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Mac cosmetic is basically an American company of cosmetics. This company was established in 1984. They were the two people who started this company, one was Frank Toskan and the other was F Angelo. They started their company at United States of America and the registered address of this company is of New York, USA.

At this company the satisfaction of customers is company guarantee. And in some cases if a customer is not satisfied completely he may return his parcel without finding any type of extra charges. Mac cosmetics order tracking provide the facility of tracking your parcel online without finding any difficulty. This is the most advanced and easiest way to get notified about the parcels and packages of your own interest.

Order Mac Cosmetics Online

There you will find an option of track your parcel you, just need to enter the tracking number in the given section and the live location will be provided to you if your parcel has been shipped. Tracking number is different for each parcel or you can say it is specific for each parcel.

Normally the order number comprises of letters but sometimes it is the combination of letters and numbers. The live location will be provided to the customers once their order has been posted from the warehouse of the company. We facilitate our customers by accepting the various payment options.

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Mac Cosmetics Track My Order

Our company provides the facility of replacing the order according to the customers demand. In case if the customer find order cancellation, he will be notified through the email and he will not be billed for that cancelled item. Mac cosmetics order tracking use UPS for shipping of parcels and packages.

You will be provided with the all the possible information regarding your parcel whether it is related to processing, shipping or dispatching. For this purpose you need to have a Mac cosmetics online account in order to login at the official website of the company.

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Mac Cosmetics Delivery Time

Those orders that are shipped from standard services they need 1 to 2 working days for their delivery as it depends on the availability of the products. The main aim of our company is to facilitate the customers by helping them in best possible way. We are working 24/7 to provide the fastest services to our customers and have won the trust of public.

Credit card is allowed for PayPal account, American express and after pay. The actual delivery date of the parcel or packages depends entirely on the method of shipping you have already selected. In case of cancelling an order no extra charges will be required.

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Mac Cosmetics Customer Care Service Contact

Registered Office

202-206, Tolstoy House,
Tolstoy Marg,
New Delhi-110001

CALL 1.800.588.0070.



Toll-Free Number:

(800) 866-6464

Call customer service

Customer Service:

(877) 553-5536

Pro Customer Service

(646) 461-4083

Text Artist

General Info:

(800) 588-0070

CUSTOMER SERVICE AT 1.877.553.5536.

[email protected] (For General query)

[email protected] (For Career)


Is it possible to trace the MAC order?

Yes it is now very easy to check the live location of your parcel by using the tracking number that is available on the dispatch e-mail. For this purpose you must have an MAC cosmetics account.

How long it will take to deliver my parcel?

In case of standard deliveries once the parcel is being shipped almost 4 to 5 working days are required.

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