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Cyprus Post Tracking

Cyprus tracking comes under the ministry of transport and many other things such as communications and postal service. Our vision is to provide our customers fast service, and we connect our customers with us. The mission of Cyprus tracking is to provide you with reliable, authentic, safe and secure shipments. You can also make an electronic shipment request.

Electronic shipment request has been mandatory from 1st January 2021. Once you have created the shipment, it tits the sender request to tackle that. You can enter almost five tracking numbers simultaneously on our website. And when you are entering tracking numbers more than one, you have to enter spaces and “this in-between the tracking number, e.g., XX1236789653XX, XX657804325XX.

At the start of the tracking number and the end of the tracking number, “XX” letters are included, whereas the milled nine digits are included. On the other hand, we also ask you to visit your parcel from the post offices or collect your parcel from our offices if you don’t get any notifications or SMS regarding the shipment.

You can quickly contact us through email, contact number. Email and contact number both are given on our website. You can easily see that on our website and communicate with us through these two option. You can also visit our office which is located your near.

In 2024, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

Cyprus Post Office Tracking

You can also see this in the “Frequently Asked Question”. Many of our customers take help from FAQs because many common issues and problems are discussed. You can also contact us by filling out the contact form. When you fill out that form, we will get that, and we will try our best to answer those issues.

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The ESOP gives our customers much more options, such as you can order unique stamps for yourself and see the literature publication of Philatelic and Booklet, etc. You can also see the prices on our website, such as a stamp album with the case is available for $26.00. And the whole stamp album is 16$ etc. You can also see the prizes of envelopes such as the Envelopes size will be C5 (Size B) 2.22$ etc.

You can also see the weight, length, width, height etc., from our website. You have to click on anything such as parcels, calculate the importance and priority and country, and then calculate it easily. You can also use the API for the postal codes. There are also more than one language is included on our website.

CY Post

You can also choose the language from our website. We respect our customers, on our customers, and want our customers to suggest us. Forgiving suggestions from our customers we feel happy.The delivery also depends on the weight. The more the consequence will be, the more we will charge you the heavy the package.

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You can easily track the shipment number of Cyprus DHL. You just have to know the tracking number of the shipment that you’re waiting for. You can enter up to 10 codes on the search bar. It contains ten numbers only. You can also see the EMS data post in which you can see the speed of the delivery that in how many times the parcel will be delivered. We provide our customers with safety.

Cyprus Postal Tracking

Data post give their customer attractive prices for different packages, and it has a connection with almost 130 counties. You can easily track the ems tracking number on pour website. You can also follow the IPS tracking on our website. It’s a pretty authentic, reliable and logically way to get the online shipment status. But keep one thing in your mind: if your destination is far, then there will be late delivery whereas then close the goal is the more quickly you will get your parcel.

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You can also post the letter mail to one of your people what you have to do is you have to write a letter after that you have to pick stamp, after this step you have to take envelope in which you are going to add the note which you’re going to post after that you have to add the stamp on the above of the envelope. So, in short, and at the end, you have to post that into the post box.

Cyprus Post Track And Trace

So it’s quite an easy way to send the documents also. We also have two types of delivering parcels. The first one is A, in which priority parcels were delivered. In contrast, in the B category, also known as priority parcels, you have to see the rates in both types and choose your package.

Sometimes the parcel tracking number didn’t update because of some issue. It is done very rarely. For example, the tracking number was not updated because the website was down the problem. When many people use the same website, the site gets down, and the updating will be stopped. Sometimes because of confusion or the mistake was also made by our customer, that’s why you can’t track the parcel tracking number.

Cyprus Post Customer Care Contact

The new Call Center telephone number is 8000 2000 (free calls from Cyprus).

For calls from abroad: +357-22310100

Main Offices address
100, Prodromou Street, 2063 Strovolos

Postal Address
1900 Lefkosia

Call Center Toll Free number
8000 2000

For calls from abroad:




How do I track a package from Cyprus?
You can track your packages easily from our website. It’s quite a simple process. If you have chosen your package, you can make delivery after the delivery time. Then, Cyprus Company will allot you the tracking number. By keeping that tracking number with you, you can easily track the parcel. First, you have to enter the tracking number on the website. After that, you can easily track and trace your shipment location online anytime, anywhere.

How do I know if my package is at the post office?
You have to enter the UPC number on the search bar. After that, you can quickly get the answer online whether your package has been reached the post office or not.

How long does post to Cyprus take?
Cyprus Company gives delivery within 4 to 6 working days and in working hours from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

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