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Operating in France and established in 1991, La Poste is a courier posting service owned by Caisse des dépôts et consignations. It delivers shipments across France and overseas collectively. After the government of France, La Poste is the second largest employer in France.

Delivery/ shipment services
La Poste insurance services
Banking services (La Banque)
Custom duties payment service
Digital Services (Digiposte)

La Poste International Tracking

La Poste tracking is a service provided by La Poste to its valuable customers to know the status of their delivered documents or goods. To track your consignment, visit However, you will have two options to track your parcel while you visit the couriertrackingfinder website given for both Colissimo, Chronopost, and courier.

In 2023, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

Individual Tracking: This option is for your separate parcels, for which you have to write the single tracking number provided to you by the company. Nevertheless, if your parcel has been handed over to an international courier service, the La Poste tracking may not provide updated information.

Professional Tracking: You must use multiple tracking numbers to track your official documents and letters separated by a semi-colon.

La Poste Tracking France

La Poste is responsible for providing its customers with unique tracking numbers while confirming their parcels to be sent. That tracking number assigned by La Poste is useful to the customers for their records to be kept and used when they require tracking their shipments, parcels, letters, emails, or any consignments.

The La Poste tracking number format consists of alphabets and numbers. It has eleven-to-fifteen-character numbers and alphabets in the tracking number. The alphabets in the tracking number are always capital, and they can easily be identified as La Poste tracking number.
For example:

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La Poste Tracking Colis

In any instance, if the tracking number provided to you by La Poste is not working, or it has some problems, we request you to contact our customer care or call the center number at:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +33 3631 or +33 3634

The number and other details regarding our customer care services are given above. In addition, you can contact La Poste in case of a parcel is late delivered or lost or if you have any other queries regarding your parcel or consignment.

For your ease in tracking your parcel sent from La Poste, besides the main La Poste website that can track your shipment. They not only, with full responsibility, track your shipment but also provide you with further details regarding La Poste and its services.

La Poste Tunisienne Tracking

It is most probable that the website you visit for your La Poste tracking may be in any other language that you cannot understand or read, just like French, as it is a French company. However, for your ease, you are requested to search it as La Poste tracking English in the search bar to get your relevant data and information about your La Poste shipment in the English language. If not, you will have to manually search each of the keywords by visiting the main La Poste website.

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La Poste not only delivers your large parcels and consignments but also your letters and documents (official and unofficial) with full responsibility and confidentiality. Similarly, you can track it by the tracking number sent to you via SMS or email when you handed over your letter to the La Poste postal service.

La Poste Suivi Courrier Tracking

In case you are skeptical that your parcel is being too late for delivery or want to know whether it has been delivered or not, you are recommended to go for the option of tracking your La Poste sent a parcel from the website.
To track your items parceled that is also reliable and trustworthy. You are recommended to use La Poste’s recommended tracking services to get the best details out of the tracking number provided to you.
For your information, do not confuse La Poste’s domestic tracking number with the international tracking number. There are, indeed, differences between the two of them.

La Poste Tracking Parcel

In addition, they provide their own La Poste’s customized stamps for your domestic and international consignments. La Poste is responsible for assigning varying tracking numbers to the local consignments and global addresses for their identification ease and customers.

For the regularly registered mails, La Poste also provides a mail tracking system to make the customer who sends the mail to some address relaxed that the mail is going in the right direction and to the correct address within France and internationally. As a result, they promise timely delivery and trust to their customers who use La Poste postal services for their domestic and international consignment delivery.

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La Poste Tracking Customer Service Contact

Contact Number

00 33 810 82 18 21

The registered office

  • 9 rue du Colonel Pierre Avia, 75015 Paris

Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm and saturday from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

  • 3631

by post

  • Laposte customer service. net, CP D305, 75670 Paris cedex 14


How do I track my La Poste?
You can either use the couriertrackingfinder website of La Poste to track your item sent or to be received by logging in to the couriertrackingfinder website and giving your tracking details. Or you can enter your tracking number to get your consignment details.

What is tracked post in France?
Tracked post is La Poste postal service that helps the people of France to deliver the letter, parcels, and shipments across France and internationally.

What is Colissimo in France?
Colissimo is a Drop-off service that takes your parcel from your doorstep to drop it at any La Poste office to be collected and posted at your intended address within France 48 hours.

Who does Colissimo use in the UK?
La Poste uses Colissimo as the main service or Chronopost express is also used in the United Kingdom, which also agrees with La Poste.

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