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Aliexpress Tracking Number

Aliexpress Standard Shipping Tracking

Aliexpress is an online marketplace like Amazon, where you can buy apparel, shoes, electronics, and much more. Aliexpress also has the service of tracking your orders and consignments to know the status of your order.

Aliexpress gives you the service of tracking your order by providing you with a tracking number. That tracking number is responsible for showing you where your order has reached and when it will reach its destination.

Suppose you ever get the chance to check the status of your order and you find problems with the tracking service not working or not updating the position of your order after several times refreshing the website. In that case, you are always welcome to contact the helpline of Aliexpress. The number is given on the official website of Aliexpress for more information.

In 2024, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

Aliexpress Order Tracking

For your convenience, you are requested to download the tracking app of AliExpress. In this way, you will not have to visit the website and log in again and again to get information regarding your order. Instead, the app will help you get your desired result in no time at a single touch.

When your order is confirmed and begun to be sent to your or your desired address, you are assigned a tracking code by Aliexpress on the receipt given to you. That tracking code has a unique number or alphanumeric format that helps you trace down your order, and the time it may reach your address to help customers.

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Aliexpress Track Shipment

All of the tracking details regarding your order from the Aliexpress website are given on the receipt provided. The details are thoroughly explained on the ticket, including your name, address, receiver’s address (if sent to somebody else) that you may need in the future for any purpose. In addition, you can enter the tracking code on the tracking app or website of Aliexpress or another authentic tracking website to get information about your order to help the customers.

As the website is from china, you may find it difficult sometimes to read or understand the content because it is in Chinese. Therefore, for your ease, you are requested to enter Aliexpress English to track your order in the English language if it appears in the Chinese language.

Within china or Hong Kong, the orders customers can opt for ePacket while ordering from Aliexpress (and tracking similarly) provided by the national postal or courier service of China. However, customers internationally receive their orders through their respective country’s courier service or a private courier company like DHL or Leopards.

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Aliexpress Package Tracking

Aliexpress is a genuine and reputable website. It doesn’t happen often, but there are instances where the seller provides a false tracking number(falso). However, it is usually possible in new sellers’ cases.

They give another seller’s tracking number to misguide the customer. You can notice this by entering your tracking number, and it shows to be delivered in another country or city. Keep the tracking record for proof, or else you cannot be refunded or reimbursed by the Aliexpress marketplace.

The tracking number provided to you by the seller is for domestic customers and works globally. The code differs on the global level as compared to local regulations. But you can quickly identify the difference by searching it on online platforms or in the FAQ section of the website by asking them so.

Aliexpress Parcel Tracking

The company’s tracking number provided to you is also known as the tracking id. The purpose is the same. The name differs in different countries and websites, including Aliexpress and other tracking websites. But you can quickly tell that both are the same and serve the same purpose.

You are only concerned with the tracking id’s information regarding your order from Aliexpress. And that is to know the location of your order and how much time it may take to reach your doorstep.
Some websites provide services like tracking your order on the map.

Aliexpress Global Tracking

The meaning of tracking your order from Aliexpress is to know your order’s location and make a better estimate of the timings that it may take in areas that it passes through. You may have questions like why I am not able to track my order from Aliexpress? Well, mostly you can; however, there are times that you may find it difficult tracking your order. In this situation, you should opt for alternative websites to track your order or get help from the helplines and call centers of Aliexpress that reach out to you almost in no time.

The same can be done for Aliexpress orders. You have to give them the tracking number or tracking id. They then provide you with live tracking services to know the details regarding your parcel and how much time it may take in a specific place and reach your destination finally.

Aliexpress Price Tracking

In some situations, the Aliexpress tracking number shows the information to be not found on the website, in this case, whether the server may be down or you may not be permitted to enter a specific domain. This issue is mostly instantly resolved by Aliexpress software engineers and lets it rarely happen again.

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Aliexpress tracking ninja helps you in such a situation. It helps you track its timing and tells you the weight and type of your consignment. In short, the Aliexpress tracking service helps you answer any queries and resolve any issues and problems you have while tracking your order and packages.

Aliexpress Customer Care Contact

Customer Service Number
  • (408) 785-5580 Alibaba Group US Office

Customer Service

+8 522 215 5100 Alibaba Group Hong Kong Office

+91 224 233 5233 Alibaba Group India Office

+88 626 602 9888 Alibaba Group Taipei City Office

+865 712 688 8888 Ant Financial Headquarters

+865 718 502 2088 Hangzhou Binjiang Campus

Aliexpress Emails:

[email protected] Data Protection

[email protected] Privacy Inquiries

Corporate Office Address (Hong Kong Limited)Hangzhou, ZhejiangChina

Other Location:

21 – 23 MILL STREET, SE1 2BE, GB

14/F Gangnam Finance Center, 152 Teheran-ro

Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06236


+86 571-8526-9066


How do I track my order from Aliexpress?
First, you have to go to the Aliexpress website or Aliexpress application login by giving your details. Then, click on the orders that you want to track.

Is Aliexpress tracking real?
Aliexpress tracking is real! You can track your orders and parcels easily by following specific steps.

Who is the courier for Aliexpress?
The method that you choose while ordering your package depends. If you select a standard procedure, you may find it different from the urgent ordering method. The same goes for national and international courier services.

What does shipment at local distribution center mean?
That means that your parcel has reached the post office of the postal code that you had given while ordering. You can collect your order from the post office or wait for 24 hours for your order to reach your doorstep.

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