Bangladesh Post Tracking 2023

Bangladesh Post Tracking Number

Bangladesh Postal Tracking

Bangladesh Postal facility is located government association, occupied by the postal and Broadcastings Division, Organization of Posts, Communications and Statistics Expertise, Administration of Working-class State of Bangladesh.

It is committed to conveying an extensive scope of fundamental postal help and monetary and ICT based computerized postal assistance with its nationwide system. The central postal correspondence administration keeps intact a country with a vast populace.

Bangladesh Post is resolved to guarantee fast, dependable and reasonable support for individuals of varying backgrounds. Bangladesh Post generally centres around giving individuals’ joy through commonsense and creative thoughts and inspiring this division to a beneficial fear.

In 2023, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

Bangladesh Post Office Tracking

Our Imaginations is to provide Reasonable, general and solid postal assistance. We Point to give a: Guaranteeing reasonable, quality and global excellence postal administrations over the institutional turn of events and current detective. Broad presentation of specialist banking and money administrations in country regions. Presentation of Global Settlement Service.

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Development of innovation-based mail handling and online business centre by 2026. Remodel of ancient mail depots and extension of EMTS administrations. Making work for the jobless through ICT created preparation.

Training protection for school going understudies “Sukanya”; Introduce different miniature protections, for example, instruction security protection for understudies, protection to incapacitated, bunch protection for an article of clothing labourers, grain protection for minimal ranchers, parenthood government assistance investment funds plans for pregnant moms.

Bangladesh Post Office Parcel Tracking

Acquirement of mail vehicles and solid vanguards for moving mail. Exhaustive execution of track and follow and GMS framework at the mail centre end. Putting together ICT preparing for all degrees of officials and representatives.

Right now, four development schemes are executed under Bangladesh Mailing Section:
Progress of Postal Processing and carrier Facility Center, Heading Mission, Mailing Section, Dhaka.
Retrieval/Restoration of Decrepit Post Headquarters under Bangladesh Post-office Division – Stage II (first Adjustment) Scheme, Division of Posts, Dhaka. Growth of Housing Structure for Generals/Workers of Mailing Section in Dhaka Town, Heading Project, Posting Section, Dhaka.

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A Physical Organization Growth and Development of Mailing Section (first Adjustment), named Scheme, Division of Posts, Dhaka. In the monetary year 2020-2021, a sum of 15526.00/- lack allotted to the ventures. At the point when ventures are executed. The long term lodging issue of the authority workers of the Mailing Section will be settled.

Bangladesh Post Office EMS Tracking

The Key Facilities are Record Types, Letters, Mail Card, Package, Broadcast Paper and Magazines, Manuscript/Container and Examination. Conveyance time: 2-3 days are, relying upon the detachment and correspondence of objective. Enlistment ensures the broadcast of an item is safer. Expenses: Notwithstanding the stamp price and expense of Tk. 4.00 must take on the registration mailing item.

Situations when enrollment is obligatory:
If a bundle surpasses 5.00 kg weight. Then very air packages
Any guaranteed object. If a package needs a spot where a traditions affirmation is obligatory
If an item comprising stamp price or different stamps or names or something like that
Somewhat an item bearing “enrolled” or some other term, expression or imprint to the like
In the least worth due (VP) item.

They’re also the facility of Express mail service is available it ranges between 20 gram to 20 kilograms. You can also trace your EMS packages, including letters, bundles, and official credentials.
For express GEP services, the rate is as follow:

Particular homegrown mail administration. Administration stretched out to an all-region base camp. GEP Facility reached out to 428 Upazila Post workplaces and all Post Workplaces of Dhaka city. As a result, the GEP conveyance administration in Dhaka town is now rearranged. Presently all conveyance Post Office changed over into GEP conveyance headquarters that is significantly further developed the assistance average. More got and brief conveyance Resolved to conveys the GEP articles at an earliest conceivable time

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Bangladesh Postal Service Tracking

GEP rate
• Taka 10 for an initial 20 gm
• Taka 12 for the load over 20 gm; however, not surpassing 50 gm, Taka 2 for 50 extra grams.
It also provides a certificate, so the item in giving testaments of presenting is on bear the cost of the public an affirmation that letters and different articles shared with workers and couriers for posting has been sent.

A testament of placement might be gotten in regard of a postal item for this a receipt isn’t given by the mail centre subject to the post after situations, to be specific:- (a) the testament of post printed in ink should be introduced to an official on the job on the mail centre alongside the articles to send, during the hours fixed for the award of such endorsements; (b) the testament should contain a precise of the addresses for the traineeships to whom they relate, and should have a stamp price, attached to that in an instalment of an expense to stimulating at the pace of Tk. 1 for every three items or lower than this item.

Bangladesh Post Customer Care

Programmer, Central ICT Cell Postal Department, Dhaka-1207

Mail: [email protected]

International Search Center

(Tracking and Tracing)

Telephone: 02-223373340 02-223350391

Mail: [email protected]

Foreign Post, Dhaka Telephone 602-2233626


How to follow Bangladesh post bundles on the web?
Trace Bangladesh Posts Available get Source/goals following data in a single spot through Tracing Figure, supported by Recorded, Parcel, and EMS Tracking is an outsider bundle following apparatus (otherwise called multi-transporter following instrument) that upholds online package following of overall 478 express and mailing messengers.

What is bdpost following number and how to utilize it?
While mentioning a conveyance administration and funded for Bangladesh Post Office request, the chaperon in the organization will furnish you with a recognizable proof number, called BDPost following number which is utilized to get all-out admittance to the state of the package being conveyed to one more nation or city in Bangladesh region.

Why pick Bangladesh Post Office for bundle conveyance?
Bangladesh Post Office makes conveyances among numerous nations of the world because of the coalition with other huge dispatch organizations like FedEx, DHL or UPS; these messengers have inclined toward transportation courses and objections, making an ideal and cost-accommodating bundle conveyance.

What is the email address of Bangladesh Post Office?
The Bangladesh Post Office is a public postal specialist co-op in Bangladesh. It offers mailing assistance, including mail letters, Post Cards, Packages, Newscast Paper and Bulletins. The universal conveyance time is 2 – 3 days relying on the distance and correspondence of the objective.

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