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Indonesian Post Tracking

Indonesia Post tracking Courier Company was established on 26 August 1750. Headquarter of Indonesia Post tracking is located in Batavia. In the start, it works to deliver the letter from one office to another office because we don’t have advancement.

But later on, our company developed a lot. Indonesia Post tracking is quite the largest and biggest company in delivering parcels worldwide. It has the largest company in giving more than 17000 islands within Indonesia.

In 2023, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

Their main and deep concern is providing the best service through different transport such as through ship or by air. Indonesia Post tracking choose transport for mail is through bus, train plain or ship. Other companies and parties gave it. Some are from the government, and some are private companies.

Indonesia Postal Tracking

You can also track your shipment through our website. First, you have to enter the shipment number given on the receipt. You can check the shipment number through the receipt provided by our company or us. By entering that, you also have to write the security code, which is mostly numerical numbers, and then you can search your tracking easily through couriertrackingfinder website.

You can contact us on our given contact number and mail id. We also have a public telephonic network in which we provide all of our policies and option which you want to choose. You can select them easily. A mobile phone number is also given on our website. On the other hand, the number for overseas is different.

We also mentioned some public holidays on which our company didn’t serve anyone, such as January 1 & 3, February 19, March 21, April 3, May 1, 14, 16, June 2, July 16, 17, 18, 20 & 21, August 17, September 24, October 14 & December 24 & 25 in these we don’t deliver the EMS items or things.

Indonesia Post Office Tracking

We offer almost 235 locations of EMS such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria etc. We also mentioned the restricted items you deliver through our courier company, such as Food, Medicine, Electric Appliances, Clothing, etc. These things create a mess.

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On the other hand, we also have prohibited items in which drugs are used as we know that in drugs alcohol is used, so we don’t want to take the risk for our company as alcohol is harmful to the human body. We also don’t deliver guns such as hunting Gus, AKM, Shotgun, Pistol, etc.

We don’t have the licensee of the weapon. Anybody can use that gun, and anybody can kill someone. And we can’t then find out the criminal. Even you can’t deliver or share or send the political material such as any paper or picture etc. We will take quick action regarding these prohibited items.

EMS Indonesia Post Tracking

We will charge you if you deliver this thing in two number way. So, we can’t send or show these items through our company. You can also see the whole table given on our website in which each item such as perfume, Face powder, Rice, Beans etc. everything prices are mentioned.

You can check out the rates for your shipment on our website. You have to select the origin and the destination of your shipment, like from which point you will deliver and at which point or location you want us to deliver.

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Indonesia Post Tracking English

You can also contact us or visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. Our app is also available on both iPhone and Android phones. You can install that also.

You can visit us anytime, anywhere. Sometimes tracking numbers are not updated because of some issue such as the website gets down and you know what when it gets down then it there may be two issues such as technical issue or many customers are using this at the same time but this happens very rarely. Mostly you can track your shipment number anytime, anywhere.

You can also find out our office’s nearest location and get the latest news from our website. We want to provide our customers best service. We want to fulfil the need of the market. We want to provide excellent service to our customers. We want our company to be reliable, authentic, stable, safe and secure in every department field.

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Indonesia Post Tracking Customer Care Contact

Head Office
Jl Asia Afrika No 49
Asia Afrika
Bandung, 40111

Customer Support Phone number: +62 21 161
Phone: +62 22 420 7081 (office)
Contact Email: [email protected]


How do I track a parcel from Indonesia?
You can track your parcel from Indonesia easily. First, you must enter our website’s tracking number, consignment number, Awb number, reference number, and waybill number. After entering that, you have to click on search. After that, you can easily see the online status of your shipment quickly and easily. You can search it at any time at any place. Nowadays, as it’s the age of advancement, you can easily check it within a few seconds or minutes.

What is EMS shipping?
EMS is the acronym for “Express Mail Service”. In this type of shipping, you can do internationally shipping. Such as, if you are from Pakistan, you can order your parcel from another country such as the UK, USA, China, etc. EMS was established in 1999. It provides postal service to their customer.

How do I track a parcel from the USA to Malaysia?
We provide our customers with a tracking system where you have to enter the tracking number. After entering that, you can see your shipment status easily at any time from any place USA to Malaysia or UK to Canada etc.

Why can’t I track my parcel?
Sometimes there is a very small delay in delivering the parcel because of some misunderstanding, or some confusion occurs between some packages. So, that’s why you can’t track your parcel. But, this sort of issue happens very rarely. So, be sure, trust our company we will give our best in delivering the packages.

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