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The historical backdrop from Post in Nigeria traces back to the nineteenth century. The principal mail centre was laid out through the British Colonist Leaders in 1852. That was viewed as a part of Brits post office context. It was a part of London’s postal headquarter, and this was what was going on till 1874.

Whenever the mailing Office began its calling as entire fly Department, the Royal Niger Association (RNC) connected with economic activities in the country, the put together their postal structure in 1887 to 1899 in Akassa, Calabar, Burutu and Lokoja.

It takes seven days to transport from logos to the bailing station. In 1892, the company of Royal Niger diverted into a person to the Universal Postal Union. From 1908, bank amount receipt and email were exchanged by German West African Colonies through London as a preparation.

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Then they moved their setup from Kano to Cario, conveying mail interestingly outside the country. At the start of the year 1, 1900, Nigeria Administration assumed control over the obligation of doing work of the postal framework to the whole country. There were not an excessive number of best streets at that time, and these emails were transported through kayaks, launchers and sprinters that were to work at time frames no more than a week.

The primary mail centre in North Nigeria was laid out and then situated at Lokoja in 1899. while post-movement was the only business community, British mail conveyances gave over in 1907 to mail warehouses arranged at headquarters for every Region Representative.

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Interior AirMail transfer began in 1931. The autonomy, the post was regulated together with Broadcastings as an administration office. Afterwards, postal foundations and administrations filled quickly. The Central Management by Declaration number 22 in 1966 developed the office as semi business association a stage by growing more effective and receptive to public necessities. Nigeria Postal assistance Subdivision presented with the reinforcement from Nigeria Communications in 1985.

NITEL rose out of the consolidation of the Broadcastings part of the ancient Post and from the Broadcastings Subdivision of the Bureau of Transportations with the previous Nigeria Exterior Communications Limited. From the assertion of proclamation 1987, NIPOST transformed into an Extra-Ministerial Division.

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Our visualization to provide a flourishing business sector driven association, zeroing in on development also our primary goal to give productive, compelling and dependable administrations with the guide of proper innovation and a very much propelled labour force.

Our Attitude incorporates the acknowledgement of our clients; because of the justification for our being; accordingly, our actual test is to address their issues and needs of workers; We regard our representatives as a wellspring of our solidarity. We esteem their commitments. We are focused on their desires. We keep up with market authority as an arrangement of postal administrations in Nigeria. We keep the Motto of “Administration Brilliance.”

We are working with the acknowledgement of the NIPOST Commercial professional job. Organization of trade strategies. We assess, investigate, and arrange techniques essential for hierarchical concordance and combination, creating and 24-hour care of new ventures and projects—organizing and creation of yearly information.

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ASSEMBLY: Our Commercial and Planned Advance Division is made out of the supplementary elements,

  • Spending plan Planning and Examination
  • The board Systems
  • Target Setting and Adjustment
  • Advancement and Preservation of Information Bank

To carry out the suggested commercial arrangements and number of results cultivating generosity. To impart the association’s arrangements in strong relations of gratitude, discernment, getting, activity and generally speaking execution by all classes of supervise.

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To clarify changes in strategy and elevate excellent modern relations to decide, recognize, break down and enter various communities, goal gatherings and partners in all NIPOST items and administrations. To retain the community well-versed with affections to the suggestion’s schemes and accomplishment, give data about new items, administrations, advancement, and improvements.

To further develop attention to the association’s picture complete presence as grounding all parts of relational interchanges, for example, publicizing, retail location, presentations, advancements and advertising.
The board looked at the affiliation’s middle business area of mail improvement and hoped to deal with the problem of delays by mail carriage. It is a progression of the organization of NIPOST, and the endeavour was planned to cooperate with the private region to provide the automobiles predictable to work with transport or mail.

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The Post Workplace is a design worked by Central Administration to offer postal types of assistance in different networks all over the Partnership. Its administrations are imperative to metropolitan focuses and provincial networks and instrumental in completing government, monetary and community exercises.

Management inside places from top to toe quality on the government assistance of individuals, by giving mail centre as fundamental local area improvement. As of now, there are 956 Post Headquarters and more than 3,000 Mailing organizations all through the regions, albeit the Worldwide Mailing Union suggested a mail centre for a normal of 4,000-6,000 individuals. From this suggestion, and given the Nigerian populace of 120M, there ought not to be under 20,000 mailing organizations in Nigeria.

General Post Office: it has become the most noteworthy in the order of mail centre foundation. Usually located in the national federal area, it is going by a Chief Headposts and completes the offer of every single mailing item and administration.

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The Head Post workplace is a supervisory agency for the mail centre area, where the domain is partitioned. Each area has its head mailing station. Every administrative centre is generally handled through Head Postmaster.

It gives the full scope of postal and united administrations and items deals to general society. Departmental mailing stations additionally recognize the headquarters through the file of tasks typically determined based on the volume of deals and related exchanges. There is also another post office like; departmental, mobile and post shop offices in the region.

You can trace your package by using the tracking number given by the organization. So, every time you will be aware of your parcel and can trace the location and time of delivery. Feel free to contact us for any quire.

Nipost Tracking Customer Care Service Contact

Nipost Corporate Headquarters

Abubakar Musa Argungu House

Plot 1279 Muhammadu Buhari Way PMB 12537,

Garki 900001 Abuja, Nigeria

FOR ALL ENQUIRIES,CONTACT NIPOST CUSTOMER SERVICE LINES: 08079037402, 08115638660, 07055991758, 09087100378, 09092995114, 09092995115 

E-Mail: [email protected], [email protected] 


How would I follow my bundle with NIPOST?
Nipost provides worldwide transportation, freight and conveyance. Assuming you have the NiPost following number, click on the tracking button to start your package following. Tracing a parcel is eager to assist.

What number of digits are in a NIPOST tracking ID?
It is somewhere in the range of 10-40 digits in length, and NiPost extraordinarily produces everyone for a particular request, courses, administrations.

Imagine a scenario in which I don’t have a NIPOST delivering receipt?
If you do not receive a NiPost transporting receipt, or affirmation through email, go ahead and interact with client support to demand NiPost following by address, Mail, Phone, reference, or you can set up a drawn-out answer for client assistance that will constantly inform that how much time it will take a bundle is set to show up.

What time does NIPOST convey to my area?
Monday to Friday, by 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday is the working day just, in particular, cases NiPost night time is 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

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