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IPS tracking was established in 1940. It is a private company. Basically, IPS gives two sort of services such as the first one is global sea and the other one is air freight like customers can deliver their parcel globally through sea whereas customers can also deliver the parcel through plane.

Apart from this we have to much proud on our company we fulfil all the basic needs of our parcels whatever the customers says we customize that package. IPS tracking deliver the parcels globally which shows that IPS is connected with all borders of all countries and it also have good relationship with all borders.

IPS Tracking Cyprus

Basically, our main concern is to deliver the shipment from one place whether what will be that place to enough replace through air or sea in all over the world. We have 100+ commercial offices in all over the world. Internationally we deliver within 7/10 working days.

We know all the knowledge about shipping internationally, globally through sea and through air. Apart from this we give fast and quite safe service to our customers. IPS tracking also offers ‘Relocation Service” which provides the direct service to their customers such as we had fixed the days in a week within a city such as in New York, Chicago etc.

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IPS Tracking Canada

As you know that IPS tracking is an Irish company so it also deliver in US cities such as Ireland etc. You can easily track your shipment. You just have to enter the tracking number of your shipment after that you can see the parcels whether they are delivered through air or through sea.

In a single day we deliver 50,000+ parcels which will be quite helpful for our company our revenue was generated too much. We also do imports and exports of the goods through IPS tracking. We import parcels from USA, India, Mexico, Africa etc. whereas in exports of the parcels and goods we have 800+ destination in all over the world.

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IPS Parcel Tracking

ECU Line is a partner of IPS tracking and Vanguard logistics is also the partner of IPS tracking, ECU line offer direct service and fixed day service in different countries such as Delhi, Ireland etc. whereas Vanguard logistics give twice in a week consolidation and it serves in 600 destinations were as its offices are 180 and the agencies of IPS tracking is located in 105 countries.

IPS Tracking Italy

Apart from this of you have any query, issue, problem, suggestion or any sort of idea you can contact our customer service they will guide you about the all things.

IPS Group Customer Care Service Contact Number

IPS Group Dublin

First Floor,
Unit 180 Lakeshore Drive,
Airside Business Park, Swords,
Co. Dublin, K67 N2N9.
Tel: +353 1 890 6600
Fax: +353 1 890 6666
Email: [email protected]

IPS Group Cork

Unit 102 Donnybrook Commercial Ctr,
Douglas, Co. Cork
Tel: +353 21 489 5777
Fax: +353 21 489 5988
Email: [email protected]

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What tracking is IPS?

IPS tracking is an Irish company which is quite biggest and largest tracking company. It give different sort of services such as globally it delivers the parcels through sea whereas air freight is also another service which will be given through plane.

How do I track a package with tracking number in IPS Company?

You can track your parcel through IPS tracking easily. You just have to enter the tracking number through couriertrackingfinder website after that you can see the live location of your parcel.

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