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Italian Post Tracking is a splendid Italian postal service provider. It has been partially privatized by selling 40 per cent of its shares to the public. Matteo Del Fante became the CEO enterprise seeing in April 2017. Besides offering postal services, Gruppo Poste Italiane offers included communication, postal savings blessings, logistics, and monetary benefits throughout Italy.

The role of parcel delivery carrier businesses is essential for the easy functioning of commercial enterprises. No topics how hastily you manufactured a product, if it is not turned in at the proper time, relaxation of the efforts might be wasteful.

Another gain for clients is the specific actions of the Italian Post provider to make sure that the parcel would deliver to the proper man or woman. Italian submit representative would ask for the touch statistics of the receipts from the sender to ensure that the product does not attain the incorrect destination.

In 2024, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

Italian Post Tracking effortlessly tracks Italian Post applications and shipments from Italy. You may match on the legit internet site of our service, enter your monitoring variety, and get the current status of the cargo without delay.

One of the trickiest elements of mailing something in Italy is that the post offices are more installation numerous than those we are utilized to inside the United States. Once you buy the grasp of ways the Italian Post works, you may conclude that the Italian Post is, without a doubt, excellent.

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Italian Post Tracking Service

When we open the website, we can see different categories such as Correspondence and Shipping, Accounts, Cards and Loans, Saving and Investments, Welfare and Protection, Telephony and Citizen Services. If we talk about the telephony options, we can see furthermore things such as “Call us”, “Write to us”, “Do you need help”, “Come to the post office” And “FAQ”.

We can infer that we call them for a solution if we face any issue. If they are not receiving their call or not sorting out your problem, you can choose to write to us. You can report your problem on their website. After you still face any problem, you can go to their post office and trace out your issue efficiently.

FAQ is the already uploaded issue on the website. You can also get guidance through them. They also give voice and internet offers, and they also give provide if you want to call from Italy to abroad. They provide you with fast internet service with accuracy.

They give delivery international if your shipping is in Europe. You will get that within 10-15 days. If you place an order in the rest of the world, you will get your order within 10-25 days because they deliver nationally and internationally, locally and globally both.

Italian Post Tracking International

You can also see that on the front page, it’s mentioned in the search bar “search for the post office, Punto Post, ZIP codes, products, service and shipments” you have to enter these through that you can check your shipment status online.

You have to know the shipment number with you. If you have that, you can track your parcel anytime, anywhere. There are many apps available on the google play store and the app store for iPhone users. You can follow the delivery man also where he is reached or within how many minutes he will be with you. You can send money also through this courier.

Italian Post Track and Trace

This courier company is relatively safe, authentic, secure etc. You can calculate the delivery time. You can request them to show you or send you the information about the bill. You have to enter the zip codes. If you don’t know the ZIP Code of your area, you can effortlessly search it from google. It will be available over there.

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Whereas in the above yellow line, many more things are mentioned such as Private, Business, Premium, Italian Post, Support, Online service and personal area. You can pay money online in Italian post tracking, you can shop online, and you can transfer funds online.

Italian Post Tracking English

You can pay or transfer the funds through your debit card. You can register yourself on the website also. After that, you have to enter your user name and password, which is relatively easy for us. They also provide their customer with the easiest way to contact them to return the product or solve the problem.

In the premium category, you have a large scale company such as there are investors are available and not only investors instead there are agencies public. Some transparent contracts are being made between the companies or agencies. They provide their customer’s jobs also offer a significant opportunity to their customer, which will be helpful for many families and customers.

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Italian Post Customer Care Number


Viale Europa, 190 – 00144 Roma

Tel. +39 06 5958.1

Fax +39 06 5958.9100


How do I track my package from Poste Italian?
Tracking your package from Italian post is relatively easy. First, you have to enter the shipping number on the website bar and search. After clicking, you can see the results. You can check it anytime, anywhere. No time restriction is available.

How long does Poste Italian take to deliver?
The delivery time varies from destination to destination. It takes approximately 10-15 days if the goal is in Europe, but on the other hand, it takes 10-25 days if your destination is in the rest of the world. They provide their customer with the most attractive option: they can pay the money on delivery neither from a debit card nor from a credit card.

What is Poste Italiane in English?
In Italian, we write this courier company as “Poste Italiane”, whereas, in English, we write this courier company as “Italian Post”. But it’s a national postal service provider in Italy.

Does Italian Post deliver on Sunday?
Yes, Italian Post delivers on Sunday. Recently, the Italian Post announced that they would give more exposure to their delivery service and now they will provide on weekends also.

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