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Seino Logix Tracking

Seino was establishes in 2006. Headquarter of Seino is located in Gifu whose postal code is 8501. In Seino, the total number of employees who are working in different office of senior are 13000 workers. Basically Seino is a trading company.

It is a Japanese’s company. It provide customer different service such as commercial logistics etc. You can deliver different things such as clothing, furniture, home appliances, bicycle etc. through our company.  If we talk about the rental period then it will be 30 days after finalizing your package whereas the next 40 days you have to be charged for that but 1st 30 days are free of charge.

Seino Logix Co Ltd Tracking

And the next 40 days will be charges as 6500 yen. We also have box in which we deliver the mini parcels such as important documents and important things such as the internal size of the box is 40cm x 55cm x 40cm whereas if we talk about the weight of the box then maximum 6kg will be locked in the box.

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You can easily track your order through our website. You just have to enter the tracking number You can see the online status of 10 tracking number at a same time moreover you can see the reception date of your shipment as well as the tracking number again and status of delivery like is the parcel is in processing or completed stage.

Seino Transportation Tracking

And in last, you can see the detailed display such as were the parcel has reached. So, you can see the 10 shipment online status easily and quickly. You can check them out at any time and also at any place. On the other hand, the information regarding to your shipment will be available in our website in 70 days after 70 days we are not responsible for your shipment within these days you have to take the actions such as exchanging of the parcel, changing of the parcel, returning of the parcel etc.

Seino Super Express Tracking

70 days are started from the day the packages was chosen and money has been credited to our account. Rarely, there is a delay in delivery but we try our best to give our customer the best and fastest service. So, through these you can track and trace your parcel easily.

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Seino Logix Container Cargo Tracking

Seino have “Kangaroo Cargo” which is of three types such as kangaroo express , mini flight, chilled flight, postal mail services, transporting service of kangaroo and expensive goods flight of kangaroo. In Kangaroo Express, it will deliver more than 20kg whereas in mini flight we deliver the parcels up to 20kg after that in kangaroo chilled flight we look at the freezing temperature and after that we choose differ temperature etc.

Seino Customer Care Service Contact Number

Head Quarter
3-10-23 Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0053 Japan
[email protected]
Overseas Control
Accounting, Sales

Narita Air Import Office [NRT]

607 Kamotsu-kanri Bldg, 800 Tennami, Tokko, Narita-City, Chiba, 282-0006 Japan

[email protected]
Air Import
Break Bulk

Narita Operation Center [NRT]

607 Kamotsu-kanri Bldg, 800 Tennami, Tokko, Narita-City, Chiba, 282-0006 Japan

[email protected] Air Export

Tokyo Int’l Office
(Air Operation Dept.) JMT Kasai B-2F, 4-3-1 Rinkai-cho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, 134-0086 Japan +81-3-6456-0141
[email protected] Air Import

Tokyo Int’l Office
(Ocean Operation Dept.) JMT Kasai B-2F, 4-3-1 Rinkai-cho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, 134-0086 Japan +81-3-6456-0321
[email protected] Ocean Import

Yokohama Ocean Office 3-8 Torihama-cho, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-City, Kanagawa, 236-0002 Japan +81-45-775-3611
[email protected] Ocean (Exp / Imp)

Nagoya Int’l Office [NGO] #101 AFS Cargo Terminal, 3-15-2 Centrair, Tokoname-City, Aichi, 479-0881 Japan +81-569-38-8261
[email protected] Exp / Imp

Break Bulk
Osaka Sales Dept. 2-11-50 Shinomiya, Kadoma-City, Osaka, 571-0017 Japan +81-72-887-7011
[email protected] Sales

Kansai Airport Office [KIX]
(Air Import) 3F, Daiichi Int’l Cargo Agent Bldg, 1 Senshu Airport Minami, Sennan-City, Osaka, 549-0021 Japan +81-72-456-5760
[email protected] Air Import

Break Bulk
Osaka Int’l Office
(Air Export) 4-41, Hamaderafunaocho-higashi, Nishi-ku, Sakai, Osaka, 592-8341 Japan +81-72-275-9270
[email protected] Air Export

Osaka Ocean Office 2-4-49 Ohwada, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-City, Osaka, 555-0032 Japan +81-6-6475-3131
[email protected] Ocean (Exp / Imp)

Fukuoka Office [FUK] RM204, Int’l Cargo Agent Bldg, 623 Kamiusui, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-City, Fukuoka, 812-0005 Japan +81-92-477-0366
[email protected] Air / Ocean

(Exp / Imp)
Break Bulk
Ohmura Office [NGS] 1596 Morizono-cho, Ohmura-City, Nagasaki, 856-0815 Japan +81-957-53-6074
[email protected] Air / Ocean
(Exp / Imp)

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How can I track my order with tracking code trough Seino tracking?

You just have to enter your tracking number on couriertrackingfinder website. Once you have entered it you can easily click on “inquiry” and within few second the whole result will be shown in front of you.

How do I track a package from Japan in Seino tracking?

Seino tracking also deliver domestically, you can see the japan shipmen or package easily through couriertrackingfinder website.

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