Marathe Agency Courier Tracking 2024

Marathe Agency Courier Tracking Number

Marathe tracking have three types of services such as express service, rush service and standard service. In marathon express service, customer can deliver their parcel at doorstep, and it also offers the cash on delivery service like customer can give the money when he received the order or when the order will be at their doorstop, and it is the most common type of service, and it is the most useful.

Many of the people choose express service because it takes almost three to five working days, and it is not so expensive then rush and standard service. Secondly, we have rush service, in rush service the parcels are delivered in two days and it’s compulsory that parcel will be delivered at exact two days, or you say within two days, but it is the expensive type then express service because the parcel delivery takes less time than express service.

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Thirdly we have standard service, in  standard service the parcel will be delivered in the next day or in the same day and in standard services the large parcel or the cargo will be delivered to the customers and it is quite costly than the rush and the express service because it takes less time but the weight, height and the length varies from express service apart from this, express service deliver small parcels such as documents, clothes etc. whereas in standard service as they delivered electronics such as microwave, machines etc.

Moreover, in standard service the international shipment also take place such as you can deliver the international parcels in Dubai, England, Australia, Russia, Canada, India etc. Moreover, Marathe agency courier tracking have the same timing of opening and closing the office such as at 8:00 AM the office will be opened and at sharp 8:00 PM the office will be closed.

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So, our company delivers the parcel locally and globally through which more and more customers come under our company, and which generate our revenue more. Marathon couriers mentioned contact number through which you can call them for knowing the delivery details like where your parcel has been reached or if your parcel is late or your parcel was damaged by our employ while delivering it. So, you can contact on the number which is given in our website. It will be helpful for you.

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What are the working days off Marathe courier tracking?

Our courier company don’t have any off day because we want to serve our customers more and more and we want to make our company stronger while practicing day by day. Every day is the working day for our company.

What are the working hours of Marathe tracking?

If we look at the working hours of our company, then on Saturday and Sunday we opened from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM whereas in the remaining days such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we opened at 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. So, these are the timings or working hours of our company.  

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