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Nash Finch Trucking Customer Care Service Contact Number

Phone: +1 616-878-2000

Email: [email protected]

When it comes to the transportation of goods, companies want a reliable and efficient partner to handle the job. One company that has earned a reputation for excellence in the industry is Nash Finch Trucking. With a focus on customer satisfaction and innovative solutions, Nash Finch Trucking has become a leader in the transportation industry.

History of Nash Finch Trucking

Nash Finch Trucking has a long and rich history, dating back to the 1880s. Originally a wholesale grocer, the company began delivering its own products in 1919. Over time, the company expanded its services to include transportation for other companies. In 1953, Nash Finch Trucking became a separate division of the Nash Finch Company.

Throughout the years, Nash Finch Trucking continued to grow and innovate. In 2001, the company became one of the first in the industry to implement satellite tracking for its trucks. This technology allows for real-time tracking of shipments, ensuring accurate delivery times and providing customers with peace of mind.

Services Offered

Nash Finch Trucking offers a wide range of transportation services to meet the needs of its customers. Some of the services offered include:

  • Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping: For smaller shipments that don’t require a full truckload, Nash Finch Trucking offers LTL shipping. This allows customers to save money by only paying for the space they need.
  • Full truckload (FTL) shipping: For larger shipments that require a full truckload, Nash Finch Trucking offers FTL shipping. With a fleet of modern and well-maintained trucks, the company can handle even the largest shipments with ease.
  • Temperature-controlled shipping: For shipments that require temperature control, Nash Finch Trucking offers refrigerated trucks. This ensures that perishable goods arrive at their destination in top condition.
  • Expedited shipping: When time is of the essence, Nash Finch Trucking offers expedited shipping. With a focus on speed and efficiency, the company can ensure that shipments arrive at their destination on time.

In addition to these services, Nash Finch Trucking also offers customized transportation solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers.

Safety and Sustainability

At Nash Finch Trucking, safety and sustainability are top priorities. The company has implemented a number of measures to ensure the safety of its drivers and the public, including:

  • Driver training: All drivers undergo extensive training to ensure they are equipped to handle the demands of the job safely.
  • Regular maintenance: All trucks are regularly maintained to ensure they are in top condition and safe to operate.
  • Sustainability initiatives: Nash Finch Trucking is committed to reducing its environmental impact. The company has implemented a number of sustainability initiatives, including the use of fuel-efficient trucks and the recycling of materials.

Customer Satisfaction

At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is what sets Nash Finch Trucking apart from its competitors. The company is dedicated to providing exceptional service and exceeding customer expectations. With a focus on communication, reliability, and innovation, Nash Finch Trucking has earned a reputation as a trusted partner for transportation needs.


In summary, Nash Finch Trucking is a leader in the transportation industry, with a long history of excellence and innovation. With a wide range of services, a commitment to safety and sustainability, and a focus on customer satisfaction, Nash Finch Trucking is a reliable and trusted partner for companies in need of transportation services.

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