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Shenzhen Disifang Express Co., Ltd. was laid out in 2004, situating the worldwide cross-line internet business production network far-reaching specialist co-op.

Since its foundation 17 years prior, the organization has zeroed in on the improvement of cross-line web-based business planned operations, with IT innovation and enormous information as the centre main thrust, through the worldwide stockroom dispersion organization and end conveyance organization, becoming an imaginative and dependable coordinated factors production network administrations to win most of cross-line.

As a result, the trust of web-based business vendors has now formed into a principal undertaking in the field of cross-line internet business strategies.

In 2023, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

With the quick improvement in the undertaking, numerous financial backers leaned toward Di Sifang likewise. In 2011, the organization got speculation from Sing mailing and turned into an essential accomplice of Sing mailing worldwide coordinated factors. In 2016, the organization acquired a 200 millionaire key speculation from Cainiao System, an auxiliary of “Alibaba Group”.

It turned into a significant accomplice and coordinated factors specialist co-op for Alibaba’s worldwide trading procedure. In 2017, the organization got a new round of ventures through “Alibaba Group”. Likewise, the central cross-line internet business strategies organization contributed by Alibaba Group up until this point.

Throughout the episode of the plague of the central portion of the recent year 2019, DiSifang’s abroad stockrooms situated all over the planet not just moved more than 7.6 million bits of against pestilence materials like goggles and defensive attire for homegrown for nothing, yet in addition went all out to guarantee the ordinary activity of abroad distribution centres, helping a vast number of merchants to endure the scourge steadily.

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Upgrade the capacity to oppose gambles with the assistance of abroad distribution centres. Because of our long-standing planned operations production network administration capacities, smooth conveyance stations were ensured.

In the initial 3/4, the organization finished 290,890,401 vouchers, accomplished commercial pay of 5563.42 squillion yuan, and balanced 196,789,948 kg, up 17.39%, 46.94%, 56.51% all over the year separately. 42.3%.
Lately, the internet business industry has thrived, and a second station now turns exchange-line web-based business for Chinese organizations and brands to go abroad.

Contingent upon rapidly making exchanged web-based business manufacturing, DiSifang now moulded a 17-letter procedure – “Twofold Networks Size Liveliness, Multiple types Addition, Exposed Multiplicity, and Four-sided Cooperation”, to a theory of universal bundle conveyance organization and international instructions.

Fulfilment systems are the essential assistance volumes that accumulate the government’s centre seriousness; multiple bars, multiple modes, multi-locale, multiple items and another multi-layered adjacent format, augmentation attempt circulation, interlace a worldwide organization, acknowledge coordinated factors, business stream, Seamless association of data stream; make a significant environmental.

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The climate of worldwide exchange-line online business reinforces participation representations, for example, diversifying, asset complementarity, asset sharing, and so on, by the exposed idea and a far-located large scale design, look for shared conviction while holding contrasts to draw in biological accomplices, and acknowledge clients, stages and accomplices.

That conveys the Quartet’s shared advantage and beneficial interaction, both beneficial and mutual benefit. In light of a progression of empowering stations like the brand coalition, integral benefits, asset distribution started by Disifang, it draws incapable, probable, knowledgeable, and very much presumed abroad stockrooms.

FPX Tracking Malaysia

Abroad coordinated factors organizations from every place of the universe send the universal stratagems system Disifang that was opened assortment, stockroom, customs, dry, traditions, move, circulation, public C position (C-side exchanged spending move administration stage made by 3PX, zeroing in on giving a protected, advantageous and effective on a step from worldwide abroad spending buyers and buying gatherings) .

It welcomes industry accomplices to join and collaborate. The particular participation classifications are partitioned into establishment models: essential, transitional and progressed. As of now, an ever-increasing number of worldwide ventures have been drawn to connect.

International Shortest Delivery Facility is inclusive assistance that conveys a wide range of packages from the nation of beginning to the nation of objective for terminal conveyance by incorporating worldwide postal express assets.

Worldwide Fulfillment Facility is an on step coordinated operations warehousing rethinking administration for vendors given the tremendous worldwide warehousing organization and progressed ERP framework.

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Return Policy
We give designated industry answers to meet your different return and trade requirements:

  1. Coming back and trade administration has given shopper orders
  2. Return and trade administration gave the web-based business stage
  3. Return and trade administration because of autonomous online business
    In light of a high-level distribution centre administration framework and a worldwide package conveyance organization, we offer expanded types of assistance to address your issues
  4. Altered customized air and ocean appearance administrations for clients
  5. Give clients one-stop administration of air and ocean conveyance
  6. Give clients proficient global express transportation arrangements
  7. Give clients on step homegrown stockroom and worldwide
    3PX Express gives more than 300 received by your focuses/self-get counters in Hong Kong, permitting everyone to participate in helpful spending involvement.

FPX Courier Customer Service Contact

Shenzen , China

  • No. 201 – 221, Fourth Route, Domestic Air Cargo Terminal, Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, Guangdong, China
  • postal code: 518128
  • Customer service can be reached by phone at the following number: 86-755-23508000
  • also by email to the following address: [email protected]

Australia, Melbourne

  • Address: 84-88 Chifley Drive Preston VIC 3072 Australia
  • phone number: +61(3)94168777


  • Address: G2/391 Park Rd, Regents Park NSW 2143
  • their customer services can be reached by phone at the following numbers: +61(0296441851 or +62(0297437098


How to follow a bundle with FPX tracking?
Fpx following, insert your Fpx following number to become the most recent conveyance refreshes. It’s straightforward. Check it out! “couriertrackingfinder” is an outsider package following instrument (otherwise called multi-transporter following apparatus) that upholds available bundle following of overall 677 prompt and mailing dispatches.

How would I follow a bundle transported through FPX Singapore Post?
Generally, when the bundle is transported over FPX Singapore mail administration, you will see impartial on its position on the Singapore mailing site. Any remaining subsequent informs show up just on the couriertrackingfinder site. 4PX deals with getting a bundle by the vendor, moving it through China, trading and giving it over to FedEx for definite conveyance.

What is a 4PX delivery number?
The following numbers usually are all digits or as Lr123568789BN, Nx167896789YK, or Ox123452349MG. FPX is a well-known delivery administration from Amazon merchants situated in China or for droplet transporters.

How bundle screen can assist you with getting the following data?
Package Display can assist you in receiving the following data on a solitary page in only a solitary advance. Aimed at receiving consistent updates on your FPX dispatches, you need to select the CRM mailing element of the site, and you can naturally begin getting FPX messenger following updates in your post box – whenever, anyplace!

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