Dropship Tracking 2023

Dropship Tracking Number

CJ Dropshipping Tracking Number

Dropship tracking have a different service such as import-export facility, international shipments pick pack ship, warehouse facility, home and offices movers, nationwide COD dropship etc. Basically, we deliver everything to our customers doorstep anywhere in all over the Pakistan such as in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujrat, Islamabad, Rawalpindi etc.

So firstly, we talk about import export facility so basically our courier company import things from different countries such as from UK, USA, Australia, Sri Lanka, China etc. and then exports that all stuff in Pakistan. Moreover, international shipment is also available Pakistani customer can deliver their parcel in any of the country where they want to deliver moreover, we also have a warehouses facility basically we keep the shipment in our stores or in our warehouse and then that shipment will be packed and then we give the parcel to the rider by giving him the destination location point where he must deliver the parcel

Moreover, pick pack ship is one of the most important service which is used in Pakistan basically we packed up shipment and that shipment will be picked by our customer through our office but it’s the customer choice whether he or she is choosing COD services or he or she wants to take the shipment from our office moreover in all over the Pakistan and we take money from the customers from their doorstep.

Drop Ship Ground Tracking

People can trust us and for any issue they can also return the shipment to us dropship tracking number is available when the slip was given by our company customer moreover cj drop ship tracking number is also available when the customer had finalized his shipment. Dropship Courier and logistic is one of the most trustworthy and best mover and shifter company. Our company gives priority or top priority to the customers and no disappointment will be see at any stage or at any point.

You can get the delivery details by entering the tracking number moreover you can contact us the two main contact number is given on the posters as well as our e-mail ID is also written on a website for any query or for any issue or if you feel any sort of problem you can easily or friendly you can contact us we will sort out your problem and if we will talk about the weight then there is a limitation of weight only 40KG can be delivered domestically whereas internationally up to 35 kg will be delivered. We also offered customized packages for our customers.


What are the working hours of drop ship Courier tracking?

Dropship Courier tracking is available from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

If I want to return my parcel what is the process?

While returning your parcel of your shipment it will be easy under our website you just have to contact us on our contact number as you can visit our office and after that we will further guide you and we will pay your money back as soon as possible.

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