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Enter the Stubbs Trucking Number /AWB number/air waybill number/docket no / reference number/PRO No / B.O.L. No in the automatic tracker box to check the real-time delivery status of your worldwide parcel, orders, COD consignments, container, freight, transport, transportation, shipping, vans, trucks, express cargo and shipments online. You can also check and trace the current status of courier location and delivery date or any delay info by calling the customer service center.

Stubbs Trucking Customer Care Service Contact Number

Phone: 201-426-0632

Email: N/A

In the world of logistics and transportation, having a dependable partner is crucial for businesses seeking efficient and reliable delivery services. Stubbs Trucking has emerged as a leading player in the industry, offering comprehensive transportation solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses across various sectors. With a proven track record, a diverse fleet, and a commitment to exceptional service, Stubbs Trucking has established itself as a trusted name in the logistics landscape.

  1. A Legacy of Excellence:

With over three decades of experience in the transportation industry, Stubbs Trucking has built a solid reputation for excellence. Founded by John Stubbs in 1990, the company started as a small operation focused on local deliveries. Over the years, it has expanded its reach and capabilities, becoming a regional powerhouse known for its exceptional customer service and operational efficiency.

  1. Comprehensive Transportation Services:

Stubbs Trucking offers a wide range of transportation services to meet the diverse needs of businesses. From local and regional deliveries to long-haul trucking, the company has the expertise and resources to handle various types of cargo efficiently. Whether it’s perishable goods, hazardous materials, or oversized freight, Stubbs Trucking ensures that your shipments reach their destination safely and on time.

  1. State-of-the-Art Fleet:

To deliver exceptional service, Stubbs Trucking maintains a modern and well-maintained fleet of trucks and trailers. The company regularly invests in the latest technology and equipment to optimize performance, enhance safety, and minimize environmental impact. With a versatile fleet capable of accommodating different cargo sizes and types, Stubbs Trucking can handle even the most complex transportation requirements.

  1. Safety First:

At Stubbs Trucking, safety is a top priority. The company strictly adheres to industry best practices and regulatory standards to ensure the well-being of its drivers, clients, and the public. Rigorous safety training programs, regular vehicle inspections, and proactive maintenance schedules are all part of Stubbs Trucking’s commitment to maintaining a safe and secure transportation environment.

  1. Customized Solutions:

Recognizing that each business has unique transportation needs, Stubbs Trucking provides personalized solutions to its clients. The company’s experienced team works closely with customers to understand their specific requirements and develop tailored transportation strategies. This collaborative approach allows Stubbs Trucking to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a seamless transportation experience for its clients.

  1. Exceptional Customer Service:

Stubbs Trucking sets itself apart by delivering exceptional customer service. The company’s dedicated customer support team is available around the clock to address inquiries, provide real-time updates, and resolve any issues promptly. By fostering strong relationships with its clients, Stubbs Trucking ensures transparency, reliability, and complete satisfaction throughout the transportation process.

  1. Sustainable Practices:

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, Stubbs Trucking recognizes the importance of sustainable practices. The company actively implements eco-friendly initiatives, such as optimizing routes to minimize fuel consumption, adopting fuel-efficient technologies, and exploring alternative energy sources. By reducing its carbon footprint, Stubbs Trucking contributes to a greener future while providing reliable transportation services.

  1. Commitment to Innovation:

Stubbs Trucking embraces technological advancements to stay at the forefront of the industry. By leveraging cutting-edge software, GPS tracking systems, and data analytics, the company streamlines operations, improves efficiency, and enhances overall service quality. By continuously investing in innovation, Stubbs Trucking remains adaptable to evolving industry trends and customer demands.


Stubbs Trucking’s extensive experience, comprehensive services, modern fleet, commitment to safety, personalized solutions, exceptional customer service, sustainable practices, and dedication to innovation make it the ideal partner for businesses seeking reliable and efficient transportation services. With a focus on quality and customer

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