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Speedex tracking was launched in 2012. It is an independent courier industry and it is a logistic provider for all. Basically, it gives customers transportation from origin to destination. It is also a worldwide courier company.

The mission of speedex tracking is to provide their customer efficient and reliable service whereas the vision of the company is to make more advancement in the field of technology. Speedex tracking gives different types of services such as International express services after that domestic express service and the last one is air freight service.

In international express services, the customer can send their parcel from one country to another country and after delivering the parcel they can easily track the order number from our website and in delivering the parcel internationally it will take 10-15 working days whereas the second service which they serve is domestic express.

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Speedex GR Tracking

So, in domestic express the delivery man deliver the parcel within a city and it will take almost ¾ working days. In domestic express original and main documents are being delivered and the last one service is air fright service in which you can deliver the parcel through one airport to another airport through airlines or through plane.

Moreover we also take the parcel from your location and deliver it to the airport and from that your parcel will go to another country.  It also export and import the things from different countries such as from Malaysia, Philippines, Canada, Russia, America etc.

Speedex Tracking Greece

Furthermore, Speedex tracking gives also different sort of services such as exporting and importing of the parcel. Sea shipping is also being done by Speedex tracking. In sea shipping, the parcel were being delivered through ship but it will take much more time.

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Speedex Cargo Tracking

You can also calculate the rate of your package from our website. Speedex gives good discount to their regular customer. The name of the owner is Amir Sanjel and the format of the tracking is 10 digits.

Speedex Transport Tracking

Customer service center is also available in our website you can contact us through email id or contact us on our contact number if you still doesn’t get any response from our side then you will visit our nearest office. Speedex tracking is also available from Sunday to Friday and the timings in which they are available is 9:30am to 6:00pm. You can also easily track your order from couriertrackingfinder website.

Speedex Courier Customer Care Service Contact

SALESTel. +30 210 3407190, Fax. +30 210 3407017 ;

NETWORK DEVELOPMENT :Tel. +30 210 3407161, Fax. +30 210 3407017 ;

CUSTOMER SERVICE :Tel. +30 210 3407000, 

Phone Numbers: +92-51-9209911 ; 

Address: Ground Floor, PIA Building, Fazl-ul-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad. ;

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How do I track my Speedex Courier?

You can track your speedex shipment easily from couriertrackingfinder website. You just have to open the website of speedex after opening that you have to enter the tracking number of your shipment once you enter it and click on “track” then a new tabs open in which all the live location, date, time is given. So, through this process you can track your shipment.

How do you know if a tracking number is real?

Once you are entering the tracking number you can see it’s real or not because if the results comes on your screen it will be real but if not then it’s obvious that it’s not real tracking number.

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