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Cambodia Postal Tracking

The Post Office, erected in the former European or French area in 1896 by French town planner and architect Daniel Fabre, is located in the former European or French district. This administrative building is called for the place where it is situated. “Place de la Poste” is a French term for a post office.

Phnom Penh was created as a tiny village on the embankment between the river valley and the vale, which was subject to savaging, in the west, while Cambodia and France agreed on the protectorate contract in 1862.

In 2024, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

The houses and public spaces in the French areas were built towards the end of the 18th century and impacted Greek architecture. It is also affected by Roman architecture and French beach stations. The French neighborhood is a paradigm of modern urbanism, with geometrical and cobblestone lanes bordered by trees, gardens, and buildings. Post Office Square must be considered a genuinely unique place because of its magnificent heritage.

There are so many banks, hotels, workplaces, and different departments located in the French administrative region. In the 1931s, a garden in front of the Post Office was replaced with a square, and the building’s two wings were enlarged to the north and south, respectively.

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Cambodia Post Office Tracking

In the 1941s, the main squatter roof with a dome roof was removed, and an odd variety of loudspeakers was installed in its stead. The Post Office was remodeled again in the 1950s and 1960s. One level was added to each wing in 1992, keeping the original architecture. The structure is a two-story structure, with storage on the ground floor and administrative offices on the top.

Under the management of a Board of Directors set by the government following national policy to due to a more excellent social economy, end poverty, and boost the morale of Cambodia Post’s employees, we continue to implement deep trying to transform into its governing system and financial, to revolutionize the postal services for a good quality of international assistance.

The goal is to provide postal services to Cambodians domestically and abroad, regardless of their nationality, religion, political beliefs, or place of origin. The company’s mission and obligation are to collect, transport, process, and distribute mail. There are a variety of postal letter services accessible.

Domestically and internationally, we provide parcel post and expedited mail services. On a bilateral basis, we gather, process, and send documents and invoices for businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations. Postal stamps are sold at post offices and other locations.

They are selling accessories and materials to support postal and telecommunication services. Postal banking services such as money orders are available.

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Cambodia Post EMS Tracking

As we all know, we live in the digital age, and everything is changing at a breakneck speed. Cambodia Post is one of the new areas of postal service that the Royal Government of Cambodia has transformed into a public corporation beginning January 1, 2012.

Since then, we’ve upgraded several things, including all postal mail items being controlled by Counter Automation, upgrading to IFS for domestic and international money orders, and maintaining the IPS system up to date for keeping all mail under control with track & trace capabilities.

Customers using the money order service (or money transfer) can send money or cash to and from their relatives or friends in any province in Cambodia and internationally. Money orders (money transfers) provide a quick service at a low cost. On July 11, 2012, Cambodia Post inked an agreement with UPU for Electronic Postal Payment Services and permitted the system IFS for international express money orders.

To begin with, an international money order On September 19, 2012, Cambodia Post established a link with La Banquet Post in France, allowing money transfers to be made using the IFS of the UPU system. In addition, Cambodia Post has established relationships with several partner countries, allowing us to use money order services, send and receive money from Malaysia, send and get money from Vietnam, and receive money order services.

Cambodia Post’s Express Mail Services (EMS) premium mail service. Customers that send express mail, parcels to internal destinations, and domestics can anticipate a high-quality mail service. Customers may trace their mail on the Cambodia Postal website, the final country’s website or postal agents using the mail identity code included with Emergency services.

Cambodia Postal gives EMS service to advanced deposit corporate EMS partners on credit for up to thirty days, with monthly billing, to carry their mail or articles to their respective clientele. After one month from the date of mailing, EMS is a guaranteed service that compensates for missing mail or items.

The International Postal System (IPS) — a system designed by the Universal Postal Union – is in charge of Express Mail (UPU). Customers can follow their mail or parcels at their leisure on the Cambodia Post website or the destination country’s postal website, or call Cambodia Post Support or inquire at any of the country’s Post Office Branches.

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Cambodia Post Tracking Customer Care Contact

Working Hour : Mon – Fri 7:30 – 17:00 

Sunday 7:30 – 17:30

 Saturday 7:30 – 12:00

Tel : (855) 23 42 80 80  / 1800-21-5555

Tel: (855) 23 42 80 80

Tel: (855) 88 87 11 876

Tel: (855) 89 85 14 04

Tel: (855) 96 34 83 835

Fax: (855) 23 426 061

Email[email protected]


Tel: (855) 23 725 533

Fax: (855) 23 725 544

Email: [email protected]


Corner Street 13 & 102, Sangkat Wat Phnom 

Khan DaunPenh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 120000

Daun Penh 076 366 1616
Worm 096 756 6663
Worm 010 848 545
Mondulkiri Province 098 989 779
Sing Treng Province 0979 804 417
Kandal Province 098 901 155
Kandal Province 069 696 346
Preah Vihear Province 097 66 84 612
Svay Rieng Province (Bavet) 010865760
Pursat 095 231 455
Prey Veng Province 096 205 4440
Takeo Province 088 647 8108
Kampot Province 012 224 102
Pailin Province 097 67 69 949
Kratie Province 077 500 504
Battambang Province 092 392 016
Battambang Province 011 444 674
Prey Veng Province 096 205 4440
Prey Veng Province 097 999 7067
Prey Veng Province 097 683 1005


How can I acquire my Cambodia tracking number?
The tracking number or ID is usually available from the shipper or online store. If you purchase something from an online store, the tracking number or ID is generally included in the email address or tracking and tracing message. Kindly call your transporter or online retailer if this is not the case.

Is it possible to ship from Cambodia to the United States?
DwarkaCourier has the quickest delivery time to the United States from Cambodia, with items up to 100kg arriving in just 2-3 business days.

How much does it cost to mail a package to Cambodia?
The shipping cost from the United States to Cambodia is mainly determined by your product’s carrier, service, weight, and size.

Is FedEx able to deliver to Cambodia?
Locations in Cambodia. FedEx is always close by, with convenient drop-off locations that save you both time and money. FedEx is always close by, with convenient drop-off locations that save you both time and money.

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