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Hemphill And Son Trucking Customer Care Service Contact Number

Phone:  706-886-0002

Email: N/A

In the ever-evolving world of logistics, finding a reliable and trustworthy trucking company can be a game-changer for businesses. Hemphill and Son Trucking is a name that stands out in the industry, known for its exceptional services and commitment to customer satisfaction. With a rich history spanning several decades, Hemphill and Son Trucking has established itself as a leading transportation partner for businesses across various sectors. In this article, we will delve into the story of Hemphill and Son Trucking, exploring their services, values, and the reasons behind their consistent success.

  1. A Family-Owned Business:

Hemphill and Son Trucking was founded in 1975 by Robert Hemphill Sr. and his son, John Hemphill. What began as a modest operation with just a couple of trucks has grown into a thriving enterprise with a large fleet and a strong market presence. As a family-owned business, Hemphill and Son Trucking prioritize values like trust, integrity, and personalized customer care.

  1. Extensive Service Offerings:

One of the key factors that sets Hemphill and Son Trucking apart is their comprehensive range of services. They offer transportation solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients, including long-haul trucking, local delivery, dedicated fleet services, and specialized freight handling. Their versatile fleet, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and manned by experienced drivers, ensures the safe and timely delivery of goods.

  1. Commitment to Safety:

Hemphill and Son Trucking places safety at the forefront of their operations. They adhere to stringent safety protocols and invest in regular training programs to ensure their drivers are well-equipped to handle various situations on the road. By prioritizing safety, they not only protect their drivers and cargo but also build trust with their clients.

  1. Cutting-Edge Technology:

In today’s digital era, technology plays a crucial role in optimizing logistics operations. Hemphill and Son Trucking recognize this and have embraced innovative solutions to enhance their efficiency. They employ advanced tracking systems that provide real-time visibility of shipments, allowing clients to track their goods throughout the transportation process. This transparency gives clients peace of mind and enables them to plan their operations more effectively.

  1. Commitment to Sustainability:

With a growing emphasis on environmental responsibility, Hemphill and Son Trucking has taken steps to minimize their ecological footprint. They have implemented fuel-efficient technologies in their fleet, reducing emissions and contributing to a greener future. By prioritizing sustainability, Hemphill and Son Trucking aligns themselves with clients who value environmentally conscious practices.

  1. Unparalleled Customer Service:

Exceptional customer service has been the cornerstone of Hemphill and Son Trucking’s success. They understand that each client has unique requirements and go above and beyond to deliver personalized solutions. Their responsive and dedicated customer support team ensures open lines of communication, addressing any concerns promptly and providing updates throughout the transportation process.

  1. Industry Expertise:

With over four decades of experience in the trucking industry, Hemphill and Son Trucking have acquired invaluable knowledge and expertise. They understand the complexities of supply chain management and work closely with their clients to develop customized solutions. Their industry knowledge allows them to navigate challenges efficiently and deliver superior service consistently.


Hemphill and Son Trucking exemplify excellence in the trucking industry. With their commitment to safety, cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and unparalleled customer service, they have earned the trust of numerous businesses across different sectors. Their rich legacy, combined with their adaptability and expertise, positions them as a leading choice for transportation solutions. Whether it’s long-haul trucking, local delivery, or specialized freight handling, Hemph

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