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GDEX tracking company is a Malaysian company that provides its services of shipping to the circle or section of Malaysia in a well organized or systematic way. GDEX is the abbreviation of different terms as following in GDEX “g” stands for gearing up for continuous improvement, “d” stands for delivery on time, and “ex” stands for extra miles that the tracking company is covering for the customer satisfaction and gratification.

The Gdex tracking was built up and established in 1997; Gdex or GD express covers almost 150 stations in Malaysia and Singapore. The Gdex tracking company is well known for its two basic operations are express delivery and logistics.

This tracking company has more than 400 shipping or transferring mediums used for tracking or shipping purposes. But this tracking or shipping transport is usually for the shipment within the country. This company was the first express tracking company presented for shipping purposes of its time.

In 2023, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

GDEX Tracking And Trace

Tracking number is the critical point of the tracking service that enables a customer to track down or detect the current locality of his parcel or packet at any time or from anywhere. A tracking number is created or fabricated while the package or courier is crammed for dispatching purposes with ease.

Tracking number tracking code or id is different identities of the same condition or term but used in other phrases or sentences. Tracking number format is a term used for the appearance of the number or code, or it is about how many elements are used to make a tracking number. And the most common format or combination of tracking number is ten numeric characters or ten digits, for example, 1748696574.

GDEX Tracking Number Format

After ship is a tracking term that means that the tracking service automatically sends a notification or emails at different stages while even the parcel is in the shipping process. After shipping, also provide an interface from where the customer can check the position of the package or courier. Gdex tracking service is providing this aptitude to the customer.

Gdex tracking service is working internationally, but this tracking company is just working in Singapore. When the customer accesses the official web page or web application and clicks the search bar to enter the tracking number or code, it shows an option of countries to select a courier from Malaysia or Singapore. It means that the tracking service can provide an effective way to deliver or receive the parcel or packets quickly and conveniently.

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GDEX Online Tracking

Gdex tracking service is working as the station to station, which means that this tracking service offers its services in the station to station. The stations may appear or be a railway station or any other type of station. This tracking service also works as a chain as the previous station sent the courier to the next station. The staff check the parcel’s address to see if it matches their area, so they keep the container; otherwise, they transmit or transfer the package or courier to the next station.

Gdex tracking service provides the opportunity of tracking online. This facility makes a customer be able to follow his parcel personally. There are different mediums from where the customer can track the box to check or track the package by visiting the official website.

GDEX Express Tracking

And the tracking service also has special designed web applications or apps that can be installed directly on mobile phones, and the customer can find the required or needed information now. These apps or web applications consist of information about various aspects and features of tracking services. For example, the application consists of an interface or search bar that is used to find the parcel location, or it is used for tracking purposes.

The customer can enter the tracking number in the search bar and click track. Now the site of parcel or courier has appeared in front of the customer. Gdex tracking service also has an individual facility or option that differs from other tracking services.

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Contoh No Tracking GDEX

This tracking service provides a different and unique designed platform or search bar where the consignment tracking number is entered. The fantastic thing about this term is that it tracks a consignment. The customer has to enter five different digits to then the consignment will follow, and tracking results will be shown to the customer.

This tracking service also provides affectivity to allocate a unique name or sender or receiver name at the packing time. The customer can also track the parcel by entering the name of the parcel or sender or receiver name in the search bar. Gdex tracking presents a separate search bar for this purpose.

GDEX Tracking Problem

This tracking service also has a Facebook page and shares a proper URL or page link to the customer to join the page. The customer can track the parcel or packet by visiting the Facebook page while using Facebook.

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There is no need to visit the official website or web application. In other words, this is an efficient facility for facebook consumers. This tracking service also provides information about how many parcels they are tracking at the present or current time and show the number to the customer directly.

GDEX Customer Care Contact Number

GD Express Sdn Bhd

No 19 Jalan Tandang,
46050 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia.

General Line :03-7787 2222
CS Hotline :03-6419 5003
Fax :03-7785 6818

Petaling Jaya
03-6419 5003
03-7787 2222
03-7785 6818
[email protected]
GD Express Sdn Bhd, No 19 Jalan Tandang, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia – 46050


How much time does the Gdex tracking service take to deliver a parcel?
Gdex tracking service covers the whole of Malaysia and tries best to serve and meet the needs of their customers by delivery to door within 24 hours.

What is an abbreviation of Gdex?
GDEX is standing different terms as following in GDEX “g” stands for gearing up for continuous improvement, “d” stands for delivery on time, and “ex” stands for extra miles.

How many search bars are provided by the Gdex tracking?
Gdex tracking company or service provides three different search bars: tracking number search bar, select country search bar, and tracking parcel by name search bar.

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