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Deppon Express Company is the leading company in the logistics industry. Deppon tracking has professional employees, and we can say that Deppon Express has talented and modern staff who have deep knowledge about the postal service, eCommerce, and cross-border services.

Deppon gives their customer timely, fastly, and efficient service. In December 2016, almost 10000+ stores were present all over the world. Deppon Express covers practically 35 provinces. It delivers nationally, globally, locally, and internationally.

We provide in Japan, Malaysia, Korea, etc. In our tracking company, more than 120,000+ employees are included all over the globe. Because of different demands of our customers we made much more innovation. We deliver safe quality.

In 2023, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

In 2014, Deppon invested almost 700 million. Deppon has almost developed 80 IT systems. Not only this but even they created 48 projects are also being established in IT. And we want to invest more in the IT department for more development and modern technology.

Deppon Tracking China

As we all know that it’s the era of advancement and modernism, so we want to innovate more things that will be better for our company. We also want our customer’s recommendations and suggestions. We feel happy whenever our customers give us directions regarding our website or any service. We own our customers. We want our customers to get up and tell us our flaws.

Deppon Express company gives many services that are pretty helpful and valuable for our customers. It provides express delivery in which you will receive your delivery within 3-4 days and Less than truckload and full truckload, both sorts of things we deliver. We also have cross borders.

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We provide our customers the safe and secure delivery. Deppon Express tracking gives their customer the most reliable and authentic way of shipment. We offer our customers an opportunity to pay their bill on the delivery. If we are delivering the parcel at the door, the customer has to pay at that time. It’s the easiest way of providing the money.

In Deppon Express, you can track your shipment through “Waybill Number.” You can enter almost ten waybill numbers in the search bar simultaneously. Still, you have to add a comma between the waybill numbers to make a difference and get accurate and authentic information about the parcels.

Deppon Tracking English

Mostly, we deliver to our customers we give door to door delivery. Still, if somebody or someone wants to get their package by coming to our office, they have to go with the passport of the receivers whose name is mentioned on the receipt whereas a copy is not acceptable.

Suppose you want to collect your parcel from any other person. In that case, you have to give him your original ID card copies will not be acceptable in any situation or the original passport. And the last option is if any company is going to collect your parcel. The company has the original passport of the person managing the parcel and has the letter authorized by the receiver whose parcel is being collected.

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Deppon Tracking International

You can easily install our app by scanning the QR code given on our couriertrackingfinder website. On the other, another QR code has also been shown in which it mentioned “WeChat” if you have any issue, problem, or query, you have to scan the QR code of “WeChat” through that you can contact us like if you want to claim your shipment, your shipment gets damaged or being stolen by someone, or if you wish to exchange or return the cargo, you can contact us through scanning the QR code.

We also have another option in which you can contact us through the contact number given on our website, or you can mail us. In last, if you don’t have anything left and your issue is still not resolved, then you can visit our nearest office. The whole map is given on our website. Each office location is shown on the maps. You can quickly check it out from our couriertrackingfinder website.

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Deppon Tracking customer service Contact

Service Hotline


Company Address

No. 1018 Mingzhu Road, Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai
P.C.: 201702

Email Us

Business complaints

[email protected]

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[email protected]


[email protected]

Email: [email protected]
Customer Help Phone Number: +86 95353


How do I track my express delivery?
You can track your delivery easily. First, you have to know the tracking number of your shipment or waybill of your cargo or the guide number of your shipment, or even the reference number. After entering the tracking number on our website, you can see the online status of your shipment through our couriertrackingfinder website. You can also track by turning on the notification on your contact number.

How can I track my order with reference number?
You can track your shipment easily and quickly through reference numbers. Reference was being given to our customer by our company. The reference numbers contain up to 35 numbers. You can also see the reference number as the customer number or even the purchase number. So, you have to enter that reference number present in the receipt. You have to enter that on our couriertrackingfinder website, and then you can track the parcel or the shipment easily.

Can I track my Deppon Express courier?
Yes, you can track your courier. There are mainly three types of monitoring your courier. The first one is that you may ask them to turn on the notification via SMS on your phone number. You will get the link through the opening to know the location of your parcel. Secondly, via email, you will get the information about the courier, and thirdly you will get the tracking number. Finally, you have to enter that on our couriertrackingfinder website and get the tip of your parcel.

How much time does Delivery take?
Deppon Express Tracking Courier Company takes almost 3-4 days to deliver the parcels, but if the delivery is within 10kg to 12kg, then we will provide on the same or the next day, but if the destination is so far, then we will take almost 3-4 days only.

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