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Eyebuydirect Order Status

Eyebuydirect is an industry which is known as “Online Retail”. It gives services online. It was established in 2006 and the name of the founder who had started this company is “Roy Hessel”. Moreover headquarter of Eyebuydirect is located in U.S. Furthermore the name of the CEO of our company is Jiang.

The main services of our company is to provide the glasses to our customers, we provide different sort of glasses to our customer. We have too much variety in glasses such as sports sunglasses which will be quite helpful for any player of any team in any sports moreover simple stylish sunglasses and we also give glasses which are bases on prescription such as someone of your doctor has told you that your eye sight is -1,-3, -5 etc. We make that also. We also make customized glasses or sunglasses.

Eyebuydirect Delivery Time

Apart from this you can also get discount through our company just by entering your email id. We are giving you 20% off on each item once you entered your email id in our website. Furthermore, we also give our customer Buy 1 Get 1 offer.

If we talk about the delivery procedure then it’s the only company which don’t add any middleman in delivering the parcel. You just have to add your favorite glasses in the cart after that we will deliver it through our truck and then within 2 days your parcel will be in your hand.

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Eyebuydirect Order On Hold

You can also track your parcel from our website. We give our customers a friendly environment in sort of any query you can contact us. You can also check the online status of your tracking by entering your tracking number.

Furthermore, if we talk about the price of the glasses then it’s up to your choice if you can afford high price glasses then you can buy it those but apart from this we also have low prices glasses for our customers. We give male, female and children glasses as well.

Eyebuydirect Order Status Steps

The glasses frames are starting from $7 whereas the average price of the glasses are $60 and maximum it goes to $100. You can also avail discount on our all glasses from February 12 to February 22. We deliver your shipment in only two days.

Eyebuydirect is also give their services in China and Hong Kong. As the online retailer shops are also present in these two countries excepting U.S. Basically, all these three countries give services in all over the world such as Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Turkey, UK, Sweden etc.

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Eyebuydirect Customer Care Service Contact Number

Contact Us

Hotline : 1-855-393-2891

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Is EyeBuyDirect trustworthy?

Yes, Eyebuydirect Company is quite trustworthy company. Eyebuydirect have 4.5 rating. Customer like the quality of our company moreover the guarantee is also given by our company in any case damaging of your product you can return it to us.

Is EyeBuyDirect from China?

Basically, Eyebuydirected headquarter is located in US but it also provide services in China and Hong Kong. So you can say that Eyebuydirect is also from China. Because there shops are also located in China.

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