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Australia Post Tracking Number

Australia Post Parcel Tracking

Australia post tracking is a postal service company. It was establish in 1976 almost 45 years of expensive was being dedicated to Australia post tracking by different experienced employs. Headquarter of Australia post tracking is located in Australia and Australia government itself owns their post tracking.

Apart from this, it is located in 4400 places or you may say 4400 locations are present of Australian post tracking. Australia post tracking only serve in Australia. The name of the chairman of Australia post tracking was Bartolomeo whereas the name of the CEO of Australia post tracking was Graham.

Australia Post Global Tracking

Australia post tracking provide different sort of services such as postal services as well as digital services and express post service moreover printing s3rvices etc. As well as if we talk about the revenue. So, the revenue generated by Australia post tracking will be A$8billion in 2019 whereas the net income was A$60 million in 2019 and the total number of employees where 36,000 in 2019. Moreover, you can track your parcel easily.

You can track up to 10 tracking numbers at a same time but in between the tracking number you have to add commas. You can order or see different sorry pf things such as mobiles, money and insurance, electronics etc. And you can also download our app through play store for android phones and also from apps store for IPhone users. Envelopes can also send through our website such as 250, 500g, 250g and 500g whereas the thickness of the letter would be 20mm.

Australia Post Express Tracking

Australia post tracking deliver the parcel within ¾ working days within delivering the thing in same state in a regular letters whereas in priority letter we deliver it within 2 working days moreover the interstate the regular letter can be delivered in 5/6 working days whereas priorities letters can be delivered in 2-4 working days.

These are related to domestic services whereas in international delivering service we need almost 15 to 20 days in delivering the parcel. In case of changing, expanding and damaging of the parcel you can contact on our contact number and also through email id.

Australia Post International Tracking

Furthermore, if we talk about the weight then the maximum weight domestically can be delivered 23kg whereas the maximum length of the parcel would be 110 whereas the maximum dimensions will be 0.30 cubic meters whereas the international courier limitation of weight will be 20kg whereas the maximum length will be 110cm and the dimension will be 145cm girth.

For small parcels you have to pay $10.00 and for medium package you have to pay $13 after that for large package you have to oat $17.00 and last package is “extra-large” for that you have to pay $20.  

Australia Post Customer Care Service Contact Number

In Australia

8am–6pm (local time)

13 POST (13 7678)

From overseas

7am–6pm (AEST)

+61 3 8847 9045

Business credit accounts

8am–6pm (local time)

13 11 18


Who owns Australia Post?

Australia post tracking was owned by Australian government itself. So, basically it is a public service company.

Is Australia Post tracking accurate?

Yes, Australia post tracking is an accurate and quite authentic and reliable company. It’s quite safe and secure post tracking.

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