Border Express Tracking 2024

Border express tracking is one of latest platform through which people can deliver there parcels. It gives their service in different countries. Almost 50+ offices are located in different couriers. You can see the location easily through our website.

Moreover, we also have large warehouses through which we packed the orders and then delivered them. Almost 6+ warehouses are located in different places of border express tracking. We do deliver through border to border. And that shipment occurs only through ship.

We deliver almost 100+ order in a single day. And monthly it become almost 1 lac 50 thousand parcels which generate much more revenue of our company. In border express tracking we have two basic services such as bulk express and parcel express.

We committed to deliver on time moreover you can see the nearest location through entering the postcode on our website. We deliver the parcel at your door step. Apart from this, Border express didn’t deliver the parcel through plan rather than they deliver the parcel through ships.

As the ship delivery takes time. So, we don’t deliver the parcel in a same day. We are available for our customers 24/7. You can contact us through our customer service center. Mainly there are three main option of contacting us such as through email id you can send us mail as well as you can call us through our number and lastly you can visit our nearest location of the office.

If we talk about the weight than we had different packages in our website such in small package we deliver the parcel which is less than 5Kg whereas in medium package we deliver the parcel up to 10kg. So, you can choose any of them which you want you can also deliver the large and extra-large parcel which are up to 25kg and 50kg respectively.

Apart from this express tracking takes the serious note on employs health and safety as you know that if a person is coughing and touching the parcel it will create problem for our customers also. So, we focus on the health and safety mainly.

Moreover, drug and alcohols are prohibited. So, you are restricted you can’t deliver these two through our company. We deliver the parcel within 2/3 working days but rarely our delivery gets late just because of some issues.

But almost 90% are delivered on exact time. You can also track your parcel by entering the tracking number. The tracking number form is 11-13 digits. You just have to enter that in our website.


What does border Express do?

Border express deliver the parcel from one border to another border. It makes the relationship strong of one country to another country. Moreover it has differnt types of express such as bulk express and parcel express

Do Border Express deliver on weekends?

Border express mostly deliver that parcel within 2/3 working days but rarely when any issue or any problem are being faced by company then it takes more time in delivering the parcel.

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