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BPost Tracking Number

Belgian Post Tracking

BPost, a Belgian company that delivers parcels across Belgium and globally. It was called De Post in Dutch and La Poste in France a decade ago. It provides services like
• Direct marketing
• Courier
• Insurance
• Banking
• Electric services

Providing this wide range of services, Bpost has made it easy for the customers to use these services, for which it has developed a tracking app to discover the location of the consignment that they have sent to the receiver.

In 2023, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

Other than that, the customers can opt for the Bpost tracking application (app) for their convenience.
Shipment Categories
You may send and track various categories for the post onwards. It includes:
1) letters(0-50g)
2) DVDs and small goods(100-350g)
3) Electronics and large stuff (5-30kg) etc.
Bpost is Taking care of it.

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Belgium Post Tracking

While tracking your shipment, you should know that Bpost lets you follow your parcel through various methods for your domestic and international packages. Bpost introduces tracking numbers for your tracking reasons. It includes a special format with 15-to-35-character numbers (and alphabets for some parcels) for international packages and shipments.

The tracking number helps you get details of your consignment and where it has reached.
Format Example:

It not only has a tracking number offering for you, but it also gives you the convenience of barcodes where you can scan it, and it gives you information about the status of your parcels.

BPost Tracking And Trace

For your international parcels, the Track & Trace service of the Bpost allows its customers to follow their consignments internationally. This can be used by entering the barcode provided by the Bpost to the customers for tracking purposes. Therefore, it helps to track your shipment within Belgium and aids you to reach the foreign courier services dealing with your parcel.

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Your international Bpost shipment can only proceed to tracking if it has no letter “U” in its QR code. The QR code containing “U” means that it includes the import procedures too.

BPost International Tracking

If you intend to track your order or parcel through contacting the Bpost delivery service, you are requested to contact our customer care services on:
For individual shipments: 022 785126
Businesses: 02 2075784

You can also visit our Post Office by entering your postal code. Or you can write to us @bpost Postbox 5000, 1000 Brussels. The contact details provided should be enough for tracking your Bpost consignments.
For tracking your posts, letters and parcels, you are recommended to use the barcode and tracking number and enter it on the track bar and press track.

Then, you will have all of the details regarding the shipment you have sent or expected to receive. Bpost App and the website tracks your Belgian national parcels and international parcels; it lets you set your delivery preferences and create your shipment labels. It even gives you the convenience to return your package if you change your mind.

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BPost Tracking Trace

When you open the Bpost website, you are first welcomed by saying Hello in four different languages. By answering that in the language you speak, you determine the communication language you want their services to be in.

If you speak English, you opt for the English language to track your posts and other services.
While your parcel is delivered in another country other than Belgium, you have the opportunity of tracking your Bpost shipment by the trace and track option.

You can avail the option of live tracking from wherever you browse. You can always know where your package is, whether inside Belgium or other posting companies delivering it. You may think that your small packages may be less carefully handled.

BPost Tracking Colis

However, we assure the safety of your boxes, whether small or large. Our cross-border delivery in all categories like direct mailing, businesses and letter delivery also include MiniPakEU, MiniPakscan, MiniPakTT and TrakPak. These are our mini packages. And they all have their personal Bpost tracking number that can be used in tracking the package or shipment.

Similarly, the Bpost tracking can be used to deal with the Maxi packages. These include all of the shipments, not including the documents and letters. They are comparatively large parcels. They are dealt with care and can be tracked within the country and internationally.

For the Bpost customers, all mini and maxi shipments have been allotted tracking numbers that help the customers track their consignments. The Bpost customers can also use the universal free tracking website couriertrackingfinder for tracking their parcels. couriertrackingfinder is a trusted website that can be used to track your parcels for Bpost and other delivery websites and track their shipments.

BPost Tracking Code

Bpost website and tracking app is a huge plus point for the Belgian customers. They can easily track their sent parcels through the convenience provided by the Bpost for tracking their parcels inside Belgium and outside globally.

You can send your international parcels worldwide following these four easy steps:
Preparing your parcel by sealing it tightly and ensuring everything inside is safe and secure.
Choose the parcel delivery solution by weighing your shipment and choosing accordingly.
Hand the parcel over to the Bpost delivery service and ensure the documentation to avoid any misinformation and wrong address delivery.

Follow your parcel by using track and trace.
For your international Bpost parcels, you should include all the details like
The name of the sender
Addresses of both sender and receiver
Harmonized System code for custom purposes
Country of origin
Shipment details
If your consignment is worth more than $1000, an administrative document should also be signed and added.

BPost Parcel Tracking

In this way, you will easily follow your shipment by tracking it anywhere you have sent it.
Suppose your parcel outside Belgium is not delivered or the Track and Trace on the couriertrackingfinder website are not updating for tracking your Bpost Parcel. In that case, it can be due to delayed delivery or lack of information editing on track and trace by the colleague delivery service.

You are recommended to wait for five working days after the delivery time abroad or ten days for the United Kingdom for your delivery status to be updated. If you have still not received any information about your parcel, contact Bpost customer care at tel@02278512.

BPost Tracking Contact

Head Office
Bpost SA/NV,
Centre Monnaie/Muntcentrum,
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Phone: 02 278 51 26 (complaints)
Phone: 02 278 50 32 (Bpost Bank queries)
Email: [email protected] (for postal accounts)

Bpost contact phone number : +32 2 201 23 45

Bpost email : [email protected]

businesses: 02 201 11 11


How do I track My Bpost package? 

When you submit your post/letter/consignment at any Bpost office, you get a barcode and tracking number through your email address that you have provided. You can scan your barcode or enter your tracking number in Track and Trace of couriertrackingfinder website. However, you may not receive any information after immediately handing over your shipment to Bpost due to us updating the information during the 12-hour time-period.  

How long does it take for a package to arrive from Belgium? 

Normally, the standard international delivery time is between 15 to 20 days. However, it depends upon the other country’s customs, your shipment size and nature of shipment and holidays etc.  

What carrier is Bpost? 

Bpost is the courier and postal service owned and operating in Belgium. 

Can I track international parcels? 

As soon as you send your consignment internationally, your shipment is assigned an international number that you can put in couriertrackingfinder website that can work for all postal services around the world. When you enter that tracking number in the tracking box and press enter, you are most likely to get all the details regarding your mail/post/shipment. You can trace it until it has reached its intended destination.  

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