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DHL Courier Tracking

DHL is a leading name of logistics. It was founded by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn in 1969. today, it has grown up having 400,000 shipping professionals around the globe in 220 countries.

I must say, if you don’t have used the services of DHL ever, even then, you might have seen its logo somewhere online, on the jersey, or a truck of it on the road heading towards its destination. DHL provides a complete solution for logistics and couriers.

You can send anything ranging from needles and small packages to heavy cranes and shipments. So it helps your business to grow .you can select any of its services for your business according to your needs.

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DHL Tracking Global

DHL works efficiently and with reliability. You can reach out to them at the nearest service center. The most convenient is to hire their services online. You must prepare your package or parcel to be sent by packing so that it remains intact and safe during traveling.

In 2024, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

This is the safety measure along your side. Then it comes to measuring the weight of the package or cargo( whatever your consignment is.).either you measure the deliverables or not, it will be calculated at DHL for sure.DHL requires shipping labels, waybill numbers, and other related shipping documents at the time of pick up the package or parcels.

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DHL Tracking By Waybill

Let us consider some of the terms used in the DHL working. When we use the word “Shipment,” it stands for all the parcels, packages, or documents traveling under one same waybill by any means such as air, railroad, or any other carriers selected by DHL.

Another term used in logistics and courier services is “Waybill.” Waybill can be called a shipment identifier or the documents produced by the DHL. It also includes shipper automated systems with labels, barcodes, consignment notes, and electronic versions thereof.

DHL Tracking Ecommerce

DHL allows a tracking number or id after the confirmation of your shipment. A tracking number or id is the combination of alphabets and letters. Now let us tell you about the tracking number of different services of DHL. How they look like and yet simple to type them into the tracking number bar in the official website of DHL of your corresponding country.

DHL Express Tracking

The tracking number or id of DHL express {comprises of documents, packages even letters} will have
Ten digits numerical
Or it may start with 000, JJDO1, JJDOO, JVGL, or similar to these.
Example : 1234567890 or JDOO99999999

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DHL Parcel Tracking

The tracking number of DHL parcel consists of
It can be started with 3S, JVGL, JJD
Example: 3SBGG000123456 or JVGL99999999

DHL Freight Tracking

Order code: the order code of freight services starts with 2 or 3 letters, followed by hyphen(-), two letters, hyphen(-), and seven numbers
Example: GH-JK-9876543
Starts with 4 numbers , hyphen(-) ,5 numbers
Example: 6789-12345
Numeric only with the lengths 9, 10, and 14.
Example: 123456789

DHL Tracking Online

Global forwarding id starts with 7- digits numerical only.
Example: 1234567
Starts with 1 number, two letters,4 to 6 numbers.
Example: 7YZ65432
It starts with 3 to 4 letters
Example: RST56789
It starts with 3 -digits carrier code, hyphen (-), followed by 8- digit master bill number.
Example: 890-12345678

DHL Shipment Tracking

The tracking id of E-commerce cargo usually starts with two letters such as RS, TU, VW, or up to five letters.
The length of the id may vary from 10 to 39 characters.
Example: DE888888888 OR 5555555555555

AWB DHL Tracking

With these tracking numbers, you can trace and track the progress of your consignment, how far it has been reached and when it will have arrived at your doorstep. So the thing is to keep a record of your tracking number. There are some other ways also to check the status of your delivery. The shipper reference number is amongst them.

Shipper Reference Number is a specific consignment number for each parcel of the consignee, which helps in the material handling before and after the shipment. Before handling, when different packages are sorted out based on the destination, type of cargo, and size, a reference number is used to differentiate one from the other with comfort.

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DHL Global Mail Tracking

It is also used to track the parcels. You will know the status of your shipment by feeding that reference number in the tracking link of DHL. It also helps identify the cargo owner as DHL sends this reference number to the shipper before the shipment arrives. It is necessary for the record-keeping and management filing system to retrieve information if required quickly.

Divisions of DHL
DHL has four main divisions:
DHL Express
In this division, DHL transports urgent documents and parcels on time. Its main product is Time Definite International (TDI). This service delivers at a predefined time and clears the customs matter to make the delivery fast and reliable.

DHL Exp Tracking

This division also caters to industry-specific services like Medical Transport Solution offers the customers in Life Sciences and Healthcare sector services as thermal packaging for temperature-controlled, frozen, and chilled contents.

Global forwarding includes air, ocean, overland freight forwarding services with sector-specific solutions and customized industrial projects. It provides efficient routing and multimodal transport options.

DHL Tracking With Reference Number

Road Freight service offers secure, temperature-controlled, and quality road transportation with standard service of LTL(less than truckload), PTL( part truckload), and FTL( Full truckload).
Rail freight product offers reliable rail transportation throughout Europe or between Europe and Asia, LCL( less than container load) and FCL ( full container load).

Ocean Freight product consists of quality-controlled equipment types for on-time delivery.DHL provides more ocean loops and services than anyone else. In addition, they have experts in logistics in different industrial sectors to improve your performance and drive costs.

DHL Tracking Worldwide

Some distinct features of this product are LCL (less than container load), FCL( full container load), Temperature controlled loads, Liquid transportation and flexitanks, breakbulk and non-container load, Buyers consolidation, and Purchase order (PO) Management.

Air Freight product with 7000 experts in 190 countries provides cargo delivery services of your own delivery choice; it may be door-to-door or airport to airport. You opt for delivery in time-specific options like economical routing to the first flight or even the same day according to your needs.

My DHL Tracking

DHL Supply Chain is the largest logistic provider in the world. It gives you the facility of a warehouse to stock your supply chain and accommodates fluctuations of customer demand. You can trace and track your logistics with the web portal of MySupplyChain.

It keeps the record of your data and helps in your business decisions, giving you a competitive advantage and real-time warehouse inventory.

DHL Post Tracking

Let’s have a little background of it before anything else. In 2014, the Deutsche Post DHL Group was divided into three sub-divisions: Deutsche post and paket, which provides mail and parcel services in Germany. In addition, DHL Parcel delivers E-commerce logistics in Europe while DHL E-commerce provides logistic solutions across the rest of the world.

DHL Ecommerce gives parcel pick up, delivery, and return solutions for business customers focusing on cross-border and domestic delivery. It facilitates flexible pick-up time, electronic invoicing, and online shipping tools, making a great online shopping experience.

DHL Shipping Tracking

As we know, invoices are charged based on weight. To understand the chargeable weight, we should know that there are two types of importance. One is gross weight measured in kilograms, whereas the other is dimensional.

The dimensional or volumetric weight is charged differently according to the selected mode of transport. As for air freight, a 1:6 dimensional ratio is used. The formula for volumetric weight is length multiply width multiply height( in centimeters) divided by 6000 multiply with the number of packages.

WPX DHL Tracking

The dimensional ratio for ocean freight is 1:1. The formula becomes length multiply width multiply height (in centimeters) divided by 1000, and then multiply by the number of packages. This formula is applied to the shipment with less than container (LCL) load.

For rail freight, 1:3 is the dimensional ratio. So we divide the product of length, width, and height(in centimeters) by 3000 and multiply with the number of packages. In the case of road freight, the density ratios change with location and intended carrier. After having volumetric weight, it is compared with gross weight and the charge based on the higher figure.

DHL Aviation Tracking

When the shipment is delivered across the border, duties, and taxes are charged by the Customs in the destination country. The importer is responsible for paying the customs. When we purchase online, these duties and taxes are not included in the product’s price.

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DHL Marketplace Tracking

DHL pays these duties on behalf of the importer for immediate shipment delivery within the shortest possible transit time. The goods are released upon the full payment of duties by the importer to DHL. If you are sending a gift and want to pay for the assignments yourself, you need to have a DHL account.

DHL offers a wide range of jobs, whether a fresh graduate or an experienced professional. It gives you a chance to join the global team of dedicated and skillful people and leading logistic brands.

DHL Customer Care

DHL Office
DHL Express
1210 South Pine Island Road
Fourth Floor
Plantation, FL 33324

Customer Correspondence:
DHL Express
Executive Office Contact
1210 South Pine Island Road
Mail Stop #44
Plantation, FL 33324

DHL Contact Number

Customer Service
1-800-CALL DHL (1-800-225-5345) Additional DHL Express Support
The following teams may be contacted directly for associated topics. Hours of operation vary.
Attempted Delivery Notices

Billing Assistance

Clearance On Demand
1- 866-915-5700

Dangerous Goods

Service Point Partners

Technical Support

DHL Tracking International

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday : 6:00 AM – 7:00 PM AZ Time


+49 228 92 95 95 95


+91 22 61985101
+91 22 61985102
+9122 61985103
[email protected]

1 800 805 9306
[email protected]
2700, South Commerce Parkway, Suite 300, Weston, Florida, United States – 33331


How can I get a quote?
Enter the origin and destination country shipment details, put an estimated quote and move on towards online booking.

Can I track my DHL package without a tracking number?
Yes, by the DHL track and trace tool, you can find the location and when it is arriving. You need the shipment number, enter the recipient’s postal code, and you can see both the sender and receiver.

What is a waybill in DHL?
The waybill is like the passport of the shipment. It contains the name and address of the sender and receiver and all related details of the contents of the package, which helps the load be delivered precisely on time and safely.

Why does the shipment return to the shipper?
The shipment may return shipment for the following reasons:
The package is broken
Or the product is illegal or forbidden in the destined country
There is no one at the receiving address to collect the parcel.
DHL works innovatively to avoid such failures by using On-demand delivery. With this feature, you can choose the delivery time when you are available to receive.

Can we deliver our goods the same day through DHL?
DHL delivers the shipment of any size and weight to the destination within hours. Same-day delivery includes the next flight service to bring you the loads within the shortest possible time.

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