Lamps Plus Order Status 2024

Lamps Plus Order Tracking

Lamps plus is a private company. It is a retailer company. It was founded in 1976 whereas the total numbers of offices of lamp plus is almost 40. Basically, lamp plus give services to their customers of lightening as well as home furnishings.

Furthermore, the total number of employs which are working under fourth location is almost 1600. It also give services of customized things such as furniture and also portable lights which can easily move from one place to another place. Home décor is also the service of lamp plus company.

Headquarter of lamp plus is located in California. We give our customers different services such as wall lights, outdoor lightening, ceiling fans, furniture etc. You can choose anything of your own choice. We also have different sort of pendants such as mini, large etc. Apart from this we also have chairs, tables, consoles, sofas, bed etc.

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Lamps plus company is the largest company. It has almost 60,000 different designs which are quite innovative and useful for our customers as well as we have 30+ brands through which we provide our customers different styles under different brands.  

Moreover, you can give us your favorite design or you can tell, us your favorite design after that we will customize it in low prices.  If we talk about the weight, base capacity, piece etc. then the standard thickness of the metal which is located in base will be almost 20 gauge whereas the weight of table lamp aim base will be almost 3-5lbs iron as well as the floor lamb will have high base weight than table lamp which will be 10lbs.

Lamps Plus Cancel Order

You can also see the new updates about the company such as sales, deals etc. Apart from this, you can contact us for any query from Monday to Friday and the timing is 7:00am to 5:00Pm whereas email id and contact number is also given in couriertrackingfinder website.

Moreover, we deliver the parcel within 2/3 working days and if your shipment will be above $50 then we provide our customer free home delivery but less than $50 you have to pay delivery chares also.

Apart from this you can buy gift card through which you can just choose the price of the gift cards and you can easily give that card to your family member or friends as a gift. You can also check the order status online through couriertrackingfinder website you just have to enter order ID and email id after that you can easily track and trace out the shipment.

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We also take 50% from the customer before delivering the parcel because it becomes too high amount whatever the customer choices and 50% of the amount will be taken after the delivery will be done. Furthermore, we give 200 days of warrant.

Lamps Plus Customer Care Service Contact Number

Corporate Address

Lamps Plus
20250 Plummer Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Customer Service


Monday thru Friday
4:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Pacific Time)
Saturday 7:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Closed Sundays



Lamps Plus Pros


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Who owns lamp Plus?

The name of the person who owns lamp plus company is “Dennis Swanson”.

How long has Lamps Plus been around?

Lamps plus was established in 1976 and almost 46 years has been around.

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