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The biggest transportation company sagawa express of Japan, was founded by Kyoshi sagawa on the 22nd of March 1957, Headquartered in Minami-Ku, Kyoto. The company was officially registered on November 24, 1965.

It became the subordinate of the SG holding company on March 21 in the year 2006 and shifted its entire stock to it.Primary consumers of the sagawa express involve Amazon, Amway, Softbank BB, Yamada Denki, Keyence, Sony style, Askul, Culture Convenience Club (Tsutaya), and Digital Media Mart.

The partner of the group of companies Was Galaxy Airline Of Japan. The Founder of sagawa Tracking, Kyoshi, did the best to keep customers in mind. This enthusiasm led him to his success.
In the 1980s, they made so many changes in their business style by shifting from its old domain of ‘transport business’ to ‘comprehensive logistics company’.In the Japanese Fashion industry, this was the Gilded Age of designer trademarks.

Sagawa Delivery Tracking

Because of this particular reason, Clothing makers asked them to transport clothing items on hangers hence for the exact purpose of “Hanger Transportation” came into being. This venture, jointly with other endeavours along the lines of building storage warehouses, captioned the company’s first efforts off from conveyance only and towards the business of extensive logistics.

In 2023, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

Over time daily volume increased by 1 Million items. With the help of computer systems, they made this possible to give services on such a significant ranking.Based on the Hikyaku Express service of Sagawa Express, SG Holdings Group has thrived by broadening processes in acknowledgement of the client’s wants. While asking themselves, they can help their buyers.

They are searching to do the whole thing we can, except our non-lasting enthusiasm of “Hikyaku no Kokoro” and to proceed with our experience as an organization that encourages public configuration.

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Sagawa Global Tracking

Sagawa (佐川急便) is the leading shipping provider in Japan managing large domestic cargoes.
To get the current status of your order, you need to enter a 12 digit tracking number in the bar by visiting the sagawa express official website.

Sagawa Express’s Hikyaku Express provides a route to the Delivery Business.
Their extended range of services involves putting in place home appliances, bigger-sized furniture, and many other things along with shipping charges.

They claim that their Nationwide networking system and shipping scheme and their twenty thousand or more Drivers assure that we can confront every logistics requirement with a fantastic outcome.

Sagawa International Tracking

The sagawa Express has formulated a system of deals workplaces and switches facilities at some stage in Japan to supply items at a large extent to integrate clients. Apart from their categorical bundle delivery, They grant chilling and frosty transport, mail delivery, and international transport and delivery services. They supply applications for their purchasers with pace, certainty, and safety every year.

As soon as you are logged in, you can prep up the “Notification Settings”. The device will tell your Sagawa waybills automatically and notify customers when in transit, choose up, delivered, or exceptions.

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Sagawa Kyubin Tracking

With your eBay, aliexpress, Magento account limit to trace more and more, our system will collect the statistics together so that you can manipulate your cargoes at a time.They help with six complete languages, for example, English, French, Spanish, German, etc., so it is convenient for customers from different countries.

TMS is a system to procure an enhanced Logistics network for their collaborated consumers. They grasp the exhaustive courage of the SG Group and exterior collaborators to strengthen their chartered and direct vehicle assistances. Transport Management System is many requirements of their customers, delivering full-sized and extraordinary things transport, milk runs, rearranged road delivery, and diminutive contracts.

They travel additional miles to benefit office relocations, mainly for corporate, analysis, and academic patrons shifting their business territories. These services accentuate putting in place furniture, structure, internal finishing, and proceeding duties for particular articles like art pieces and accuracy machinery.

Sagawa SGX Tracking

They develop services for wide-ranging commercial establishments, workplace constructions, and building networks. These duties include transportation surveillance, packing, unpacking region supervision, and interior structure logistics.

They help human beings to share their thoughts and feeling through a text delivery service for weddings, funerals, faculty meetings, and other events. They provide a wide range of text designs for any occasion all over japan.

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Sagawa Mail Tracking

The services also permit all clients to determine the manner, period, and other delivery circumstances.World Supply gives extensive outcomes for department stores and other well-known merchandisers, from item delivery and interior logistics to comprehensive building administration services.

Sagawa Express Tracking Company provides door-to-door delivery in more than 220 countries, including Vietnam and Japan, on a global range.Rates are distributed into eight delivery areas, computed in increments of 0.5 kg of the total load for our portable orders and statement courier service.The rates pertain to international deliveries as well. All the items are carried from Japan.

Sagawa Customer Care


+81 0120-18-9595


Timing: 8:00 – 19:00


How to Track sagawa Express packages?
Get daily information on your Sagawa orders from the website of Parcel Monitor. Visit their website and check the current status details of your package, SGX Shipping, International Mail, Sagawa Kyubin, online in English.

What is sagawa Express Japan?
sagawa express tracking company is the biggest transportation company in Japan. They were founded by Kyoshi sagawa on the 22nd of March 1957, Headquartered in Minami-Ku, Kyoto.

How fast is sagawa Express?
The Hikyaku Mail Express service sends orders within 3 to 4 days. Still, some regions may be a little late, while the Hikyaku You-Mail Express’s delivery service is in about five days after dispatching them to a post office.

How do I request redelivery sagawa ?
Visit the official website of sagawa Express and write your username and password in the login area bar. After logging in, scroll down and see the redelivery kanji in a red box.

How can I contact sagawa?
To contact sagawa express tracking company, make to call at (0120-18-9595).

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