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Intelcom Express Tracking

Intelcom is a logistic courier company. Headquarter is in Montreal. It is a Canadian company, therefore also known as Intelcom courier Canada Inc. It is a private company that is maintained and owned by Quebec. Daniel Hudson built this company. He started his work on this company in 1986 to fulfil his desire of delivering couriers on the same day through his services.

The work speed of Intelcom express is awe-inspiring. It provides couriers and parcels in the nine different provinces of Canada. The company used to deliver almost 400000 parcels or packages from corner to corner in Canada and worldwide every day. As a result, various companies worldwide feel safe and secure working with Intercom express.

These companies include Amazon and Landmark global, and many others handle their shipping for eBay. It is a technology-based platform, and not a traditional company meant for transportation. For this reason, our delivery routes are optimized day by day because of the advanced infrastructure of the soft wares used in this company, making it faster and more effective means of transportation for the couriers and packages.

In 2024, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

Intelcom Tracking Canada

Software developers of the world are trying to make remarkable efforts in information technology to feel safe and secure to send their documents and parcels anywhere in the world without the fear of being lost. It sounds perfect to shop for anything of one’s interest just by sitting at home without wandering here and there through online services, but it is very depressing if your parcels are being lost on the way.

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Intelcom facilitates its customers in this regard and ensures very safe and secure delivery of their parcels anywhere and anytime throughout the world. We use route optimization strategies to give the customers the most reliable and responsible home delivery to become satisfied with our services.

Intelcom Courrier Canada Inc Tracking

The only single goal of our company is the satisfaction of customers, and we are continuously trying to meet this goal. The era in which we live today is the era in which the factor of speed has great importance. In short, speed is everything here.

For this reason, we are trying to improve the groundwork of the technologies we are using. Because we think our clients and users need and deserve the best delivery services. Route optimization technologies are used to overcome time and boost the speed of delivery.

This is the dire need of the hour these days. Intelcom guides its deliverers to deliver more parcels and packages in less time, and for this reason, it brings a high capacity of parcels and packages day by day.

Intelcom Courier Tracking

Various factors like vehicle type and cargo density are considered because these factors play an essential role in improving the delivery rate. Traffic jams, weather conditions and road types do not affect our delivery services. And till now the delivery rate on time is 99.4% which is a significant achievement.

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This Intelcom tracking express also provided the best opportunities for the job to fresh graduates. You can also become an independent contractor. You can also manage the deliveries with your task force. By using your own business, you can become an independent delivery contractor.

Intelcom Tracking Ontario

You need to have a managing team to earn revenues. This will help you grow your business quickly because success is driven by the spirit, ambition, and performance of the workers. Intelcom supports its 3000 employees through this company. Apart from this, 500 delivery contractors are also linked with this company.

They belong to the 60 different distribution centres of Canada and other countries because Intelcom tracking express works with many national and international clients every day. The number of parcels delivered may vary from place to place, but customers’ satisfaction is our priority. Therefore we have not designed any quotas for specific areas.

It is effortless to check the exact location of your parcel simply by using the tracking number that is available after the confirmation of your shipping. Intelcom Express tracking number is elementary. You just need to enter it in the search box and click on the search button.

Intelcom Tracking Montreal

The live status of your document or parcel will be provided to you within no time without making any extra efforts. In case of any problem faced regarding the delivery of parcels, documents or packages, an online platform is available for the customers to feel free to share their problems with the company.

So that the company can find an alternative solution to your problem. The official website used for this purpose is If your package is not delivered to you on time, you will receive mail about the current status of your package with a photo so that you may recognize it and feel secure.

Intelcom Package Tracking

For further information, you can call the customer care centre of Intelcom tracking express, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to facilitate the customers and bring our daily capacity up to the mark. Moreover, you can also pick up your packages from any Intelcom tracking express company warehouse at our location that suits you. This is because we want our clients to have a better delivery experience from our tracking company every day.

A tracking number is the combination of English alphabets and numerals. There are usually seven digits along with the English alphabet.
Example: INTCLMB1234567

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Intelcom Express Customer Service

Customer Support Phone number: 1 844 370-5096
Contact Email: [email protected]
Fax Number: 514-380-2325


Is it safe to send my package through Intelcom?
Intelcom tracking express is a straightforward, safe and secure courier company that ensures 100% secure delivery to all its customers.

Is it correct that Pitney Bowes is the client of Intelcom express tracking services?
Yes, it is true because various companies worldwide feel safe and secure working with Intelcom express. These companies include Pitney Bowes too.

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