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RFID Tracking

RF tracking has much more experience in sending or delivering parcels from one place to another. And with time being the new thing, innovative things have been developed. So, RF tracking provides their customer with an innovative thing combined with Bluetooth and GPS. No else company provide this sort of technology. Headquarter of RF tracking is present in Birmingham.

RF Tracking’s self-installation asset trackers permit all varieties of moveable belongings to be easily tracked through any web-associated laptop or cell by simply connecting to a wireless reader. With a 5-12 months battery existence and 400 meters examine variety, the tags are free of any SIM expenses and are appropriate for trailers, switch our bodies, skeletons, shunters, forklift vans and even workers.

In 2023, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

Additionally, the self-deploy battery-powered asset trackers permit GPS primarily based motion records of all yard-primarily based property, along with trailers and shunters, to be appropriately gathered down to character bay degree accuracy to offer complete visibility of outdoor operations and spotlight regions for improvement.

RF Tracking System

Rugged Tracker protects any asset from theft and utilizes superior tracking technology in a patented armoured case specially designed to operate in antagonistic environments. Unlike all one-of-a-kind trackers on the market, the Tough Tracker can withstand effect, is entirely weather evidence, and is tamper-proof.

Rugged Tracker comes with its very own unique energy delivery with a mean five-year battery lifestyles, perfect for use on belongings that don’t have a power delivery along with trailers, farm gadgets and transportable paintings cabins.

RF Tracking’s retrofit Pressure Pro gadget reports real-time tyre-stress information to the reason force as an in-cab seen and audio alert. In addition, the system can link to telematics for far off monitoring via fleet controllers.

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RF Tracking Device

You can also claim the parcel not only this even you can also exchange your shipment. You can return your shipment. But a few things are included you have to keep the parcel with you, you have to the tracking number with you.

If your parcel gets damaged or is lost or stolen by somebody you can tell us. Sometimes, your tracking number was not updated the old, or the previous shipment location is being shown to you many times, but it happens because the website gets down.

Many people are using this at the same time. That’s why the website gets down, and nobody can get the tracking status of their shipment. There is also our app is present you can also install that on your phones are you can also download through play store for android and iPhone app store.

RF Shipping Tracking

We have too much working experience. We don’t deliver on weekends, and the timing for weekdays is 8 to 8 like 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. You can contact us quickly. We are here for you 24/7 online. You have to contact surely within few times you will get your answer through us. Another thing is that you can see the location of our offices through our website.

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Our customers can also contact us or take information from us through the website or contact number. Email and contact number both are given on our website. If you lost your parcel or if your parcel is damaged, which rarely happens, you can easily visit us at our office near you.

RF Courier Tracking

We love to listen to or hear from our customers. We want to know the needs and wants of both of our customers. So, we give our customers the most efficient, safe, fast, secure delivery. You can also get the latest news about our tracking.

You can also drop your message on our website. You have to enter your name, email, phone number, and then you have to write a message. You can suggest any message or innovative thing that we have to work on. Phone number and email are required because we have to contact you to give you an answer, guide you about the problem, and much more.

RF Express Tracking

If you sign in to our website, you will quickly get the notification of the news of our tracking, or you can also get the notifications of the offer we are giving to our customers. If you have chosen your parcel, you can check the price or payment of the parcel. You have to upload the weight, height etc., to our website, and you can quickly come to know the total price of the courier shipment. So, it’s quite an easy task for everybody.

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RF Shipping Logistics Customer Service Contact


RF Shipping Ltd
Wow Acton, Unit 5
Western Avenue
Wendover Court
W3 0TG


+44 203 002 6026


[email protected]


Monday-Friday10am – 6pm


What does startrack tracking number look like?
The StarTrack tracking number looks like eight digits. The most common tracking number is eight digits, such as L1232332. It consists of numerical and alphabetical both in their tracking. But some other tracking formats also exist.

How are tracking numbers generated?
One’s courier company was generating tracking. Once you have decided on your package, after that, you will place that package, and we will be ready to deliver. Then you will see in the receipt the tracking number, consignment number, guide number, and reference number given in the receipt. So, you can quickly look at that and enter that into our website. Then you will track your shipment anytime, anywhere. The tracking is mostly 16 or 18 characters in which numerical and alphabetical characters exist.

How does EMS Track Speed Post?
You can easily track what you have to do: open the website and enter the tracking into it. After entering, you will see the status of your shipping. Another option is also included easily you can text us. There are 13 digits tracking given to you can send an SMS on their numbers. After that, you can get your online status quickly. The format of the tracking is ES097267234IE.

Who uses 12 digit tracking numbers?
The FedEx tracking company uses 12 digits tracking.

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