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SailPost was established in 2000. Sailpost in an international parcel or postal company moreover it is an Italian company. We provide different service to our customer such as postal products and parcel delivery (small and large parcels) and logistic service etc.

We have 150 agencies in all over world which are located in 88 provinces whereas the remaining 117 are located in 19 regions. Italians uses sailpost 70%. You can contact us directly and we give the best quality to our customers. Total mail points in sailpost are 280 points.

Sailpost also changes their name in 2021 and the new name of the company was “Sailpost SpA”. Sailpost was the first company who give postal service within Italy country. Sailpost also had uploaded the portfolio just for the customers to get satisfied through our services.

If we talk about the parcel delivery service then the basic or you can say the regular parcel of sailpost the products within 2kg. The difference of small, large and medium size of the parcels are given in detail. The parcel which are small in size are weight in between 0 to 100gr whereas the size of the medium size of the parcels will be in between from 0 to 2kg and the last one size of the parcel is large size parcels which are also in between the 0 to 2kg.

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But these also have different width such small size (up to 25x17x1cm) and medium size (up to 36x26x4cm) and the last one width of large size parcel will be 35cmx 26cmx21cm. Apart from this, the economy parcel plus would be up to 30kg. Sailpost delivery within 3/5 working days as well.

After regular parcel service, economy parcel the third service is the Parcel Basic service the limitation of weight in this is 3Kg and it will be delivered directly to the customers. You can deliver maximum 3kg wright.

We offer the COD to our customers. We take the money on delivery. Customers don’t have to come especially just for pay us. We basically make the things easy for our customers. You can track your shipment easily from our website you just have to enter the tracking number of the shipment.

You can easily see the location of our offices through our website. You can find out the different countries and different cities office location. Apart from this, you can also search the shipment through entering shipment code. Moreover you can also find out the thing whatever you need. You can also check the last mile of the shipment.

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SailPost Customer Care Service Contact Number


  800 933 311

Sailpost Phone Number : +050 8008711

Sailpost Email Address: [email protected]

Sailpost Location: Frazione Migliarino P., Vecchiano, Toscana, Italy

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 How long does it take in sailpost for a tracking number to be active?

Sailpost tracking activate the tracking number within 24 hours. You can check out the tracking of your parcel within 24 hours. It will be quite useful and helpful for you.

How long does sailpost tracking information take to update?

Sailpost tracking company takes 8 to 15 working days in updating the information regarding to the shipment such as whereas your order has been reached, the online status can be shown clearly etc.

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