter the tracking number after that you will see the online status anytime. CJ Packet give services to different cities and countries such as China, USA, and UK etc.  

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Furthermore, many awards had been awarded to our company such as best postal service award etc. We give quite fast and authentic delivery to our customers. We also give same day delivery. If we talk about the weight of the parcel so the minimum weight that would be deliver3d through our company is 3kg whereas the maximum can be deliver 5kg.

You can also contact our customer care services such as through email id or through contact number. For every office different email id and different contact number is available. Apart from this, you can also visit their nearest office.

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The format of tracking number is 12 to 13 digits and domestically as well as internally all the tracking numbers are different we don’t track your shipment on mobile number or email id because many people of the same name and same number. So, it’s not possible. But, you can also deliver any sort of products through our company such as clothing, teddy bears, perfumes etc.

Moreover sometimes our website gets down through which you’re tracking numbers are not updated but don’t feel tensed within a time you will see your shipment online status. You can also contact us through Facebook, Instagram, twitter or LinkedIn.

CJ Packet Shipping Tracking

In a single day, we deliver 300+ orders to the customers whereas 500+ postal codes to the customers. Our offices are not opened in weekends whereas in week days 9:00am to 8:00pm we are opened. We want to deliver the parcels fatly and securely.

Our company is not too much expensive once you choose the package you have to see the length, width, height and immersion the more will be far the destination the more you have to pay to us. But keep one more thing in your mind that when receipt were given to you have to see the tracking number of reference number or waybill number through that you can track your shipment.

CJ Packet Customer Care Service Contact Number

Contact number: 1(909) 809-1104

Email address[email protected]


How do I track my CJ packet?

You can track CJ packet easily. Once you enter the tracking number you are able to track your shipment. You can see many tracking numbers at a same time.

Is CJ packet a real company?

Yes, CJ packet tracking is a real company and it deliver the parcel from one city to another city or from one country to another country.

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