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ATR Logistics Tracking

ATR logistics deliver the parcel from West Malaysia to East Malaysia, and it gets a different sort of services such as air freight, trucking services, ocean freight, international air freight, international sea freight etc. Moreover, all these services which are discussed above are quite authentic, secure, and helpful for our customers.

ATR online tracking firstly gave air freight service in which we have the most common air routes which started from West Malaysia and ended in east Malaysia, and we also gave overweight and oversized parcel through air freight. Moreover, the trucking service will be given within the kalang valley.  

Our Courier company also gives the chartered trucks which are ready for the customer to start up their business needs and requirements. Thirdly, we have ocean freight ocean freight is given in both inbound and outbound shipping services.

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Next, we have international air flight, in international air freight we make the deal with the customer as well as with different companies and you can easily contact us if you want to need international freight Courier service.

Lastly, we have an international seat freight in which we deliver the parcels in 10 countries and both the parcels inbound and outbound are also being delivered through international sea freight. Basically, our courier company wants to deliver the parcel and fulfill the needs of the customer as soon as possible.

ATR horse tracker gives services such as year consolidation service from the West Malaysia to east Malaysia as well as express service will be given from Kul to east Malaysia furthermore the sea consultation service will be given from also Kul to East Malaysia moreover, we also give a vehicle service from Kul to east Malaysia lastly, we also have the trucking delivery service to kalang valley.  

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ATR online tracking shipment is also available, customer can easily track out their parcel from the website but for that purpose customer must know the tracking number as well as their reference number if the tracking number or reference numbers will be lost and then you can contact our customer care service. Apart from this, we gave a timely delivery to our customers as well as you can see the good reviews of our customers and moreover you can also see the experienced employees of our company and we give the fast responses to our customers.

ATR LOGISTICS Customer Care Service Contact Number


17, Jalan Kota Raja L27/L, Hicom Town Centre, Seksyen 27,
40400, Shah Alam, Selangor.

03-56141577 | 016-311 5777


Ms Khng: [email protected]
Mr Alan: [email protected]

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What are the working hours of ATR tracking?

The working hours of ATR Courier company is 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM in between these working hours customer can easily contact the Courier company and we will respond you as soon as possible.

How can I return my ATR parcel?

Returning of the parcel is also one of the easiest things you must contact our customer service center they will tell you the policy of returning the parcel, but they keep one thing in your mind that the parcel will be returned within 15 days after 15 days the parcel return policy will be not available.

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