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JC Penney is a chain of departmental stores. It is an American logistics company. Formerly, the company was named as J. C. Penney Company Inc. JC Penney is a private limited company that serves in the Unites States. It comprises of more than 669 stores present across the U.S. states.

The main products of JC Penney include clothing, cosmetics, electronics, footwear, furniture, house wear, jewelry and toys. JC Penney has more than 60000 employees who are working for the progress of the company.

Before 1960s all the stores of JC Penney were located in downtown areas but as the shopping malls become popular, chain start the development of stores to anchor the malls. The logo of JC Penney was designed and used for the first time in 1971.

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JCPenney Order Status In Progress

JC Penney also introduce some of the brands to cope with the high demands of the society. JC Penney proves as a fastest and easy way of getting information about the shipments of interest. It helps its customers to get all the information about the parcels and packages.

This tracking system provides its services from door to door not only within one city but can deliver the couriers from one country to another county without any difficulty. The purpose of JC Penney tracking Courier Company is to provide its customers safe and secure way of delivering their parcels from one place to another without the fear of being lost or damaged.

The reference number or tracking number is received in the mail via e-mail then you need to make sure that the e-mail address and contact number you gave to the company is correct and in use. The reference number or tracking number is received in the confirmation mail of the customers. 

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Our tracking company send a reference number along with the necessary details at the day before the delivery of parcels and packages and also before one hour of the delivery you will be informed about the name of DPD driver along with the live location of the parcels and packages of your interest.

This distinctive ID number is written as bar code that will be scanned by smartphone or by any sort of bar code reader. The company will send you this reference number or tracking number only once at the time when you place an order whether online or in stores.   

In order to have any query regarding the shipment you can contact at the customer care service centers. Our workers are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to facilitate the customers. You can also call at the official number of our customer care service center.    

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JCPenney Order Customer Care Service Contact

JCPenney Emails:

Other ([email protected])

Other ([email protected])

JCPenney Order Phone Number

Customer Service:

  • (972) 431-1000
  • (614) 863-8800

Toll-Free Number:

(800) 322-1189


Can I trace my parcel?

It has become very convenient that you can check the live location of your parcel simply by sign in to your account at the couriertrackingfinder website of the JC Penney. Here you will find all the necessary details about your parcel.

What will happen with the parcel if receiver is not available at home?

In case if the customer is not available, JC Penney will hold that parcel for 10 days if still it is not picked up and after that your order will be cancelled.

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