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LibanPost Tracking

LibanPost is a national postal service system established in 1998. It is spread across fifteen public institutions working as formal intermediaries between the government and the people. However, it also provides other non-governmental services to the Lebanese people in Lebanon. It manages customer care roles and logistics. LibanPost is also a member of the Express Mail Service.

LibanPost provides more than 100 services. Some of the services listed below are:
Shipping consignments: From one place to another across Lebanon and globally.
Call Services for governmental and non-governmental purposes: The public can solve their queries by contacting Libanpost for their governmental affairs.
Checking Mecanique and speed tickets: With LibanPost, the public can settle their annual speed tickets and Mecaniques and pay accordingly.

In 2023, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

Provide payment methods to pay for speed tickets
Calculating the rates of postal fees: The domestic and international shipping charges according to the postal addresses mentioned can be calculated through LibanPost.
Liban Post Tracking shipped items from LibanPost: Tracking the sent and to be received parcels services.
Renewal of work permits: Foreign workers working in Lebanon can renew their work permit through the couriertrackingfinder website.

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Liban Post Hamra

Applying for civil status: records of individuals and families can be made by submitting applications online, and the document is delivered to the candidate’s address.
The headquarter of Liban post, operating in the Post and Mailing sector, is located in Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon. It has almost 75 offices and over 900 employees working in those offices. It offers services in more than 16 languages to make it convenient to be used by its customers.

To track your shipment sent by LibanPost, the company provides tracking services. You have to visit couriertrackingfinder , where you can easily track up to 10 items at a time just by putting a comma to separate the tracking numbers.

You can also trace your local or international consignments and orders. Liban Post or Libanpost tracking is useful for the people living in Lebanon who, among many services, can use this same service of tracking their parcels and shipments for their ease to locate the details of the parcel and its arrival time.

Liban Post provides mail services through PostXpress Mail Services, promising to deliver the documents and parcels with full confidentiality responsibility. They are responsible for delivering the parcel/shipment within the agreed time period decided during the working hours and working days. However, it depends upon the working days and location that it has been sent.

For your ease, LibanPost provides you with a tracking number in the format of
EV938507560CN or EE000871634LB.
Using your tracking number, you will be able to trace your parcel extract all the relevant data that you need, like:
The date and time that it was sent and that it will arrive at its destination
The type of parcel sent
The weight of the shipment etc.

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Liban Post Track and Trace

If you want to constantly be in touch with your Libanpost shipment through notifications, you can use its track and trace system. You have to log in to the website of LibanPost and turn on the notifications of the tracking shipment of when the Liban post was shipped, in transit, and delivered.

You can also subscribe to an email delivery notification to send the auto shipment status of the parcel or order to the receiver and sender. Once done with the shipping process, you can now access the information 1. that you have given,

2. the parcel information, and

3. The delivery details.

Liban Post Tracking Lebanon

This all-information hatching is one step away, and that is tracking the Liban Post through the convenient Libanpost tracking number given through mail, SMS, or physical receipt. You can track your parcel sent or received by your loved ones and follow the online shopping orders that will be sent to you through LibanPost. In addition, you can shop from AliExpress, Amazon, etc., through LibanPost and pay in LBP.

LibanPost also provides the Lebanese the convenience to shop from international websites that do not offer delivery to Lebanon through its Click and Ship service. LibanPost provides Lebanese customers shopping from UK and USA with a unique code. Once they sign up to LibanPost, that makes it possible to deliver the products straight from there to their doorsteps in Lebanon.

Liban Post Mail Tracking

LibanPost also has an eshop: a marketplace to buy products from product categories like:
Touristic items
Healthcare products
Furniture etc.
If you have queries regarding the services of LibanPost, want to contact our customer service, or wish to gain details regarding prices that are offered for the shipments you want to send, you are requested to contact Libanpost at:
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Liban Post Tracking Customer Service Contact

Outside of Lebanon : +961-1-629 628

Contact number: +961 1 354 706

Customer service line 1577

Tel: +961 1 629628, 1577
Email: [email protected]

Postal address:
Libanpost Customer Service,
Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport,
Baabda 1000, Lebanon.

Monday to Friday (8:00-5:00) and Saturday from 8:00 to 1:00 p.m.


How long does LibanPost take to deliver?
For your standard parcels and shipments, LibanPost takes 7-9 working days to be delivered to the required destination. However, if you have gone for the option of EMS, your parcel may take approximately 3-4 working days to be delivered.

Does LibanPost ship to USA?
Yes, LibanPost is privileged to deliver consignments to UK and USA to your intended address. You have to Sign up to the website of couriertrackingfinder and get your unique code and address in the USA that is needed for your parcels’ delivery.

Does Lebanon have a postal service?
Yes, Lebanon’s own national postal service LibanPost operates in Lebanon for governmental and non-governmental purposes. LibanPost has been in operation since 1998 and has almost 75 offices and approximately 900 employees.

Can you send letters to Lebanon?
Yes, You can send your parcels and shipments to Lebanon through USPS or DHL delivering to Lebanon. LibanPost, the local delivery service, then shows your parcel at the receiver’s doorstep.

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