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Egypt Postal Tracking

Egypt post tracking was established in 1865. Egypt post tracking is considered one of the oldest companies globally. It provides two primary services. The first one is financial service, and the other one is Postal service. So almost 150 years had been done on the creation of this website. Every Egyptian knows our tracking. Egypt post tracking delivers the things, documents, etc., internationally and nationally, or globally and locally.

There is also another option is available in Egypt post tracking. You can pay them after giving delivery in your hand like it’s not compulsory to give payment before adding the thing into a shipment. In 2018, a new surprise was given to our customer from our side. Our customers can pay the courier through their debit cards. As I told you that it’s the oldest company, so they have experience in their field, so they added this option also for their customer help.

In Egypt post tracking, you can easily track your parcel. But, first, you have to enter the tracking number. The format of Egypt post tracking is 13 digits. So, you can track up to 10 tracking numbers simultaneously in the search bar of our website. But you have to make terms separated by “Commas” if you don’t put commas, then your tracking will be wrong. So, to track more couriers, you have to add commas between the different numbers. An example of Egypt Post Tracking is given below:

In 2024, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

At the start of the tracking numbers, the letters are present, whereas in the middle, the digits are included, and the same is the case with the end again. Then, the two letters will be added. But by entering tracking, you can easily find out the location of your courier online. Sometimes, the tracking location was not updated by some minor issues such as the website getting down, the website not working, or anything like that.

Egypt Post Office Tracking

So, you have to wait for a few minutes in that condition. After a few times, you have to reload the page again and enter your tracking number. After that, you will see the location of your tracking. This issue takes a little time because when people use too many websites, it gets down.

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As you know, Egypt’s language is “Arabic,” but English is used worldwide. So, our website gives the option of two languages such as English & Arabic. You can also translate the website into Arabic. We do this just for our customer’s relaxation. You can easily see our website through this. If you’re not good at English or don’t know people, you can click on Arabic. So that you can check the whole categories, varieties, options quickly.

You can also make an account on our website you have to give some information about yourself after that you will be registered to our website. After registering, you can quickly log in to our website by entering the user name and password, but you also have to click on “I’m not a robot.” After logging in to our website, you can also get notifications of the latest information about our courier. Sometimes we give some offers you can also avail it.

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Egypt Post Tracking EMS

Suppose you face any problem related to our courier, such as damaging your thing in parcel packing or some sort exchanging the parcel. You can quickly contact us through email or contact us through contact number these all stuff is given on our website. If still your gets not resolved, you can come to our nearest office.

There we will try to solve it as soon as possible but keep one thing in your mind that these will be the last options firstly apply the first two options after that choose the previous one choice because we don’t want to come and do too much struggle when it’s possible to sort out the issue form home.

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You can easily find out the domestic and international couriers both, what you have to do is enter the weight of your thing you want to deliver, the length of the item you wish to provide, and Height and Width are also compulsory. You also have to mention the origin of the parcel and the parcel’s destination through that you can check out the payment. Then, you can book your delivery online on our website.

Egypt Post Customer Care Contact

Head Office
Egypt National Post Organization,
1 Attaba Sq,
Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

Egypt Post Call Center 16789
From any land line call free line: 08008002800
Call from outside Egypt: +20 235315900

Support center working hours

From Saturday to thursday 8AM to 10PM Friday and official holidays from 10AM to 7PM 


How do I track a package from Egypt?
You can track your package on our website. If you had chosen your package, then a tracking number was provided to you by our company. You have to enter that tracking number on our website. After entering, you can check out the shipment location quickly. The area will be in front of you where your order has been reached.

How long does it take to get a package from Egypt?
The Egypt post tracking gives almost 2 to 3 working days to deliver the parcel within the country. Still, if the parcel destination is out of the country, it takes more time because the farther the goal is, the more you have to pay and the more you have to wait.

Does Egypt have a postal service?
Yes, Egypt has a postal service. In the first paragraph, I mentioned that Egypt post tracking has two primary benefits. The first one is financial service, and the other one is Postal service.

How do I contact Egypt post?
You can contact Egypt post via email or by visiting the nearest location. Email and contact are given on our website. You can easily find out your email and contact number. We have different mail IDs and contact numbers for further queries and problems. So, you can see that on our website. We want to make relaxation and tension accessible to our customers.

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