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Ethiopian Postal Tracking

Ethiopian postal service is a courier company through which you get your parcels etc. This postal service was created in 1894. It is also known as Ethiopia postal in short form. It has almost 1200 post offices to serve clients. This service became part of the United Nations branch of shipping.

Its purpose is to provide postal services to its customers and is also used to transfer deliveries. This service is used globally. You can use it nationally or internationally. Almost 835 domestic service stations and 171 international stations for Ethiopians worldwide. It can communicate in 16 different languages. You can choose any language you’re competent in and talk to them about your queries. You will not face difficulty in communicating with them.

The Ethiopian post tracking has almost 1140 offices. So we can say they have 1140 post offices, and almost 750 are permanent offices; almost 145 offices are also included, which are also known as departmental offices, and almost 17,0000 post boxes. So one post office consists of 79016 people, and one private box includes 529 inhabitants.

In 2023, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

You can track your shipments through the Ethiopian service. The method to trace your order is by opening a website; you’ll see an option of ‘track and trace.’ You have to put the tracking id on the given bar to check the current location of your parcel. You can also call them for further inquiries. You can also email them for more information or call the head office to replace, change or complain about the order.

When you confirm your order, you’ll get an identification number through which you’ll get all information about the parcel sent to your place. Ethiopia sends parcels by air or through the ship. It provides global-based service for postal or other packages. Ethiopia is used by thousands of online sailors and millions of online shoppers in a month.

Many famous courier companies use this service. There is also an app for the Ethiopian postal service. You can install this app on android through the play store. And on iPhone, you have to use the apple store to download this app. Through this app, you can also get information about your order, its location, etc. it also gives information about this service. And if you are doing a job in this service, you should use this app.

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They also provide jobs to people. For this, you have to click on the option ‘jobs’ on the website, and then you’ll get the information. You can quickly get a job on this site. There is also an option of ‘login’ on its website. It means that you can also make an account on it to help the customers.

And if you forget the password of your Ethiopia account, you can also recover it by clicking the option given on the website ‘forget the password.’ You can register yourself it this account so that you cannot face difficulty opening it again and again. You can also get an email from them if you’ve registered through email. Through this, you can quickly get notifications regarding your order, job, or any other thing. It will be beneficial for you in every aspect.

If you’ve not got the correct order and want to replace it, you can call or email them. And if they don’t give a reply to your request, you can also go to the head office for complaining or order exchange. They deliver every type of thing like documents, parcels, samples, etc. they have speedy service. They send orders within five working days in the same country.

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There’s also an option of ‘history’ on the website. You can get the details about this postal service by clicking on this option. In the end, there’s an option of ‘customer inquiry.’ In this option, you can see the inquiries of customers and complaints that customers faced during the delivery process. Of course, if the weight is heavy, the more you have to pay, and on the other hand, you also have to look at the destination as far as the destination will be, the more delivery days they will take.

This service ships packages to every area of the world easily. It reaches almost every country. There is a speedy service of this company. The customer will get a parcel in a very few days, like 4 to 5 working days. They make sure to transfer the suitable parcel so that the customers will not face any problems.

They give fast response to the customers. Their customer service is also outstanding. They reply to the call or messages in significantly less time. The communication skills of the sellers are also excellent and impressive. There is a help-line center in their head office through which customers can take information regarding their orders. They help their customers too much.

Ethiopia has also made another service named; express mail service. This is also a part of the Ethiopian postal service. It is used to support clients, provide postal services, send parcels to customers, etc. Customers can easily approach EMS at post offices in any country. In short, Ethiopian is a successful company that provides fast service to its customers by sending parcels to them to help customers.

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Ethiopian Post Customer Care Contact

Email : [email protected]

 or call 8536


Does Ethiopia have a postal service?
Yes, Ethiopia provides postal service nationally and internationally. It provides mail acceptance, fast deliveries, and many other services for its customers.

How much does it cost to send a package to Ethiopia?
It depends on the weight of the package. The range starts from 16.75$. The price also depends on the country’s conditions.

How can I track my post with a tracking number?
You can track your parcel by sending an SMS to the given number. Or you can also track it through the website.

What is the Ethiopian express mail service?
In 1989, the Ethiopian postal service made the ‘express mail service or EMS.’ This service sends orders or parcels to other cities or countries.

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