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Conway Tracking Number

Conway Express Tracking

Con-Way Freight less-than-truckload (LTL) tracking is a tech company founded by a group of technological experts who are passionate about developing tools that will help retailers and consumers save money.

They started their company in May 1983 by enjoying driving and delivering freight between various cities in Oregon. As they developed and introduced new solutions, they provided their customers with the most accurate tracking information available.

Conway Tracking Shipment

Con-way tracking number is usually a 13 number digit. When you order something from a courier, they give you a 13 digit number. That is a tracking number. With the help of that 13 digit number, you can track the exact location of your courier instead of waiting for the courier or calling customer service.
As Con-way track service is about checking the details about the order, so to get the data, go to the company’s official website (You can track a shipment without delay from the critical web page of

In 2024, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

Conway Tracking By Pro Number

Enter the con-way tracking PRO number a customer obtains at the company’s service centre, and you will be provided with all the information about your shipment. You should keep in mind that the company’s website updates daily, which is why the knowledge of the order will be hundred per cent accurate.

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Conway Tracking By Po Number

You can track your shipment with a tool-free number (844) 742-5976. By contacting this number, you can follow the exact location of your shipments.
You can also call customer service.

Customers service numbers;
(800) 636-6171 (Dedicated Transportation)
(515) 265-6171 (Dedicated Transportation)
(855) 976-3204 (Expedite)

Conway Tracking Bill of Landing (Bol)

When you order something, you get a receipt or a document from your carrier or agent. The Bill of landing (bol) number is written on that receipt.
With the help of that number, you can track your courier’s location.

Con-way Freight Trucking Company’s Customer Service: The company is controlled by highly trained IT experts, so the patrons should be satisfied with the services. You can contact them via mail.

All the offerings furnished using the company correspond to the absolute best world’s shipping industry requirements. Conway units a high value on its status.
Workers of the delivery organization are attempting to avoid any fighting situations. It approves achieving the best incredible business results and splendid private relationships. Consumers can continually rely upon the Conway transport service.

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Conway Freight Tracking

By entering Con-Way Freight tracking, you can check shipment progress, any progress about a delivery, and the expected date of the delivery. With Freight tracking, you can see the real-time of the shipment. Your company can track and would be prepared for the coming shipment.

Con-Way Freight tracking is an online company. They are available 24/7. They had a user-friendly service to update their clients with the cargo. Their online tracking service is continuously updated to get the exact location and information about their load.

Conway Tracking Info

To protect consumers’ statistics online is of absolute significance to XPO logistics.
The privacy policy clarifies what data the company acquires, how the company will and will not use the data customers hand over to it, and when and why it uses it. It is part of the “terms of use” of the website.To convince yourself, check the terms and conditions of the privacy policy and agree that this will collect your information.

Conway LTL Tracking

XPO Logistics provides first-rate consequences across 50 states and almost all the US postal codes.
Moreover, they constantly improve potent networks and develop real-time employment sense for shippers.

Conway tracking can also be done by purchase order number. This number is issued by the buyer when he purchases any good from the seller. That number shows the authority of the buyer. The (PO) purchase order is consists of the details of the product. Products weight, rate per unit, quality, payment term, etc. The purchase order (PO) is located at the top of the document. That document is the agreement between two parties.

A-Pro number is a progressive number that use to track a specific shipment. It’s a unique and serial ten-digit number issued by the carrier. It is specifically used to track the time and location of the shipment with ease.

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Conway Tracking Customer Service

Conway Tracking Contact

United States

800 426 6929

[email protected]

XPO Logistics Customer Service Team
35610 Mound Rd, Sterling Heights, MI, 48310
[email protected]


How do I track my con-way shipment?
Make a call to 800-755-2728
The customer service administrator will ask you to provide your Pro Number, and you will be given the information about your shipment.

Are con-way and XPO logistics the same?
Con-way freight trucking company is rebranded with XPO logistics, and it is one of the country’s biggest trucking companies.

What carrier is CCX?
CCX is a segment of Conway Freight, and the Company is a prominent less-than-truckload freight duties provider. The headquarters of the company is in Ann Arbor. As the biggest district of Conway, the Company has enlisted more than 16000 workers and regulates from more than 365 areas.

When did Conway Freight become XPO Logistics?

On the 31 of October 2015, XPO logistics, whose headquarter is in Greenwich, CT, acquired Con-way freight.

Who owns Conway Freight?

XPO logistics owns it.

Who is XPO logistics owned by?
XPO Logistics is owned by Brat Jacobs, who is an American entrepreneur. He brought Express-1 in September 2011 then became chairman and CEO of XPO Logistics.

Is Conway Freight still in business?
No, Conway freight is no more in business because of the mismanagement and consolidated Freightways has stopped the system because they were facing a financial crisis.

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