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Korea post tracking is one of the most reliable, authentic, safe, and secure courier companies. Korea Post Tracking is quite a trustworthy company. It has almost 3600 post offices in the whole world. It’s quite a sizeable postal company. Korea Post tracking provides their customer with different opportunities such as jobs parcel delivering service nationally and internationally, giving insurance service, etc.

The Korea Post Tracking was established in 1884. Korea Post tracking has much more experience in their field as it is a pretty old courier company. So, because of the too much experience, they deliver many parcels within a day. The mission and vision of Korea Post tracking are to become the best and 1st postal tracking in Korea.

In 2024, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

You can easily track your shipment location online through our website. You have to enter the tracking number. The format of Korea Post Tracking is 13 digits, e.g., EE125366527KK in the middle digits are present, whereas the start and the end letters are added in the tracking number of Korea Post tracking.

South Korea Post Tracking

If you want to check out the location or want information about the parcel’s location, you can also contact us on our number which is given on our website. You can easily track and trace E.M.S. You can also calculate the expected day like you have to enter the parcel’s origin and destination of the parcel. You have to enter the zip code and the complete information about the tracking. You can find calcite then on which day you will get your order.

On the other hand, we have EMS. Premium track and trace in this you also have to enter the tracking number, which contains 13 digits, but the item will be updated in real-time. Like you can see the location anytime anywhere.

There are also two types of service was being in EMS tracking the one is known as “Contracted Service,” in which the order will dispatch. The contract will be made between the client and the post office whereas the other one is “On-demand Service” which was being dispatched on the customer’s demand.

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Korea Post Tracking Domestic

We feel damn happy and get aesthetic pleasure when we see the interest sincerity of our customers towards our company. We try our best to guide and satisfy our customers. We make our clients happy through Korea post tracking by focusing on delivery.

As you know, the speedily you get your order, the more you feel happy and order. We are always with you whenever you need us. Once a company gets determined, then they will give more service. The more you are motivated, the more you will do your work passionately. We are happy to see the interest of our customer towards our company. Our priority is to reply, guide and satisfy our customers after that we should do another thing.

We can also see the Korea China express service in this service. They provide deliveries through surface routes between Korea and China. Their primary features are they cooperate a lot. They cooperate with customers. They give the service in Korea in all areas, but in China, the delivery or service to all areas except a few areas such as Tibet. They specify that the maximum weight you can deliver is 30Kg.

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Korea Post Tracking Not Updating

And on the other hand, the longest or highest length will be 1.5m. They take delivery time differently like in china they deliver within 4 to 5 days after arrival whereas in Korea it takes 2-3 days after the arrival of the parcel. There are different rates included for different weights, such as: if the weight is 0.5, then the price will be 7,000, 2.5 they will charge you 11,000, and so on. The more the weight is, the more expense you have to pay.

You can also check out the international mail. There are different international Airmail delivery standards. For the east, the EMS is 2-3, and the ordinary airmail will be 5-10 same is the case with another area, the EMS and the ordinary airmail change with the change in the area.

Country-wise, the delivery time also changes as for East Asia it may take 20-30 days. You can see our annual report also from our website. We were giving the whole detailed report on our website the detail was given in the years like you can check out the whole report of the past years. You can easily replace it or claim we are here for you in case of any wrong order. We will help as much as we can.

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Korea Post Office Tracking

Head Office
19 Doum5-ro Sejong,
30114 Republic of South Korea
Phone: +82-44-200-8114
Email: [email protected]

Customer Service
Phone: 1588-1300 (postal service)
Phone: 82-2-2108-9895 (postal service)
Phone: 1588-1900 (insurance)


How do I track a package from Korea?
If you have chosen your package after placing it, you will get a tracking number from our company. The tracking number our company provided you have to enter that in our website by entering that you can quickly check out your package status online at any time.

How do I track my Philippine EMS from Korea?
You can track your Philippine EMS easily from Korea Post Tracking. You have to look at the tracking number provided by us on the receipt. You have to enter that number on our website to see the Philippine EMS from Korea.

How much to ship a container from South Korea to the United States?
It may cost almost $2700 for shipment, whereas 40 containers from South Korea to the UK when the season is peak.

How do I mail a letter to Korea?
You can easily mail a letter to Korea. You have to write a letter and then pack that into an envelope after that you have to add a stamp to it, and then you can send it to us quickly. You can write us in English whereas if you write it in Korean, there will be fast in delivering.

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