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eBay and Orange Connex(China) Limited established SpeedPAK to make it easier to buy things in China and send them to the United States and Europe. Standard and Economy services are the two types of services available. Standard shipping takes 9-14 business days and includes full tracking. However, only the tracking to the destination country is included in the economy. The letters ‘EE’ or ‘ES’ are followed by 27 digits or letters in the SpeedPAK tracking numbers.

SpeedPAK is a new shipping initiative from OCL that aims to reduce the time it takes for e-commerce vendors in China to ship to customers in other countries. SpeedPAK has been introduced to eBay’s delivery choices. It takes eight to fourteen business days for Chinese sellers’ packages to arrive in the United States.

In 2024, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

According to Pitney Bowes, 72 per cent of online buyers ship their purchases worldwide. SpeedPAK, eBay’s solution for shipping products from China to the United States fast and cheaply, is aware of this trend. EBay’s Worldwide Vice Chairman of Foreign Cross-Border Trade, John Lin, stated: “Our investments in Orange Connex Limited (OCL) and the release of SpeedPak are significant because they enable end-to-end shipping process control and improve the buyer experience significantly.

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As a result, more consumers throughout the world will be able to experience high-quality items at great costs from China in the future, and more efficiently and speedily.” Only the origin nation, China, is covered by the SpeedPAK Economy monitoring information.

SpeedPAK was founded in 2019 and offered door-to-door delivery from 22 Chinese cities to the United States. There are three categories of delivery services offered by SpeedPAK: express, standard, and economy.
Over the next couple of years, Orange Connex intends to spread the SpeedPAK service to other areas.
When a SpeedPAK delivery arrives in the United States, it is passed to USPS, but no tracking number is supplied.

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The objective for SpeedPak is to reduce shipment time from door to door to six working days.
Door-to-door collection in 23 Chinese cities, a location well before, exporting declarations, overseas delivery, import customs clearing, port distribution, and logistics trace tracking are part of SpeedPAK’s end-to-end logistics services.

They are designed to assist sellers in minimising logistics management costs, increasing freight supply timeliness, and improving the buyer network buying experience by providing high-quality and dependable logistics services.

In addition, SpeedPAK offers three different shipping options for merchants to select from express, standard, and economy. On the other hand, when compared to other similar completely logistics services, Orange Connex will have a significant cost advantage. Order data is linked in real-time with eBay’s logistics infrastructure.

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Currently, the service is available in five primary markets: the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Over the next 4-5 years, Orange Connex will spread its broadband access to more new and growing areas to establish a globally integrated service system. SpeedPAK started with a delivery from the preceding 23 Chinese cities.

In the United States, USPS delivers SpeedPAK. Currently, SpeedPAK does not give a USPS tracking number, and the only tracking information available is from SpeedPAK. After receiving the product from the vendor, the official SpeedPAK guarantee is 9-14 working days. According to delivery data, delivery to the United States takes roughly 14 days, the United Kingdom 11 days, and Germany 16 days.

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Input your SpeedPAK tracking id into the search bar above to acquire an ETA based on the most up-to-date delivery data for your country. OCL has responded by launching SpeedPAK for the area, described as a new eBay shipping service focused on cross-border activity and Chinese eCommerce retailers.

OCL delivers first-class service quality and supplies chain solutions to global e-Commerce firms. We provide services in the logistic, financial, and extensive data areas of the worldwide e-commerce business through market research, systems integration, and resource integration.

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In China, we want to create an extensive, one-stop global logistics system for the international e-commerce business. The joint venture is designed to accomplish the actual progress of the final logistics sector by relying on a crucial logistics platform to link with an amount of extensive logistics services.

Orange Connex will considerably increase the quality and punctuality of global supply chain services due to this. This would undoubtedly improve buyers’ online shopping experiences while propelling China’s global e-commerce exports.

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If you want your product sent to a new place, you can contact eBay customer support. You may have your cargo delivered without signatures in Canada since express ground tracking does not require signatures for Canadian citizens; thus, if you’re a Canadian, you can have your order delivered without signatures.

If you have chosen the no-signature option, the parcel tracking service may drop the shipment. When you cannot get your package with tracking, contact customer service and request a no signature alternative. The box is delivered to the safest location on the entrance side in this situation.

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email us at [email protected] or call 01 867 1707

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E: [email protected]

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How do I keep track of my SpeedPAK?
On our couriertrackingfinder website, you can monitor your SpeedPAK. To do so, type your shipment id into the box above and click “Track an item.” Standard SpeedPAK is fully trackable; however, Economical SpeedPAK is not. You won’t be able to track the latter after it exits China.

Is Speedpak a Chinese postal service?
Speedpak was formed as part of strategic cooperation between eBay and Orange Connex Limited (China) to make buying and transporting logistics items from China to the West and Europe easier.

What exactly is orange Connex, and how does it function?
Orange Connex is a technology-driven fourth-party logistics service for major e-commerce platforms, intending to facilitate worldwide supply chains and a retail-standard delivery experience.

What is the purpose of SpeedPAK shipping and how will it work?
SpeedPAK is created by eBay and Orange Connex Ltd, a logistics business. The shipment technique is a recent addition to eBay’s other shipping options. Currently, the nation coverage covers the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, several EU countries, and other places.

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