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Corriere SDA Tracking

It was founded by Alberto Astolfi and the Cecchetti brothers in 1984 in Rome after seeing a successful turnover of over 308 billion Lire, SDA Express Courier was finally and completely acquired by the Poste Italiane group.

SDA is a transport courier service belonging to Italy and operating as a National courier service of Italy. SDA falls in the category of the largest Italian companies of transport. It is also playing a huge role in logistic distribution and distance selling in Italy.   

SDA Tracking Spedizione

For all SDA shipping and consignments, it provides an express courier to deliver. It is so far one of the most organized courier services in Italy where its customers can send their parcels by price comparisons it provides.  

SDA courier also provides express services for its customers where they deliver their parcels in the less than standard time. You can similarly have the convenience of tracking your express parcel. Most of the time, the SDA website provides your tracking information in Italian. You will then have to translate it in English to be able to derive your intended details.   

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SDA Tracking Pacco

SDA’s application programing is also known as API, allows its customers to have better interactive experiences.  API makes tracking functionality easy in order to have a problem free interaction. In 2019, it had a total of 1,214 employees. SDA goes with the tagline of “We move with you”


  • Integrated logistics  
  • Management of warehouse  
  • Information technology systems  
  • Technical Courier  
  • Extranetwork  
  • 2RouteExpress 
  • Hanged Clothes  
  • Pharma Express  

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SDA Express Tracking

When you are done completing your required documentation from SDA and you hand over your consignments to them, after 24-hour’s time, you can start tracking your SDA Express courier. SDA provides its valued customers with tracking facility to ensure that their parcels are moving in the right direction.

It also makes the customers aware of the delivery and dispatch times of their items sent or that are going to be received. For all special and standard mails, letters, couriers and large consignments, the company assigns its customers with a tracking number for each of the consignment. It helps the customers to know the delivery status of their parcels and get relevant details. 

SDA Tracking Italia

SDA tracking number and SDA Tracking code are alternative names for the number provided to you to track your consignment sent by SDA courier.  Your courier sent through SDA can be traced by various methods. To track your parcel, you are to follow some simple steps that lead you to your intended information.   

You can track all types of consignments sent through SDA courier. SDA also offers an Extra Large service called 2RoutExpress. SDA with its 2RoutExpress service can deliver your couriers that are in the form of Motorcycles, cycles, and bulky items.

SDA Extralarge Tracking

In short, any item that is oversized. Nevertheless, it can only be delivered across Italy and that also with the delivery time of 1 to 2 days. For your convenience, you can use your tracking number linked to your item sent and you can track the delivery path whenever you want. 

 As SDA falls in the category of largest Italian companies of transport, it can be either a letter, a parcel or larger shipments and have peace of mind through tracking it until it is delivered.  

SDA Ritiro Tracking

SDA tracking number with reference to Italy consists of 13-digit or alphanumeric characters for its domestic as well as foreign consignments that you can identify and enter in the tracking page of SDA website. The tracking number’s example is: 1B3170B000342. 

For tracking your SDA courier, you have to first fetch your tracking number provided to you by SDA through your provided email, SMS, or, physical receipt.   

SDA Courier Tracking

SDA is responsible for delivering up to two thousand shipments domestically as well as reaching up to 200 countries around the world. The delivery services run between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm besides the different customs of other countries. Its tracking, however, the parcel can be tracked through the website’s track and trace option for both domestic and international deliveries. 

Then you will have to open the SDA website. The first page that appears shows a box stating to Track your shipments where you will have to enter your tracking number and press the search button. It will lead you to your shipment details. 

SDA Tracking Deutschland

Using the tracking number, the customers can track their parcels or orders to be received through the company. Tracking online cathet relevant details regarding their parcel just by entering their tracking number in Track and trace box on the tracking page of the website. That will navigate them to their consignment’s delivery status and details. 

When you send your parcel through SDA. The tracking service provides you with all the data regarding the consignment, its weight, power and cost reduction etc. 

Tracking SDA Non Funziona

If you have different agreement with SDA, you are bound to send single shipment with one waybill. It is, in addition also responsible to provide you tracking details with respect to that one shipment. For its international postal service, it also connects with other express couriers. It includes DHL, USPS, and FedEx, etc.

In order to have upgraded services from SDA, you are to register on My SDA. By logging in to your account, you can not only safely be tracking your parcel, but also get updates regarding new services and discounts on your consignments that you may send next time. 

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SDA Tracking Lettera Di Vettura

While tracking your parcel, SDA is notified by a notice to inspect the website you use to track properly. They request you to make sure that the website has a secure http to avoid fake emails and phishing. No website other than the original SDA website demands you to login to your account. It never demands your email address and password.   

SDA can anytime proceed to withdrawal if it realizes that the shipment sent does not comply with the rules and terms and conditions of SDA. Your tracking ID may not work if the consignment is withdrawn. 

SDA Tracking Estero

For tracking your SDA parcel, you can either use the tracking number that is provided to you through email or SMS and visit www or world wide web website of couriertrackingfinder or you can contact SDA at their customer care number.  

Or if you observe that your SDA tracking method is not working, or if you have sent your SDA parcel and have trouble tracking it or have any query regarding SDA services, you are advised to visit our nearby SDA or Italian post office; you can also contact us at our phone numbers.


What is SDA tracking? 

SDA courier is a subsidiary of Gruppo Poste Italiane that is a leading postal delivery service used in Italy for its domestic as well as international courier service. 

How do I track my SDA in Italy? 

You can track your SDA consignment by entering your tracking number sent to you through email or SMS in the Track and Trace page of SDA website to fetch your relevant details.  

Does SDA deliver on Saturday? 

Sometimes, It depends upon the pick-up date of your consignment and the service that you have chosen for your parcel delivery. 

How do I contact SDA Italy? 

You can contact SDA on their customer care number, Fax number or email address on working days from8:00am to 6:00pm.  

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