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We greet our Cainiao tracking website our customers who are trusted with our courier services. Today, people are finding of depending on courier services because of their starting small initial business or to deliver any personal and private things and packages from one place to another or their loved one.

For this, the Cainiao courier tracking Service Company provides its best to every customer no matter how much they have a large platform of business of any sources. The china logistics Network is controlling Cainiao courier. Our company was initially founded in 2013, firstly, was providing services in china and now on worldwide. Cainiao courier tracking gives our services to the very famous small and large business platform named Alibaba in Hangzhou.

In 2023, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

In 2016, Cainiao courier tracking company became more good by name due to providing efficient services and delivering your packages in a day or 24hours, nationwide in 72 hours, and firstly in China. Our Cainiao courier tracking service has many warehouses compound for the international delivery and selling brands in china.

More than 30 warehouses overseas and in China will help us deliver your parcels in less time consumption and transportation. Cainiao courier tracking Services Company is a global shipping network.
By providing our clients and you the real-time information about your parcel’s shipment. Cainiao gives an option to our small doing customers and merchants that choose a convenient and easy, reasonable route of transportation delivery and shipment of your packages.

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Cainiao Super Economy Global Tracking

Now come to the point of how the customers will track their parcels? After confirming the order and parcel, the Cainiao courier service website gives you a unique Cainiao tracking number for tracing and checking the status of your respected packages .firstly. Then, you have to come to our official website. You would find a tracking search bar, put your tracking, and then click on a button track! Then the Cainiao tracking 24 gives you the exact time and the complete information regarding your Cainiao courier packages.

To verify the tracking information of your parcels, you can visit our courier tracking website, which provides you an option for their clients to track multiple packages and shipments online directly. Usually, it takes 15 to 20 days to shipment or deliver after dispatch. Therefore, Cainiao tracking is a mandatory accurate veritable website.

Business platform Lazada, after purchasing your package from this area, then Cainiao tracking servicers provide you the tracking number of Cainiao tracking Lazada. After that, the package is delivered to the Cainiao courier if the shipment is ready to give. We only prefer and trust our very faithful staff and employees to monetize the other situation of Lazada.

Cainiao Tracking Lazada

For tracking your purpose, the same process is for this, as we mentioned above. The alternative method is to come on the Cainiao Lazada tracking website, enter your Lazada tracking number, and trace your package. But be careful. Remember that the Lazada Cainiao courier tracking is different from others tracking the number of your parcels. Here, we mention the format of Cainiao Lazada’s tracking number, e.g., Lazada logistics-754289-8997, MYMP0000006754180.MPDS-3256788-5097. CB, TH, and other local multitude couriers.

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We also provide the easiest way to communicate and tracking with your parcels to our customers by making an app of Cainiao tracking services through which you can conveniently tracking your shipment of the box on your smartphone by downloading from your play store, and also be updated and aware yourself about your package shipment and the actual time of delivery.

Cainiao Shipping Tracking

Another way of tracking your parcels is by referencing tracking package or shipment information & details. Cainiao Courier Service Company provides you with API tracking numbers for your package. It’s a simple and easy way to get your shipment parcels’ information from our official available Cainiao tracking courier website. API is the complete form of application programming interface that works as software that connects with our system from any place.

Our Cainiao tracking service is also reliable. The delivery duration is either the same as the time provided or earlier of the package shipment. eBay Cainiao tracking gives you premium and discounted services with protection and in a secure manner. eBay delivery by the Pack link service, which also helps our customers operate their sales, payments, and all the shipment of packages and other technical issues connected to the orders.

Cainiao Parcel Tracking

Cainiao courier eBay tracking provides you your door-to-door package shipment by with guaranteed delivery and a Refund policy and terms conditions with the guaranteed delivery in case of late delivery. However, if the shipment of the package is from overseas or another, then it will take a longer time to deliver your parcels. The Cainiao courier services providing company gives our client multiple shipping ways depending on their parcels size and weight, volume & some other factors and the prices are also different of the shipment delivery.

The restrictions items prohibited for the Cainiao international tracking like cosmetics items and electronic devices but with a voltage up to100v will be accepted. The different delivery timings\days of other areas for Cainiao international delivery tracking like US delivery days are 30 to 45 working days. In the EU, it will take 20 to25 days, and in other countries, 40 to 35 days will estimate to deliver the shipment of your parcel.
The Cainiao courier tracking number is unique.

Cainiao Post Tracking

It’s made up of the format of alphabetic and numeric characters. It also depends on postal courier service like UPU has 10 characters, FedEx, speed Pak has 30 characters long symbols tracking number. So no matter what your tracking number looks like, the tracking process of your parcels will become the same. To locate from our official Cainiao tracking website by entering your tracking number.

The Super Cainiao tracking numbers are similar to the tracking number of Cainiao tracking. You can check your parcels from both numbers on our official Cainiao website and in a tracking portal. By this, you can access the current status of the shipment of your package delivered through Super Cainiao economy in a while.

Cainiao Tracking Malaysia

The cost of Cainiao courier super economy global is free to low, for the excellent Cainiao particular goods is low to medium, and the delivery days are 25 to 50 days .by the other shipping for the common goods, the cost is reasonable medium and take 20 to 35 days to delivery shipment of your parcels.

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The Cainiao delivers Aliexpress parcels and packages. We are also providing the standard and economy methods of shipping your parcels based on Alibaba. Cainiao Aliexpress tracking and shipment are pretty cheap but take longer to deliver. Always remember Aliexpress also provides a tracking number to their sellers or customers by that the people can trace their parcels easily. According to the postal code courier services, these tracking numbers are very different for every package.

Cainiao Customer Care

Address: Block B1, XIXI center, No.588 West Wenyi Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, PR China.


How do you track your package from cainiao?
You can track your package by entering your Cainiao tracking number on the website of courier tracking finder.

Where is cainiao located?
Cainiao is located in China, Hangzhou.

Does Cainiao deliver to doorstep?
Cainiao will take up to two working days for the doorstep pickup.

Is Aliexpress legit? Is Cainiao courier service is reliable?
Yes, Aliexpress is a legitimate company owned by Alibaba. Yes, Cainiao courier service is reliable all over the world.

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