XOC Tracking 2024

XOC Courier Tracking

XOC tracking gives different sort of services such as local overnight service it is also abbreviated with LOX basically it was delivered in major centers the main area of LOC service are the major centers and it was collected in between 8:00 to 14:30 if we talk about the delivery of LOX, it delivered the parcel in the next business day before 11:00 PM whereas the departure under LOX tracking is daily.

Secondly, we give the services of overnight courier which is abbreviated as OVN (overnight courier) it delivered in the major centers and also the regional whereas the in major centers the overnight Courier will be delivered in between 8:00 to 14:30 whereas regionally the collection of the parcels vary from route to route and the delivery in major centers will be given on the next day whereas before 11:00 PM and regionally the parcel will be delivered in exact 24 to 48 hours not more time will be taken in between 48 hours the parcel will be in the hand of the customer.

Moreover, if we talk about the weight of the parcel under major cities of overnight Courier as well as regional area. So, in major centers the consignments will not be exceeded or the weight of the parcel will not be exceeded  more than 2k in actual as well as the volume whereas the if we look at the volume mass of a major centers parcel delivery then it will be a shoebox size same with the case with the regional parcels which are delivered in overnight then it has the same policy of weight like 2kg parcel will be given regionally within 24 to 48 hours and the departure will be also daily.

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Furthermore, the third service of our courier company is normal air so it also gives in both areas such as in major centers as well as regionally and the same is the case and same with the policies with overnight but the collection will be given on 8:00 to 14:30 and the collection of regionally parcel will also vary from route to route whereas the delivery will be given in major cities in almost 24 to 36 working hours and same is the case with regional parcels whereas the weight of the parcel will be excluded from 2kg  to 7kg and it is also considered as a semi urgent delivery but the delivery under normal air service will be given up to 7kg.

Lastly, we have economy road ECO service in which the parcel will be also given in major cities as well as regionally and the working areas of the parcel in major city will be delivered in two to four working days whereas regionally the parcel will be given from three to five working days and large parcels can be delivered under economy road service.

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XOC Courier Customer Care Service Contact Number

Contact number: 0861 203 203
E-mail: [email protected]

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What can I ship from XOC courier tracking?

You can ship different sort of product such as furniture, cycle, books clothing etc.

How can I track my XOC Courier parcel?

XOC shipment parcel tracking is quite easy you just must open the website of our Courier company and through that you must enter the tracking number in couriertrackingfinder website and after that the whole status will be shown on the screen.

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