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Saia is an acronym of the “South African Institute of Architects.” Saia LTL Freight is one of the nation’s leading carriers, providing less-than-truckload. It is estimated at $33.0 billion in 2013, and it contributes to about 4% of the total domestic transportation market. Saia LTL Freight growth rate has been slowing down from the last few years, as the below table shows:

2011 – 11.6%

2012 – 4.3%

2013 – 3.1%

We can track our shipments through Saia tracking. Firstly, we can open the website of Saia tracking on the front page. Then, some options are given such as Quote/Ship/Track, Products, and Service, Tools, and Resources, Drive for, Work for us, About us, and the last option is login which shows that we can create an account or register ourselves and then we can easily log in to Saia LTL Freight. On the other hand, the red logo is present in which “Saia LTL Freight” is mentioned.

Saia Trucking

In the first given option, which is “Quote/Ship/Track,” we can see that the option is given, “Track a Shipment” by clicking on this, we can further track our parcel, order, shipment. We can further see that a few more options were given, e.g., Pro Number, Partner Pro Number, Pickup Number, Shipper Number, Customer BOL Number, and the last one is Purchase Order Number. These few options further ask you to add an origin or destination ZIP code. So, through these, we can track our shipment easily.

In 2023, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

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If you face any issue in shipment tracking, you can directly contact their customer service. This is the number of their customer service 1-888-999-7242. Not only this, even we can mail them on their mail account. Still, if they are not solving your issue, you can go to their Headquarters or go to their general office as we can see the address and Gmail is already given on their website.

Saia Motor Freight Tracking

Furthermore, we can track our shipment by adding a phone number on the search bar. As I told you above, in the option of “Quote/Ship/Track,” it’s already mentioned that you can track your shipment by pro number, and we can enter up to 30 pro numbers at the same time.

Pro number contains only nine-digit. And the pro numbers are used to identify the freight bill in the form of barcodes.We can find out our delivery status online through Saia tracking Freight. You can easily find out the jobs also from this site.

You have to click on these two options, “Work for us” and “Drive for us” they provide you the information that how you can work with them and get the rewards. It’s not only about tracking your shipment but also for your jobs. You can easily search for a job opportunity under Saia. If you think you have the vision in the trucking industry, you can easily take help and guidance from Saia. It provides a passionate person more success.

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Saia Pro Tracking

Through Saia you can get information about your shipment whether were your parcel is right now like where your parcel is reached. You can easily write the customer BOL (Bill of Lading) number and the ZIP Code of the origin of the city/country or the destination of the city/country then you can also track your shipment status.

In the above given first option, “Quote/Ship/Track,” you can see the furthermore option, “Create a bill of landing.” You have to give much more information in this option, e.g., address, company name, shipment date, quote number, etc.

You can easily see the delivery status through Saia tracking. We can track or confirm our location through phone numbers, simple tracking numbers, etc if we feel some issue, like if we can’t find our tracking number, we can call the customer service or email them on their given email account quickly.

Saia Shipping Tracking

Not only this, but in Saia tracking, we can also see that there is an option of “Schedule a pickup,” which we have to mention much information such as pick up date, ready time, close of business time, and further pickup information in which you have to give furthermore and detailed information such address, zip code, state, country, city and company name.

And then in the contact information you have to tell the name of the person and the contact number of that person moreover you have to give email address also, but it’s your own choice whether you have to turn on the notification or not.

And after that, you only have to give two main information: shipment information and some optional information. You have to tell the parcel’s weight, units, pieces, pro number, etc. You have to tell the reference number, bill to code, etc. Lastly, if you have some special instructions related to the shipment, you have to write that, and then you have to click on “Schedule pickup.” So this is how we can schedule a pickup.

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Saia Tracking Customer Service

Headquarters Address

11465 Johns Creek Parkway, Suite 400, Johns Creek, GA 30097

General Office Addresses

104 Woodlawn Ranch Road, Houma, LA 70363

2264 S Bonito Way, Suite 100, Meridian, ID 83642

Customer Service | 1-800-765-7242

For employment verification, please email us at [email protected].

Cargo Claims
[email protected]

Casualty Claims
[email protected]

Corporate Insurance
[email protected]

Credit Department
[email protected]

Customer Service
[email protected]

Dock Workers
[email protected]

Employee Benefits
[email protected]

Human Resources
[email protected]

Investor Relations
[email protected]

Line Drivers
[email protected]

[email protected]

P&D Drivers
[email protected]

[email protected]

Johns Creek
[email protected]
11465 Johns Creek Parkway, Suite 400, Johns Creek, GA, United States – 30097

[email protected]
104 Woodlawn Ranch Road, Houma, LA, United States – 70363

[email protected]
1551 11th Ave N Suite 200, Nampa, ID, United States – 83687


Can you track LTL freight?
Yes, we can track LTL Freight easily. We can track it from their website online, at any place. No time restriction is included. We have to open the website of Saia LTL Freight, and by clicking on tracking a shipment, we can enter our shipment number and track it easily.

What is a Saia pro number?
Pro number contains nine-digit digits. Whenever we enter a pro number on the search bar within 1 minute, we get the whole result of our shipment. Therefore, we can easily find out the present status of our shipment.

What does Saia freight deliver?
Saia freight delivers all sorts of parcels. They only check out the weight units of the parcel. After that, they deliver each and everything through trucks, etc.

How do I contact Saia?
Firstly, you can contact Saia through their contact number given above in the description. Secondly, you can contact them through doing mail on their mail account. It all depends on what sort of issue you’re facing, and in the end, the last option is that you may visit their headquarters.

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