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Bluedart Tracking Number

Bluedart Courier Tracking

Bluedart tracking was established in 1985. The founder name of bluedart tracking is Jani & Cooper. All over the Asia it’s the most famous and largest tracking company. It give service in almost 300 countries. It serves all over the word.

Bluedart Tracking Domestic

Bluedart tracking is an Indian courier company.  We also won different awards nationally and internationally both because of reliability, accuracy and efficiency. Our courier company was also awarded the one of the most trust worthy brand in the whole world.

Bluedart Tracking

Bluedart Tracking Amazon

If we talk about the real time tracking then Bluedart tracking established real time tracking in the year of 1999. When you track online your parcel the customers gets satisfied. In 1999, Bluedart also created their software which is quite meaningful and helpful.

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Bluedart Tracking AWB

We also give customer care service which will be a very easy to talk with our employees. Domestically, internationally you can track your parcel from our couriertrackingfinder website. You can track your parcel by entering AWB number in the search bar.

Bluedart Tracking Details

Details of tracking will be shown on the new tab when you enter AWB number. Helpline number, email id are also given on our website you can contact us through these two options. Sometimes the websites gets down and didn’t work because many people are using at a same time.

Bluedart Tracking India

The example of the blue dart tracking number is of 9 digits such as 899 667 342. You can also cancel your order through our website. From different techniques you can track your order such as waybill number and reference number. You just have to enter it on the search through that you can track it easily.

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Price Finder

Price Finder service helps you make an approximation of the cost of the service that you require. Based on the weight and the services you select, use our calculator to give you an estimation of the cost your service type needs.

Please select the service of your choice, origin and destination city, type of shipment and weight. Charges will be based on the weight of the shipment in kgs or fractions thereof and may be assessable either on the gross weight of the shipment or the volume/dimensional weight of the shipment – whichever is higher.

The minimum chargeable weights for various services are as follows:

ServiceMinimum acceptable weight
Domestic Priority0.5 Kgs
Regional Priority0.5 Kgs
Dart Apex10.0 Kgs
Smart Box – 10 Kg10 Kgs
Smart Box – 25 Kg25 Kgs
Dart Surfaceline10.0 Kgs
Airport to Airport5.0 Kgs
International0.5 Kgs
Jumbo Jr – 10 Kg10 Kgs
Jumbo Box – 25 Kg25 Kgs

The current surcharge, effective 01 September 2022, is 65.20% on Domestic and Regional Services. Effective 1st February 2018, the minimum Fuel Surcharge would be at 50% up to $ 60 per barrel and thereafter for every $1 fluctuation in the Brent crude price, the Fuel Surcharge would be adjusted by 0.4%.

Fuel Surcharge

Effective DateDomesticRegional
01 September, 202265.20%65.20%
01 August, 202268.40%68.40%
01 July, 202273.20%73.20%
01 June, 202269.60%69.60%
01 May, 202269.60%69.60%
01 April, 202269.60%69.60%
01 March, 202262.80%62.80%
01 February, 202259.20%59.20%
01 January, 202256.00%56.00%
01 December, 202159.20%59.20%
01 November, 202158.80%58.80%
01 October, 202155.20%55.20%
01 September, 202154.80%54.80%
01 August, 202156.00%56.00%
01 July, 202154.80%54.80%
01 June, 202153.20%53.20%
01 May, 202152.00%52.00%
01 April, 202152.80%52.80%
01 March, 202150.00%50.00%
01 February, 202150.00%50.00%
01 Januray, 202150.00%50.00%
01 December, 202050.00%50.00%
01 November, 202050.00%50.00%
01 October, 202050.00%50.00%
01 September, 202050.00%50.00%
01 August, 202050.00%50.00%
01 July, 202050.00%50.00%
01 June, 202050.00%50.00%
01 May, 202050.00%50.00%
01 April, 202050.00%50.00%
01 March, 202050.00%50.00%
01 February, 202052.40%52.40%
01 January, 202051.60%51.60%
01 December, 201950.80%50.80%
01 November, 201950.00%50.00%
01 October, 201950.80%50.80%
01 September, 201950.40%50.40%
01 August, 201952.00%52.00%
01 July, 201951.60%51.60%
01 June, 201954.80%54.80%
01 May, 201954.40%54.40%
01 April, 201952.80%52.80%
01 March, 201951.60%51.60%
01 February, 201950.00%50.00%
01 January, 201950.00%50.00%
01 December, 201854.40%54.40%
01 November, 201859.2%59.2%
01 October, 201857.2%57.2%
01 September, 201855.6%55.6%
01 August, 201856.4%56.4%
01 July, 201856.4%56.4%
01 June, 201856.8%56.8%
01 May, 201854.4%54.4%
01 April, 201852.8%52.8%
01 March, 201852.8%52.8%
01 February, 201853.6%53.6%
01 January, 201850.0%50.0%
01 December, 201750.0%50.0%
01 November, 201750.0%50.0%
01 October, 201750.0%50.0%
01 September, 201750.0%50.0%
01 August, 201750.0%50.0%
01 July, 201750.0%50.0%
01 June, 201750.0%50.0%
01 May, 201750.0%50.0%
01 April, 201750.0%50.0%
01 March, 201750.0%50.0%
01 February, 201750.0%50.0%
01 January, 201750.0%50.0%
01 December, 201650.0%50.0%
01 November, 201650.0%50.0%
01 October, 201650.0%50.0%
01 September, 201650.0%50.0%
01 August, 201650.0%50.0%
01 July, 201650.0%50.0%
01 June, 201650.0%50.0%
01 May, 201650.0%50.0%
01 April, 201650.0%50.0%
01 March, 201650.0%50.0%
01 February, 201650.0%50.0%
01 January, 201650.0%50.0%
01 December, 201550.0%50.0%
01 November, 201550.0%50.0%
01 October, 201550.0%50.0%
01 September, 201550.0%50.0%
01 August, 201550.0%50.0%
01 July, 201550.0%50.0%
01 June, 201550.0%50.0%
01 May, 201550.0%50.0%
01 April, 201550.0%50.0%
01 March, 201550.0%50.0%
01 February, 201550.0%50.0%
01 January, 201550.0%50.0%
01 December, 201450.0%50.0%
01 November, 201455.0%55.0%
01 October, 201462.5%62.5%
01 September, 201467.5%67.5%
01 August, 201470.0%70.0%
01 July, 201472.5%72.5%
01 June, 201470.0%70.0%
01 May, 201470.0%70.0%
01 April, 201470.0%70.0%
01 March, 201470.0%70.0%
01 February, 201470.0%70.0%
01 January, 201472.5%72.5%

Blue Dart Tracking Online

The shipment can be tracked put within 45 days if your order is not received within 45 days you can keep tracking your shipment or you can contact but after 45 days we don’t take any type of action regarding to your courier. So, keep this in your mind.

The applicable Fuel Surcharge would be as per given here under:


Bluedart Tracking Parcel

You can track all the couriers from our website such the couriers from Canada, Jaipur, Kolkata, Bangalore zirakpur etc. Internationally, nationally or you may say domestically or locally you can track all the shipments through our website. You just have to enter consignment number of the parcel.

Volume Weight Calculator

Our unique volume weight calculator is devised to calculate the volumetric weight of up to 5 shipments of different dimensions.

How to use the Volume Weight Calculator

  • If your shipment consists of one package, use only one row.
  • If your shipment consists of more than one package of the same dimension, use only one row.
  • If your shipment consists of multiple packages of varied dimension, use multiple rows.

Bluedart Tracking Shipment

You can also track through texting on our given number. Once you text your way bill number or reference number. Blue dart tracking also gives another option to their customer such as email option you can mail us your waybill number or reference number through that we will also tell you the live tracking of your parcel.

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Blue Dart provides you with various means of tracking your shipments to suit your convenience. Shipments can be tracked for a period of 90 days from the date of dispatch.

Web Based Tools





Stand-alone Tools


Customized Solutions

Blue Dart Tracking Status

We take almost 3/4 working days in delivering domestically whereas 10/15 days in delivering internationally or more than 15/20 days.

Bluedart Tracking With Consignment Number

We even want to deliver the domestic parcels on the very next day because we know that how much people are hurry in getting their parcels.

Bluedart Packaging

1. Flyers – Can fit in documents, pamphlets, magazines, annual reports and brochures.

  • Small Express Flyer – 305 x 400 mm. Recommended max. weight 5 kgs.
  • Large Express Flyer – 405 x 435 mm. Recommended max. weight 8 kgs.

2. Express Box

  • Express Box 3 – 315 x 220 x 50 mm. Recommended max. weight 5 kgs.
  • Express Box 5 – 355 x 360 x 110 mm. Recommended max. weight 5.5 kgs.
  • Express Box 7 – 365 x 235 x 305 mm. Recommended max. weight 20 kgs.
  • Express Box 8 – 415 x 315 x 285 mm. Recommended max. weight 25 kgs.
  • Express Box 9 – 455 x 300 x 385 mm. Recommended max. weight 35 kgs.- Can hold up to 12 bottles of wine, garments, a large machine and electronic parts.

Bluedart Aviation Tracking

For different cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore etc. different offices location is mentioned in our website, different contact number, different email address are mentioned in our couriertrackingfinder website you can these our over there.

DHL Blue Dart Tracking

Yes, you can track your parcel while entering your contact number. You just have to send us a message through that we will tell you the further details about your shipment.

Use the following tools to simplify your shipping process:

  • Location Finder
  • Transit Time Finder
  • Price Finder
  • Service Guide
  • Schedule a pickup

Blue Dart Express Tracking

Blue Dart courier tracking number will be provided to you by our company. It is a computerized form of receipt in which tracking number is mentioned.

Bluedart Apex Tracking

You can also customize the parcels of your own choice not any other country gives the option of customization of your package but we give this option to our customer which makes the way easy to them.

Blue Dart Docket Tracking

Blue dart also gives 24 hours service in only countries whereas in other countries from 8:00am to 10:00pm it’s opened after that the offices were closed.

Bluedart Tracking Customer Care




Pin code



1860 233 1234




[email protected]

Blue Dart Ahmadabad Contact Details
Blue Dart Express Ltd,
Shalimar Co-Op HSG SOC,
Near Embassy Market,
Off Ashram Road,
Ahmedabad – 380008.
Phone Number : 2655 4600/1860 233 1234
Fax : 079-6586195.
Email : [email protected]

Blue Dart Bangalore Contact Details
Blue Dart Expres sLtd,
Ground Floor,
Connection Point,
Airport Exit Road,
Bengaluru – 569999.
Phone Number : 25021234.
Fax : 080-25229856.
Email : [email protected]

Blue Dart Kolkata Contact Details
Blue Dart Express Ltd,
Kanak Building,
3rd Floor,
Jawaharlal Nehru Road,
Kolkata – 700071.
Phone Number : 22881234.
Fax : 033-22881894.
Email : [email protected].

Blue Dart Chennai Contact Details
Blu Dart Express Ltd,
11(Old No.38),status Quo,
Sterling Road, Nungambakkam,
Phone Number : 28241234/28271160.
Fax : 044-28252280.
Email : [email protected]

Blue Dart Coimbatore Contact Details

Blue Dart Express Ltd,
Paga Towers,8/128 to 132,
Kattoor Street,
Phone number : 2243383, 2248071, 2246832.
Fax : 0422-2243647.
Email : [email protected],

Blue Dart Delhi Contact Details
Blue Dart Express Ltd,
4th Floor, Elegance Tower,
Non Hierrachial Commercial Centre,
Plot No.8, Jasola District Centre,
Phone Number : 2694 1111/1860 233 1234.
Fax : 011-66098889.
Email : [email protected].

Blue Dart Hyderabad Contact Details
Blue Dart Express Ltd,
1st Floor,
Victoria Castle,
Prakash Nagar,
Phone Number : 6616 1234.
Fax : 040-6632 3030.
Email : [email protected]

Blue Dart Mumbai Contact Details
Blue Dart Express Ltd,
Blue Dart Centre,
Sahar Airport Road,
Andheri East,
Phone Number : 2824 1234/1860 233 1234.
Fax : 022-28244098.
Email : [email protected]


How do I contact Blue Dart delivery?

You can contact Blue Dart delivery by their contact numbers,email addresses or going physically to their office.All the information related to this is provided above for every city and country.

How do I complain to Blue Dart?

You can complain them by contacting through their customer care team or by sending email to [email protected] or [email protected] have to provide them tracking or Air Waybill No. and your Phone No. so that they can solve your problem quickly.

How do I find my Blue Dart delivery boy number?

You can find your Blue Dart delivery boy number by putting your tracking number or Air Waybill No. in the box provided above.All the details including the conatct number of delivery boy of your parcel will also appear.

Does Blue Dart work 24 hours?

Blue Dart works 24 hours and 7 days only in some special events or occasions.The normal standard timing for rest of year is from 8AM to 8PM.

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