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PostNl is a postal service that provides services of delivering mails and parcel in a lot of European countries. Apart from this, PostNL has developed e- commerce logistics solutions to  deliver parcels and mails online to other countries also. It was established in June 1998.

It’s headquarters are in The Hague, Netherlands. The CEO of PostNL is Herna Verhagen. PostNL provides universal delivery of mails and parcels therefore it is active in a number of countries including Germany, Italy, Belgium and United Kingdom.

PostNL used to be known as TNT NV therefore the predecessor of this company was KPN’s postal division TNT Limited. But later when TNT got separated in May 2011, it was renamed as PostNL. In 1997, KPN purchased Australian based TNT limited.

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PostNL International Tracking

At that time, TNT was providing a number of services such as Ansett Worldwide Aviation Service, the Komatsu Forklift business, the Sydney Monorail and Sydney light rail operation etc. Later on in March 2007, TNT got China’s private delivery firm.

Unfortunately, in 2010, TNT was thrown out of New York stock exchange. It effected TNT severely therefore it decided to run a separate company. After this TNT NV was renamed as PostNL.

PostNL International Parcel Tracking

The competitors of PostNL in Europe are GEODIS, TNT and DHL. PostNL ensures that its delivery services are convenient. For this purpose, PostNL tracking makes it easy for the customers to track their mails and parcels. PostNL tracking international is helpful to track parcels and mails anytime.

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PostNL tracking is one of the important features of post-purchase PostNL international shipping.  It is very easy to track parcels and mails. PostNL tracking number id a specially designed code that helps the customers to identify their parcels. The standard PostNL tracking number consists of numbers and letters e.g. the most common tracking number format is RR123456789NL.

TNT PostNL Tracking

The users can enter PostNL parcel tracking number in the website to know the status and location of the parcel. Not only they can track the parcels but also they can learn that either their parcels has been booked or dispatched. The large network of PostNL makes it easy to deliver maximum deliveries.

Today PostNL is one of the largest shipping companies that deliver mails and parcels. It has 46,000 employers in all over the world. PostNL not only provides services of mails and parcels deliveries but also focuses on post- purchase system.

PostNL Track EN Trace Buitenland

As the PostNL services are in a lot of countries so the people can also know the PostNL office in their areas. To locate PostNL, the customers can visit the PostNL webpage locator to find out the nearest PostNL service office in their area. People can choose the PostNL service point based on their requirements. In Netherlands, there are 5700 PostNL offices that provide services to people.

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PostNL Customer Care Service Contact

Customer Service:

+31 900 0990

PostNL Emails:

[email protected]


How long does PostNL delivery take?

Across Europe, PostNL international shipping takes 1-3 working days but in other regions and countries it takes 5-7 days.

In how many languages PostNL tracking provides services?

PostNL tracking provides services in 7 different languages.

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