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Israel Post Tracking Number

Israel Post Office Tracking

Israel Post Tracking is a state-owned firm that provides universal mail services to the general public as well as financial services through a subsidiary, the Israel Post Bank. The post office underwent a structural transformation in 2007 when it transitioned from a statutory entity to a government corporation.

Israel Post has undergone a customer service revolution in recent years. On any given day, Israel Post serves approximately 130,000 clients. The service is available at 1,400 locations around the country; you can visit any of the locations to collect mail and packages and conduct financial transactions in the postal units.

In 2023, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

The home banking site for private clients was renovated, as was the site for government customers, and a new application was launched to allow consumers to manage their accounts at any time from their mobile devices, eliminating the need to visit post offices. The consumer has complete control over their account using the app, which allows them to do a wide range of operations.

Israel Post Company Tracking

The Post Bank provides several online services, including a technology framework that allows for “smart” payments. Voucher payments to hundreds of beneficiaries, direct payments to commercial entities, money transfers in Israel and worldwide, foreign exchange services, cards loaded with shekels and foreign exchange, and more are among the services available.

In addition, bank transfers, standing orders, account debit authorizations, foreign exchange account management, deposits and withdrawals of monies, baggage, and other services are available as part of operating a post office bank account.

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Israelpost Co il Tracking

Israel Post tracking offers a variety of choices for delivering documents and goods from Israel to other countries and other countries to Israel. The Israel Post Trade Division believes in offering all customers a complete range of distribution and shipping options.

The tracking number or id of Israel Post may contain 8 digits numerical. This 8 digit code is only when to post from Israel to Israel. For example:
With Internet tracking, EMS assures delivery within 3-4 business days to major destinations worldwide. Documents and items weighing up to 21 kilogrammes are eligible for this service. EMS services are accessible in post offices across Israel or by subscription collection. Items arriving in Israel via EMS are delivered to addresses all over the nation.

Israel Post Tracking English

Israel Post Tracking is internationally available. It contains 112 countries in which Israel posts. International shipment contains 13 digits numerical or may start with EE. For example EE123466789IL
There are many benefits if you register by mail with Israel Post Tracking. Some are mentioned below:
The ability to trace the shipment during its journey.

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Receive delivery confirmation in real-time. You can track your consignments and end up receiving an Sms alert when it arrives for free. Did we fail to keep our word? You are entitled to a shipping cost refund. In the event of a loss of value, monetary compensation is provided.

Israel Post Tracking Package

Moreover, Israel register post tracking helps you receive or send parcels easily from your home. You do not need to go outside to send any parcel or receive a parcel. In addition, Israel register mail tracking will help you see how far your parcel has reached and how much time it will take to receive or send nationwide.

Israel post tracking allows you to send or receive the parcel with just one click through the email. You can also hire a courier to collect the goods from you and deliver them to the branch for an extra cost. A courier will pick up the delivery from Israel Post in 151 locations. The cost of a courier order is 29 NIS. 2.6 NIS for each additional item in the same shipment.

Israel post office tracking system has a wide range of business solutions available under one roof. Business branding – include your logo on all types of envelopes (stamped and plain) and office stationery.

Israel Post EMS Tracking

Fixed fees, priced in new shekels, apply to Israel post tracking packages unaffected by high dollar exchange rates and fuel levies. Israel post tracking EMS have many advantages. Some are given below:

  1. Shipping is quick and inexpensive.
  2. Excellent value for money.
  3. All prices are shown in NIS.
  4. Tracking and tracing central locations from beginning to end
  5. The item’s contents have no bearing on the pricing.
  6. Delivery times that are guaranteed
  7. Internet-based applications.
  8. Call centre number eight.

Israel Post Delivery Tracking

Israel post tracking has different options for languages like English and Arabic. In addition, the Israel post tracking system deals with the issuance of the stamp and stamps postage and their delivery to postal units, stamp collector service, and stamp promotion in Israel. Every year, the agency releases roughly 52 stamps and souvenir sheets in several categories that reflect Israel’s culture, history, and daily life.

The Israel Post Company tracking has established a goal to become the national leader in e-mail and online commerce in Israel and worldwide, based on sound business principles and profitable product lines in a competitive environment and using cutting-edge technology.

The company is committed to offering a high level of service that meets international standards anywhere in the country. The corporation also promises to deliver advanced financial services to the general public through the Post Bank, which will be available to all citizens of the country and equal to everyone.

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Israel Post Customer Service

To contact our call center please dial 171, select 1 (business customers) or 2 (private customers) and then choose extension 4.

Additionally to the support call center, you can contact the online store’s customer service available Sunday through Thursday between 8:00 am to 15:00 pm ([email protected])

For information about Israel Postal services you can also call: 171
Service is available: Sunday – Thursday 07:00 – 18:45
Friday & Holiday eve 07:00 – 14:00

Courier Service

Terminal 3, West Operations Area, Ben Gurion Airport


Jerusalem District (Retail)

Jerusalem Area only


Supply Logistic (post man, Mail Sort)

Jerusalem Area only


Yehuda and Shomron

District 23 Jaffa Street,Jerusalem

9199907 076-8872050

Central Tel Aviv

District – Domestic 137 Hahagana Street, Tel Aviv

6199903 076-8873357

Central Tel Aviv

District – International 137 Hahagana Street, Tel Aviv

6199903 076-8873281

Tel Aviv (City)

137 Hahagana Street, Tel Aviv

6199903 076-8873391

Northern District 19 Pal Yam Avenue, Haifa

3199903 076-8874188

Haifa Area 19 Pal Yam Avenue, Haifa

3199903 076-8874178

Galilee Area 8 Hagalil Street, Carmiel

2010004 076-8874909

Bay Area Goshen Postal Branch, 92 Moshe Goshen Avenue, Kiryat Motzkin

2631123 076-8874014

Valley Area 17 Hanaziv Street, Zikron Yaacov

3091118 076-8874011

Southern District + Negev Area Itzak Rager Avenue 9, Be’er-Sheva

8489506 076-8875832

Lakish Area Ashdod Post Office, 7 Rogozin Street, Ashdod

7727301 076-8874815

Dan Area 9 Yitzak Rager Avenue, Beer Sheba

8489506 076-8875832


What is the best way to trace a package coming from Israel?
Install the Parcel delivery app to follow foreign items delivered by Israel Post in real-time. If you activate Push Notifications, you will always be informed of the status of your package and will be notified when your foreign order has been shipped at the Israel Post Office.

How long does Israel Post take to get to us?
The standard delivery time for EMS to the destination is roughly 49 per cent of the time.

Is it feasible to track a package transported internationally by the US Postal Service?
Keep track of when and where your shipments are arriving. With USPS International Tracking, you can keep track of your international cargo.

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