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Pottery Barn is a home furnishing industry. It was founded in 1950 it had 72 years of experiences in furnishing the homes. The founder name of pottery barn is Paul and Morris. Headquarter of pottery barn is located in United States whereas the present name of pottery barn is Williams who had too much experienced in this field.

Basically, it is a store chain in which different products are present such as rugs, bath, lightening, pillows and décor, watches, mirrors etc. In home furnishing you can also see “furniture” such as sofas, bed, chairs, side tables, center tables etc.

Pottery Barn Order Cancel

You can see the catalogue from couriertrackingfinder website. Moreover we take the orders internationally. Different countries place their order from our website. You can track your order easily from our website but for tracking the number you have to sign in first and after that you can track the order.

And you also have to add postal code of your city. Moreover, if you want to return your shipment you have to read the rules and regulation which is given in couriertrackingfinder website such as you can return the parcel within 30 days and when you are coming to us for returning the parcel you have the original receipt or original bill of the shipment. Not only this, even few products are not refundable and returnable such as rugs are not being return through our industry.

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Pottery Barn Delivery Time

You can also ship your personal box in our website. We listen the ideas of our customers because for us our customer’s satisfaction is the first priority. You can also see different location of the offices from couriertrackingfinder website moreover you can download the app from app store or play store.

You can also customize your favorite things through couriertrackingfinder website. We offer interior and exterior designing both as in exterior designing we have lights on the gates and out of the house, ceiling etc. whereas tin interior designing it have clock, ceiling, fans, rags etc.

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Pottery Barn Delivery Scheduling

Moreover you can also add money in your mobile wallet also and the rewards which had taken from our website will be opened when you had earned $20 you can also do shipment from foreign countries such as Canada, Australia, Russia, Poland, Malaysia etc. You can easily download any sort of gift card from our website. Your gift card will be sent to you on your email id. Gift cards will be quite helpful for you.

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Pottery Barn Customer Care Service Contact

United States, US Territories, and

Fax 1.702.363.2541
0011 800 15002222
All Other Countries

U.S. Customer Service

Customer Service Email
[email protected]


Is Pottery Barn a luxury brand?

Yes, Pottery Barn is one of the luxury, attractive and charming brand for the customer. People from different countries place their order on pottery barn just to make their houses more attractive and valuable through adding pottery barn products in their houses.

Are Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma owned by the same company?

Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma are almost but Williams-Sonoma owned pottery barn as it gives the best quality of the products and styling of the house. Its main focus is in decorating the house in well-settled form.

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